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Eastern Ghouta: Brief Look At Upcoming Operation Damascus Steel

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Eastern Ghouta: Brief Look At Upcoming Operation Damascus Steel

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Submited by 24 Resistance Axis

The Syrian Arab Army is preparing to launch its long-awaited Operation Damascus Steel in the Eastern Ghouta. The operation’s goal is to capture entire militant-held pocket (+100 km²) and to secure the Syrian capital and the Damascus-Homs highway (M5).

Right now, Damascus is under a constrant threat of shelling by Tahrir Al-Sham, Ahrar al-Sham, the Free Syrian Army and other militant groups.

A success in Eastern Ghouta will also allow to free a large number of SAA troops for further operations against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the province of Idlib.


The advance in Eastern Ghouta will be spearheaded by the SAA’s Tiger Forces, the Republican Guard, the 14th Division (SF) and the 4th Armoured Division (Ghiath Forces – 42nd Brigade).

These  units will be backed by the National Defense Forces, Tribal Forces and Galilee Forces. According to reports these factions will be mainly involved in defensive operations and fortification tasks. The 1st Armored Division, the 7th Mechanized Division and the 9th Armoured Division have also sent reinforcements to the area.

In total, the operation will involve 10,000 – 15,000 pro-government fighters, backed by the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aeroosapce Forces.

On the other hand, Jaish al-Islam, Ahrar Al-Sham, Tahrir Al-Sham and Faylaq Al-Rahman have been involved in a series of internal tensions since the middle of 2017. The new SAA operation in Eastern Ghouta will likely force them to unite efforts against the Syrian government and its allies.

Possible scenario

There are a high urban density, a large number of underground tunnels and many fortified sites of militants in the western part of Eastern Ghouta. On the other hand, the eastern part of the pocket is mostly a farm land.

Most likely, the SAA and its allies will make an attempt to isolate the urban area from Jobar to Duma. If government forces seek to do this, they will have to capture the farm lands controlled by Jash al-Islam.

However, this does not exclude possible attacks on the western front, especially if militants send reinforcements to the eastern part of the pocket. The SAA may use its advantage in manpower and firepower to open a new front against militants and to use their lack of the coordination.

According to reports, government forces will attempt to divide the militant-held area into few spearated parts and to force local groups of militants to reconcile with the government one by one. The similar strategy was used during the Battle of Qaboun in 2017.

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yes very good news and fuck onu!!!

Steven Fay

Better get a move on , get it over with, before those Muppets at the UN get their TERRORIST PROTECTION scheme set up.


Indeed! Annihilate the head-choppers! Big VICTORY to SAA, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and allied Militias/Tribal warriors!

Smith Ricky

And Palestine

Ahmad Hussain

And Pakistan. Role out heads of rats.

Smith Ricky



They tried the same thing in Aleppo. It didn’t work there and it won’t work here. On top of which at that time the Jew world order miscreants where attacking population centers elsewhere in Syria and Iraq. The hypocrisy was plain for all to see.

Pave Way IV

Too bad the place is so dry. The US used the al Rei Irrigation Channel to flood Raqqa neighborhoods with a few feet of water, and then just used snipers to pick off the terrified, half-drowned head-choppers fleeing their inundated tunnels/trenches. Jobar must look like a termite colony juse below the surface.

Steven Fay

Yeah its a pity , no river or dams anywhere nearby, to flood the rats out. Yanks said it was a mistake that RAQQA got flooded, but im sure it was their real strategy.


I agree.like they did in Aleppo!

Richard M

Remember how the Orc fanboys were whooping it up when the Armored Vehicle base was threatened? Now all they can do is whine about bakeries, hospitals and buried troglodytes! :D…The Orcs have no new tricks so expect more faux sarin attacks soon.


i totally agree with you good sir!!

andy l

Can anyone see another fake gas attack coming from the militants to put pressure back on Assad? Everytime they are on the ropes they pull out the same rabbit

Feudalism Victory



Don’t forgot the dozens of hospitals hit every day by the ‘evil regime’. The crying children will be all over the MSM fake news to ‘prove’ it.




Yeah, the same hospital gets destroyed several times, but then the Russians show video and photos that show the hospital is still there and still undamaged.

It’s not as easy to lie about such things as it was in the 20th century, but the Western Allies have become so addicted to propaganda that they don’t know how to do anything else. Southfront helps to push back their lies, at least for those who take the trouble to investigate mainstream media claims.


By numbers counted by the propaganda the so-called regime destroyed yet already every single hospital in the pocket twice. But I think you won’t have to wait long for the next hospital got hit.


Overwatch D.VA

remember this folks , as with alleppo so it will be with ghouta..

The more the mooks and fake moslem terrorist got pummeled hard in battle field , the loudest the western media will scream for the ‘inhuman’ syrian military..

the same media that callously ignore the western nations (NATO) illegal support of these fake criminals..

meanwhile an unarmed civilian in israel got beaten to death by IDF soldiers , and no one bat a lid , because this is done by the morally superior , religiously condoned , american supported israel.. the nation that got the birthright to settle in the land of judea and kill all the native people there … /sarc


The worse thing is that the true Abraham descendants are the Palestinian. Furthermore they are the true Jews that were forced to convert to Islam … Whereas more tan 80% of modern “Israëli” are in fact not Jewish, but Khazarian. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8eDEVjN20g

Overwatch D.VA

well , the Bible itself told this already , that they are fake jews who stole the land of judea by claiming they are descendant of ancient jews..

funny how the stupid american christians supported this fake jew who use religious text as their excuse to steal land and kill native people..

maybe americans feels the same way as the israelis ? because they too stole land from native american indiansa and killed them in the shameless display of greed ?


Exactly. In fact Khazars early took the upper hand in the USA, and were those who in fact instigated native indian genocide. many video on Khazar Mafia history are available on youtube

Overwatch D.VA

i guess it’s no wonder , america who was built of land theft and native people genocide , now wholly support israel which also steal land from natives and kill the natives in a decade long genocide..

it took a criminal to support another criminal..


There’s nothing religious about zionist bastards.

Overwatch D.VA

but they USE ‘religious stuff’ to feed the stupid religious crowd in america to sell their zionism cause and have them support the genocide of people whose land got stolen by israelis..

they dont care about christianity , in fact christianity is not welcome is today’s israel even if they allow atheist to settle..

then again , why american ‘christians’ who barely open their bible and learn the truth , voraciously support israel ?

it’s like the snake leading the foolish sheep to the slaughter.. the lying israelis leading foolish US into their demise


Class conflict migrates when the boss class has a big advantage so what passes for religion is a mixture of superstition as usual and people trying to divert attention from their proletarian status, lest they be the next for the scrapheap, destitution or prison.


then again , why american ‘christians’ who barely open their bible and learn the truth , voraciously support israel ? What can one expect when zombies reads Bible..?

Overwatch D.VA

remember some churces tried to state truth to their american congregation , and criticize the US overt militarism , and some people walk away in disgust over the preacher’s message..

many people in US cannot accept the humble concept of christianity , they want christianity to conform their belief , their arrogance , their idol worship of their exceptional country..

that’s why i put quotes on american ‘christians’ because they are not real christians.. they are just warmongers ,fake patriots , who totally ignore bible’s teaching..

that’s why these warmonger and arrogant exceptional nation support israel’s genocidal actions


Yes.. agreed..! And I quoted the other part of the America’s society. So, in America it’s has a warmongering & zombies societies..! I believed there’s also those that opposed their government’s trigger happy wars, be it true Christians and/or non believers too.. guess they went quietly trying to educate the rest.., unfortunately, they need to act now & fast in order to get back their country..! they need to bring down the deep state as all these scumbs needs war/s to sustained their existence to controlled the world..! They can starts by cutting off diplomatic relationship with israhell.., blow the sanate while AIPAC and those double citizenship members were having conference.. and blow off that useless and incompetent so called world body too..! As for israhell it will be taken care off by the resistance of ME where Russia can call back all of its Russian (speaking) Jooz to their motherland b4 the resistance starts to razed down Haifa, Hellaviv & Dimona..! Sooner or later.. it will definitely happen..! God bless.. Peace

Overwatch D.VA

US as a nation is beyond saving , the sins of the nation already weighted and the cup of wrath will be poured on US.. It been warned by yearly natural disaster that kept increasing in severity , that judgement will come for all the murder it commited as a nation since the beginning , and those who live in US also condemned as they partake in the fruit of the sin , enjoying their ill gotten riches in arrogant manner..

If there still real christians in america , they know the bible said to them to get OUT from america before the time of punishment… sadly i think the number of real christians in america is not large , it is an arrogant nation who commit murder of innocents as long as they are not western people , they live in shameless hedonistic lifestyle and mock those nations who struggle to feed their citizens due to their natural resources got robbed by western companies and their cronies..

the time is short , an economic destruction will precede the pain , bread will be bought by bushelful of useless dollars.. karma is real and it is coming to americans


You’re damned right. Karma is for real.. it’s just a matter of time..! I’m afraid they don’t even have time to repent..

Overwatch D.VA

Yeah , i find it funny the warning for american christians to flee america been there all the time , in the Bible book of Jeremiah. Prophet Jeremiah already prophesied that america will be called ‘hammer of the earth’ due to it’s overwhelming military , but he also prophesied that this ‘hammer’ will be torn asunder by an opponent from far north , whose arrows never miss.

This ‘hammer’ will be surprised and destroyed because they think everything going so well for them and in one hour and one day fire and brimstone will destroy the nation making it desolate where men and beast cant be found anymore..

i wonder who is this ‘enemy from far northern country’ whose arrows never miss… certainly not the canadians or the eskimos


Just try and take a look at this link.. https://bible.org/seriespage/10-king-north

In Ezekiel 38 and 39

Guess the arrow doesn’t missed.. must be all those missiles..

Overwatch D.VA

well , i can only see one nation that have mastery over rocketry , so much that even the arrogant nation buy rocket motor from the master , and hitch a ride for their astronauts by buying seats from the master..

all in all , it is hard to miss with a missile when the target nation have ego the size of continental USA..

kladivo na kiskok.k.tov

well job molodci. kill all us-zionist terrorist. bbq till the bones

Proud White Kuffar

god give strength to SAA they will need it!


The whole western world is crying over civilian death in East Ghouta, but the never ask or if asked try to answer the question ”why are there even civilians there”. Do they wanna make us serious believe that a mother voluntary lets her children stay is such a dangerous place when there is no food etc. I know this, the regime gains nothing by civilian deaths and certainly not by death children displaced on TV, twitter etc. So whom or what is forcing them to stay there and are the not as much responsibly for civilian deaths as the regime.

Its gonna be a Aleppo 2.0 full out propaganda media war. -fake chemical attack -hospitals bombed and each one is the last one, over and over again -bakery, kitten farms, and nursery bombed. – a new bana alabed (or the fly her in from turkey for :) )


You are exactly right. Like they did in Aleppo, U$ and Western governments and their fake news propaganda media is once again propagandizing for the murderous and barbaric jihadist terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.


Not the kitten farms! That monster Assad must go! /s


This is like so many similar operations in Human History, and is going to have to be brutal beyond belief. Assad, during his time as a very willing member of the ‘war on terror’ that followed 911, allowed the Deep State to ship into Syria tens of thousands of Saudi trained imams, who then worked to prepare Syria for the wahhabi ‘revolution’ to come. Years later the Syria conflict erupted- just as PNAC planned.

While the wahhabi seeds fell on harsh ground in much of Syria, in some working class enclaves (as always) they found the most fertile of ground- and unshakable knots of fanatics were grown.

The only short term option for government forces is to go in in overwhelming strength and exterminate everyone that tries to actively confront them. A ‘massacre’, sadly. But it is the only way to wipe out the fanatics- people who cannot be reasoned with and will not give up their desire to use violence against innocent Syrian children, women and men who reject their ‘cult’ teachings.

Syria will win- but the tales of the ‘massacre’ in East Ghouta will be used by agents of the Deep State to enrage foolish working class muslims with saudi-backed Imams across the globe. Fanaticism is always a perfect tool of demonic entities like the current Deep State.

Iran has the RIGHT approach. Allow no legal fanatical movements on the ground. Move ‘extremist’ religious ideas into the official state religion. Then potentially troublesome working class nutcases are sated with the idea that the state represents them. The reason Iran can be portrayed as ‘backward’ by the jewish controlled mainstream press is because Iran’s leaders are smart enough to understand that Iran’s government must be INCLUSIVE and represent the aspirations of peasant backwards regions of Iran as well.

The rulers of Iran are neither fanatics nor primitive. But they know many of their people are primitive and must be made comfortable with how their government seems- else those people will seek other solutions or become very vulnerable to malicious outside influence.

Assad didn’t and does not know how to represent the more backwards regions of Syria. The man is just too civilised and westernised. So those regions became vulnerable to outside subversion- and Assad foolishly tried to use Saudi agents to solve his problems in those regions.

Muriel Kuri

Forget allowing these A-holes from reconciling! These guys just need to be taken out, for once and all. They’ve been given multiple opportunities to reconcile already and have said ‘No’ so please, Syria, no more! Just clean their clocks and take back ALL your territory!


There is no turning back no more. The Jihad rats will be smashed after conducting years of terror despite of all the support from Turkistan and the West. Ghouta will be liberated soon now.


I hope that they’re able to get as many civilians out of the way as possible. It took some time to clear Aleppo because of the same problem. But they did a good job there and I’m sure that they’l be successful here.

Seán Murphy

“…force militants to reconcile with the government “? Why not simply kill them all? They have committed atrocities against civilians and deserve no mercy. Also, dead terrorists do not come back to commit offences again.

Promitheas Apollonious

good question.

Steven Fay

Same will happen in IDLIB, same staged events and ACTOR,s the White helmets, with more kidnapped children.


Stalingrad a-go-go

Langaniso Mhlobo

If USA weapon carriers are taken out USA army will be very insecure and unsafe.Small countries will start attacking USA bases everywhere on earth.destroy Gouta and Idlib terrorist bases Make it inaccessible fot terrorist.Syrian government concern is first not UN Security Council interference to safe terrorist.

HighLord Gaz

I see your green door, I want it painted red No colors any more, I want them to turn red I see the terrorist walk by dressed in their extremist clothes I have to kill them all until my darkness goes…


We now know SAA is attacking from the east. Good idea. Take the easy targets first . It also cuts off escape routes to the east.

There are certainly over a hundred foreign military advisors in east ghouta, like in Aleppo. Pushing them west makes it harder for foreign ops to evacuate them.


Their elaborate tunnel network makes splitting them into two pockets of little value.

Goals should either be Reduce the size of the pocket, or take this pocket completely.

Icarus Tanović

Elaborate tunnel network means nothing, because they’re surrounded. And Russian AF already knows where they are, and destroyed them at large.

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