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JUNE 2021

East Ghouta Civilians Forming Armed Groups To Stand Against Militants – Russian Reconciliation Center

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East Ghouta Civilians Forming Armed Groups To Stand Against Militants - Russian Reconciliation Center

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On March 2, spokesman for the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria Major General Vladimir Zolotukhin said that local activists in the Eastern Ghouta pocket are forming small armed groups to fight militants who are forbidding them from leaving the area.

“There is information that some civic activists are forming small armed groups, planning to break the militants’ blockade and reach areas controlled by the government,” Maj. Gen. Zolotukhin said, according to TASS.

Maj. Gen. Zolotukhin also revealed that clashes had erupted between the civilians and militants in Eastern Ghouta on March 1, in which four civilians and three militants were killed. Zolotukhin also noted that the center had received new reports about bad practices used by militants and horrifying humanitarian conditions in Eastern Ghouta.

“We have been receiving reports about the difficult humanitarian situation [in Eastern Ghouta – TASS], the lack of food and medicine, as well as numerous complaints about persecution on the part of militants,” Maj. Gen. Zolotukhin said.

The spokesman for the Russian Center for Reconciliation also announced that two children, a boy and a girl, had been safely evacuated from the Eastern Ghouta pocket on March 2. Maj. Gen Zolotukhin said that militants had targeted the children on their way out, but the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had been able to protect them.

“Now medics and psychologists are working with them [the children],” Maj. Gen. Zolotukhin stated.

A daily humanitarian pause has been imposed in the Eastern Ghouta pocket from 09:00 to 14:00 local time since February 27, upon orders from Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, so far militants have succeeded in forbidding tens of thousands of civilians from leaving the pocket.

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Michał Hunicz

Maybe send helicopters and drop some weapons and ammunition for civilians? These Orcs are now doomed LMAO.


I am not so sure that would be a good idea. There are plenty of guns in the terrorist held zones without risking ammunition falling into the terrorists hands.

It is quite feasible though that after liberation SAA units of men from Ghouta who despise the US terror gangs could be formed to help liberate Syria.

Promitheas Apollonious



Yes, i also think it’s very likely NDF units or regular police forces can be formed from the East Ghouta civilians. (under Russian auspices) Those 400.000 people inside the pocket didn’t chose be under the rule of the headchopper militias.

Jens Holm

Those ourtside mainly chosed as well. And half of syrians are refugees. You ignore that.

Concrete Mike

You ignore reality, you can’t tell us to ignore this or that when your credibility went down the toilet two year ago.

Does anyone else miss Solomon K??? I sure do compared to these other imbeciles.


Velocircraptor sounds very like Solomon Krapacheque.

Concrete Mike

Velocicraptor is much cruder and more childish than solomon. Sometimes, rarely but sometimes he was very correct. But hey yhe troll come and go but we get stronger day by day

Moussa Saab

I feel like Solomon ditched his old account to velociraptor with his dopey personality with it

Jens Holm

I am not like that. I just write that You and they kill civilans a la carte and You and they therefore should stop fighting – whatever happens.

Thats normal sense in this madness of Yours. Very double standard telling those many hostages are hostages because of them. They mainly are hostages of Yours and get killed by You by all methods possible.

Jens Holm

Syria. Syria of the despots raising girls for buy and sale financed by oil not shared with the rest of Your “Syria”.


Your dishonest reply speaks volumes Jens.


” as well as numerous complaints about persecution on the part of militants,” Maj. Gen. Zolotukhin said.”

This reality on the ground is of course a great embarrassment to the US Coalition of Terror who like to portray the terrorist thugs, including the infamous White Helmets, as ‘saviours of Syria. When in reality they are just common criminals with guns.

tony ebanks

i love when those islamists terrorists are tortured and executed most brutally with their zionists financiers


A swift uninterrupted and without delay executions. No need for additional details such torture for those inhuman people.


A few zionist financiers kept alive to repent their sins in front of the world would be useful.


No a swift death should be their destination. Their face and name should be buried away to be forgotten however their deeds and crimes to be remembered.
Such people called themselves victims of the world for the consequences of their foul deeds. Throughout history notable world leader denouncing the jews for specific particular practices which is usury. Well we have them now claim victims. Instead as with the reality of things the usury, money changers, and corruption in general don’t come only from jews so we all should remember the people who have partaken in the acts as satan, devil, demon, etc etc. Simply lump them with other foul creatures.


Trump looks like an Antichrist like a dajjal the false messiah, liar, the deceiver. He is an evil figure, who likes human suffering, devastation and destruction.

Putin looks like a Messiah, who likes human prosperity and development. Who rescue and protect humanity from Antichrist (dajjal).


Trump is way overly involved with Jews. He needs to change that for the betterment of the American people and humanity.


That idiot trumpet is just another asshole of the globalist..!


This is Jewmerican foreign policy:
comment image

Rita Munson

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The EU press somehow ignore all of this and prefer to report with inane articles on LGBT and women’s ‘rights’ etc :)

Leon De Elias

There is no such as EU Press or MSM anymore as the Corporate Zionist Biased Medias took over what left of it..and sharing fake shit


Free the Syrian people from Western-Imperialism & Isreali-Zionist land occupation!

Jens Holm

You are an Imam on speed ?


You are a Dane on weed ?

leon mc pilibin

Zionist puppets, no better than wild animals,the only difference is that animals dont kill for pleasure,unlike these dirty scumbags.They should all be hunted down,especially those rats wearing white helmets,and put on public trial for all the world to see,and to expose their zionist western backers.

Jens Holm

Of course the same;: Zionist on it . Even more then Ali Akbar.

Why dont You pray for the jews to help You, when they are that strong ?

leon mc pilibin

Zionist fake jews are the ones that will be needing help ,They always hide behind their goyim puppets,but their cover is broken now for the world to see.This tribe of ANTI CHRISTS will get the punishment they deserve for all their genocidal war crimes,monumental lies,usury debt inflicted on societies,and much more.Syria is the beginning of the end for their evil agenda.Long live PALESTINE:


If the Russians had dejudified Russia earlier in their history, they’d have the same population today as the US. Rather than half after the Jew cull of 10s of millions of Russian and eastern European Christians last century.

The Germans had a front row seat to this horror show before WW2 and were fighting an internal battle against the Jews and their collaborators during this time to prevent this from happening to them. That you’l never read about in the lying Jew media.

The US is now the most Jew infested nation on earth. We’re having huge problems with these evil cultists here. The US, Palestinians and their neighbors need to work together and lead the way with dejudifing our planet to make it a better place. Along with France, Canada and the UK. 83% of the planet’s Jews live in the US and Israel, another 12% live in France, Canada and the UK. These 5 nations combined contain 95% of the planet’s evil Jew pedophile mass statutory rape cultists.

Jens Holm



Yes and in the court of world opinion the verdict for the Zionist treason against the people of the world is ‘Death by being immersed in a molten crucible of Gold’ :)


Jens Holm

The same useless garbage of the worst for any devellopent of You and semilars. Its so far away from anything real as it can be.


Syrians are hostages of YPG, SDF and FSA.

Jens Holm

Its the opposite. The uprise has been a result of hard no change.


Just hostages of Americans. American terrorists hide behind Kurds and pretend the Kurds have something to do with their theft and criminal occupation.

Richard M

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 2.0


And russian lat them die, the insurgents were ditched.


The insurgents were anti-Soviet, they did not plan the uprising in coperation with Red Army, neither was Rokossovsky at the end of the long Bagartion advance in a position to force the Wisla, the insurgents secured exactly ZERO bridges and also leaked info to the Germans, who sent large mechanized forces to city. This position (of yours), the typical one, is hypocritical and not entirely honest.


And? You dirty ruskie animal, if is somebidy not pro soviet should die??? I hope for your wirds will die 10000 ruskies by hands of jihadists.


The evil Jews genocided 10s of millions of Christians in Russia and eastern Europe last century. Their evil cult belongs in the trash can of history.

Jens Holm

No, they did not.


Velocirapta wears a Kippa I suspect.


Smoked kippers are always tasty to eat :)

Richard M

We will see if that part of the analogy plays out.

Jens Holm

Very fine ANALyse. Do You use flashlight or candle ?

Richard M

A low blow!


After Eastern Ghouta is secure, the Syrian Army will probably uncover a pit where terrorists dumped all the severed heads of the CIA who had been sent to help them over the years.

Jens Holm

Yes and make a footbaalfield there recycling their heads. The players will be syrian handicapped.


signs at the declin pocket djihadiste good news!

jason sixx

They know that without their human shields they are roast so they let them suffer, the salafi zio western backed scumbags


And americans bombing SAA in east deir ez zor city.

Icarus Tanović

Hey jerk head, why dont you blow your Zionistic slimy nose somewhere else?

Jens Holm

Hindus like You probatly will be reborn as worms.


Isn’t that rather a racist remark Jens ?
Especially from a Danish professional like you.

Perhaps you should give sanctuary to a Muslim migrant in your house Jens?

Jens Holm

Rhings are not like that here. We give them houses -with roof – food, clothe, education in language and much more.

We are “rich” and therefore contribute by UN, Red Cross and other.

Furthermore we have military units and equipment in several warzones.

We have 8% foreigners here of mised reasons from emmigrants to refugees from poorness and war.

Syrians are few. I think only 12.000. Those have nothing we have any use for. Less then half have jobs after 10 years of invenstements. We again saw in TV a few days ago, that fx Somali women after many years only are 20% in jobs. We did not get our standards by vomen staying home even kept more stupid then the male arrivers. And we certainly never will make our contry thin.

You and others of Your kind should wonder why most refugees in the whole world are muslims and make productive spaces in peace for Yours. As written before, we already has our own problems as well even some are luxury vompared to Yours. And why are they ? Well, we are in another lever, which most incommers and probatly partly You deny to understand being in Your traditons of no solutions.

Syria is not for Syrians, Iraq is not for Iraqians, Phalestine is not for Palestines, Nigeria, Tcad, Niger, Mali are not for the inhabistants they vome here. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somali is same thing.

Thats were the main problems are. We dont make the main parts, but You just use us for an excuse.


Tell me all of that ‘ Libtard’ nonsense again Jens when Denmark resembles the countries that YOUR military has spent billions of US dollars to help the US destroy in the name of ‘US Democratic Values’. :)

Jens Holm

Off course they are, and for good reasons.

Those semi SAA`s are very slow learners, so they have to feel many times. And what are they : Spendable under command as a suicide mission.

Funny how Allah will manege, they have to share the heaven with ISIS and FSA :)


Good, good, kill the Takfiri scum wherever you find them. Repay them for their deeds. Show them no mercy as they have never shown mercy for any but their own.

Icarus Tanović

Show no mercy for savage wahabi takfiri scum.

Feudalism Victory

Theyve been there for years living with the rebels. They must be somewhat on their side plenty of other people left to become refugees.

Point is is that if I was the SAA its gonna be damn near impossible to save many of them. The only option may be to advance as quickly as possible to end it. Odds are high if their not massacred in combat they might be killes for propoganda. No good options.


Or did civilians stay because everything they possessed in the world was in in the terrorist enclave ?

Jens Holm

Same useless illusion that those uprisers has no support and even prefare Assads.

Hard to see any of that.

Feudalism Victory

In a culture that glorifies martyrs easy to find volunteers for deadly jobs.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They stayed because the Terrorists hold their family members hostage and threaten to kill the whole family.Well how would you leave your family explain that to me or do you have no sense of reality there, Stockholm syndrome or Helsinki syndrome are common problems today.

The SAA is advancing and will soon better be able to provide humanitarian access which should help evacuate people better, the US will use every tool of the Apparatchik of propaganda at their disposal.

Feudalism Victory

Hah says I. Early on in the migrant crisis we were(in the west) told that a horde or able bodied military aged men(or men claiming to be children) were coming here to be able to bring their families over. These supposed syrian refugees seemed all to happy to leave women and children behind. So excuse me but yea I think many would. The pictures of river of people was mostly men some holding a child or two at the cameras. Fucking pathetic and a brutal indictment of these people.

As for east ghouta maybe, maybe theyre less reptilian because they stayed but damascus is right next door and I doubt the militants made the berlin wall to keep them in so I still think its a good bet most sympathize with the foreign collaborators.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Daily threats of death to you and your family then thrown into underground prisons isn’t a deterrent enough to save your family. When you talk about so called Syrian refugees most are not even Syrian but Iraqi, Yemeni , Tunisi ,Libyan etc., my nation found 5,000 Syrians and they were in European nations for 10 years or more. Most of the so called children were males in their 30s and 40s all of them economic migrants and not real refugees.

They Western Regimes brought them so they can recruit and train them for fighting the Syrian Government.

Feudalism Victory
Smith Ricky

Cant beleive the ddos attack what a shame


comment image

Jens Holm

You keep the level well.

AM Hants

Good luck and you cannot believe people can be so evil and for what?

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