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E.U. Agrees To Buy More LNG From U.S. And To Build More Terminals Under Trump Pressure

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E.U. Agrees To Buy More LNG From U.S. And To Build More Terminals Under Trump Pressure

US President Donald Trump, after his meeting with European Commission (EC) President Jean-Claude Juncker, in the White House on July 25th, announced that the imposing of new tariffs against the European Union will be suspended, thus holding off the trade war.

The EC president traveled to the US to attempt to head off potential tariffs on US imports of cars and car parts.

The official EU statement lists four key points on which it agreed with the US on July 25th:

“First of all, to work together toward zero tariffs, zero non-tariff barriers, and zero subsidies on non-auto industrial goods.”

“Secondly, we agreed today to strengthen our strategic cooperation with respect to energy. The European Union wants to import more liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States to diversify its energy supply.”

“Thirdly, we agreed today to launch a close dialogue on standards in order to ease trade, reduce bureaucratic obstacles, and slash costs.”

“Fourthly, we agreed today to join forces to protect American and European companies better from unfair global trade practices.”

The leaders, during the press conference announced that they will work towards eliminating tariffs on all non-auto industrial goods, increase cooperation on energy purchases and that they work reforming the World Trade Organization.

Trump’s words were, as Juncker stood next to him: “This will open markets for farmers and workers, increase investment, and lead to greater prosperity in both the United States and the European Union. If we team up, we can make our planet a better, more secure and more prosperous place.”

In exchange, Politico reported, Juncker said, the EU would increase its purchases of US soybeans and build more terminals to import liquified natural gas (LNG) from the US. He had the following to say: “When I was invited by the president to the White House I had one intention. I had the intention to make a deal today. And we made a deal today. This was a good, constructive meeting.” Regarding LNG imports, Trump had the following to say during the press conference: “We agreed to a strengthened and strengthening of our strategic cooperation with respect to energy. The European Union wants to import more liquefied natural gas, LNG, from the United States and they’re going to be a very very big buyer. We’re going to make it much easier for them, but they’re going to be a massive buyer of LNG.”

European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, who joined Juncker in the White House, compared détente in the economic relationship between the US and EU to “turning a page” in the bilateral relationship.

The economic relationship had gotten increasingly tense in recent months after the announcement of tariffs on nearly all U.S. imports of steel and aluminum, including those from the EU. Brussels’ response were retaliatory tariffs on approximately $3.3 billion in US goods.

Marietje Schaake, a liberal Dutch member of the European Parliament viewed Juncker’s visit as a failure. Politico reports that the EC President’s inability to secure a commitment from Trump to remove the “unjust” tariffs on steel and aluminum should be viewed as a failure. She had the following to say on Twitter: “EU has put de-escalation and mutual benefit of good trade relation first, always, but today’s concession could set dangerous precedent.”

The meeting and agreements come after on the night of July 25th the first pipes for the Nord Stream 2 were placed in German Lubmin in the Bay of Greifswald, as reported by DW.

On July 19th, US Congress received a draft bill for the imposing of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 for consideration.

Donald Trump also condemned Nord Stream 2 as a “grave mistake” during the press conference after his meeting with President Putin in Helsinki on July 16th. Even earlier than that, during the July 11th NATO summit, Trump also pressed Germany for the project, criticizing it.

It is expected that the 1200 km gas pipeline will be laid through the Baltic Sea, and will connect Russia and Germany passing Ukraine, Poland, and Baltic countries. However, Ukraine is strongly against the construction, calling it politically motivated. Furthermore, some EU countries, namely Poland and Lithuania are also against Nord Stream 2. Despite that, during the press conference after the Trump-Putin meeting of July 16th, the Russian president announced that Russia was ready to preserve the gas transit through Ukraine.

After the announcement that the US and EU would agree to facilitate more shipments of US natural gas to the continent, LNG stocks and shares of US natural gas produces went up. Despite it is still unclear how much the July 25th meeting changed existing plans for US-EU energy trade.

“We agreed to a strengthened and strengthening of our strategic cooperation with respect to energy,” Trump said in a press conference with Juncker. “The European Union wants to import more liquefied natural gas, LNG, from the United States and they’re going to be a very very big buyer. We’re going to make it much easier for them, but they’re going to be a massive buyer of LNG.”

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Russie Unie

What could we expect with this drunker Juncker ??? He’s just an alcoholic puppet that is saying yes to everything, no matter if we Europeans do agree or not. The EU is jewish slavery !

Jens Holm

He is not. he is trying to handle Trump. I dont like Juncker, but its a hard job.

Your worries are, he get succes.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Blackmail or extortion? Hard to tell the difference these days.


Which ever it was…he blinked.

AM Hants

Both work with politicians. So easy to coerce, or owing to lifestyle choice, blackmail.

Brad Isherwood

Gun to the Head (US Tariffs/LNG )…and GMO (Soybeans)….so that Euro Metrosexuals… go full Zombie.

All those Zombie movies from Great Britain must be predictive programing.


World War Z….
My favorite part of the Movie

Goodbye Israhell

Jens Holm

You are gay or what.


GMO soybeans will have a tough sell in European nations as they are illegal.

AM Hants

The Chinese dumped them, so they have no markets to sell to. The EU will find a way to keep the GM toxic market open for business, to keep Beyer-Monsanto happy.


Anywhere Monsatan (now Bayer) goes, death and corruption soon follow.

AM Hants

So true.


Forget the Deals You make with Juncker! He is an Illegitimate Non-Chosen Representative of the European Union…He’s a Wino-Cockroach…Just like All the others..a Farce.. Get your Stuff and Leave Motherf*ckers

Jens Holm

And who are You ?


The Ant & the Universe….I curse people…. and then they fall…watch them Wino Juncker, Theresa May, Emmanuelle Macroni, Merkel… Dictatorship the European Parliament will get some troubles too…

Jens Holm

He is chosen among others.

510 million inhabitants from 28 countries all should put in candidates and vote ?

I see no dictatorship. All those are based on parlaments and goverments based on that and our constitutions.

All has agreed for Juncker, even we all know he is a too stiff konservative and do have some dirty Luxemburg laundry in his pockets too.


You don’t what you are talking about…..Juncker and the E.U Commission heads are all unelected (directly) people

Jens Holm

He is chosen by the parlament, which is directly elected by the member states.

He is no dictator as well. You have the commision having 1 member each in the commision as well as the Parlament.

EU i a complicated structure of 510 million people and by that cant be runned as a primitive dictator emirate structure.

The base is the parlament and the Consitution. They make the Goverment with 1 Commisionrer each . Isnt it fair. And then You have Juncker in the top. Fine with med.

Concrete Mike

Abd you telling parliament is not corrupt…ita immune to subversion??
I call BS
Just like congress is israeli/saudi bitch…eu parliament is the same.


They were NEVER CHOSEN! They are PUT THERE! If we can Chose Them it will be Allright….more or Less… Majority Rule… but I can live with that…But these Elitist Phoney Dictators must GO! They created HEADCHOPPING-TERRORISTS in Syria & Europe…They are COCKROACHES & TRAITORS…and if they don’t Leave Themselves, they should be Removed By Force…and Dragged to Court…

Jens Holm

Ypu forget, there is a parlament below the 28 and 1 for each counrtry equal for all. And on the top a Leader.

What the Flying Farthing are You comparing with. 510 mio. cant choose one.

How many cuntries in the Middle East is that. Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, lebanon, Kuwait, saudiarabia, UAE, Bahrein and even adding Israel – which according to You have millions and millions of jews, thats not 510 millions.

Try to unite them. But we can.

As usual all evil in the M.E. comes from us. You are just peacefull unarmed men serving tea for wife and children. And You insist in fx Syria to choose between Assads and Jihadists. Of course thats no fit for most of the rest of the world adding most not even are given the lowest rights og Sharia and Islam. And to nail it, You are also in the non productive Mujammed Economics.

We still listen for Jews or USA wrote the Goloy Choran itselv and insist in Sharia to live after is mre then 100 yars ago.


Where the F*ck are you talking about?! I was Talkin’ about European Dictators that have Created, Sponsored & Financed…Headchopping Wahhabi Terrorists…in my Name!!! These FUCKERS ARE NOT MY REPRESENTATIVES BUT A BUNCH OF COCKROACHES…SCUM OF THE EARTH…

Jens Holm

There are no dictators as you have learn in Your narrowminded school.

Alle are elected as well as it goes in a n EU of 510 mio inhabitats even You have t Subtract GB.

We can remove all every 4the years, if they dot do theoir job.

Thats no dictaorship.

And let me remind You, that Turks, saudis, Emirates, Bahrein, Qatar and a few more has financed that too.

And of course You ignore nthe reasons for it even they are well descriebed well during decades.

In my name – hahahaha.


So…., as usual, Europe bends over to the US, spreads its ass cheeks and only asks the US to please be gentle. And if possible use lube and protection.


Well we’ll have to see what’s in the fine print, Trump can blow hot air with the best of them. But yeah, if you’d planned on making a stand, you wouldn’t have sent Claude “any time is schnapps time” Juncker. Something was expected to emerge that Merkel wouldn’t want to have her face associated with.

Douglas Houck

the fine print.

“However, he made one crucial caveat, stressing that the European bloc would do so “if the conditions were right and prices competitive.””

“The full-cost based breakeven price of U.S. LNG supplies to Europe stands now at $6 to $7.50 per million British thermal units. That compares with $3.50 to $4 for Russia’s pipeline gas based on Gazprom’s current taxation, according to estimates of Alexander Kornilov, an analyst at Aton LLC in Moscow.”

Jens Holm

Thats right. I allow me to add, that at least some gas from USA of Fx Saudiarabia has a plus extra, because we get less depended from the Russian source.

Mattias Dahlström

That low price for Russian gas, is of course, dependent on functioning gas pipelines not blocked by sabotage or sanctions.

Jens Holm

The usual manipulative assumption. We do need gas and especially Germany. The point us, that Merkel dont care, where it comes from, but we have to have a lot.

Trump want us to trade less with Russia. We wont. Fine to upper with some more gas. We sell more to USA then they sell to us.

Its well known the majority of EU dont support USA in several matters, which confirm we are not USA all the way around even in the same economy.

Jens Holm

The usual one eye. We today buys for billions and billions of gas from Russ or tranported theorug them. 2 big nwe bigpipeines are under construction.

And even so, We get the evil usual fit from you. Hahahahaha.,

AM Hants

No doubt LNG Lube, via US shipments.


Fifth…Get ready to bend over yet again Europe. Your coming gas bills will be the subject of many a conversation soon. Ain’t it hell to have to pay for being subjugated?

Jens Holm

No, we are not.

Tim Benz

Yes, we are!


Well as the EU is not in the LGN market itself it hardly makes much difference what it says. They’ll probably give subsidies to build some facilities in places where they won’t be used to grease some palms and that will be that.

Jens Holm

Yes, and after all, the price is for crude oil. The many 1000% of benefits are in plastic buckets and up.


Our planet’s primary offenders in need of rehabilitation in terms of war mongering and other counter productive anti social behavior are the US, Israel, France, the UK and Saudi Arabia. The problem is Jews and Judaism. The planet and the offender nations in particular need to be dejudified to create a Jew free world.

Israel’s UN membership should be revoked and replaced with Palestine. The west bank separation wall and Gaza fence torn down, and displaced Palestinians returned from refugee camps to help with the dejudification and unification of Palestine. Judaism should be outlawed in the US and worldwide. Judaism and the Jew world order hegemony project driven by the US, France and the UK at the UN need to end.


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chris chuba

The threat of U.S. LNG imports could have been used as an alternative to a NATO building up on Russia’s border as a deterrent against a theoretical (non-existent) threat of attack by Russia.

Instead, we have both a coercive importation of U.S. LNG combined with a NATO buildup on Russia’s borders. This is leading us closer to war.

Jens Holm

Russians were the build uppers. We just protect Eastern Europenas not to be USSR colonies again.

AM Hants

The EU, more than happy to purchase the expensive US LNG, rather than the cheaper pipeline gas, coming from Russia. Surprise, surprise. US, cannot find it’s own markets, without pillaging from others, or using threats and blackmail. Guess Trump only had to offer Juncker a glass of Bourbon, to seal the deal.


The question is: who is Juncker going to sell LNG at 3 times the cost of Russian gas to? Does Juncker have enough money and storage facilities at his home for what Trump dreams about in gas sales? :)

AM Hants

No wonder the EU finances have never passed an audit.


Equipment load out for tonight’s ET/ED mountain top contact op in the western US:
comment image


I never made it to the mountaintop LZ for the ET/ED contact op. I was doing some exploring on some side roads 7 or 8 miles in from the pavement on my way to the LZ. And the Bronco II stalled as I was getting it turned around on one of them. And the starter wouldn’t turn the engine over to get it restarted. Fortunately it was on an incline, I had a winch and chain, and the Bronco ll has a standard transmission.

I finished getting it turned around with the winch and chain, got a rolling start downhill, put it in gear and let the clutch out to turn the engine over and it started. I drove back to the motel and am going to replace the starter.

Kire Stojanovski

This is called – CAPITULATION!

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