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“Dumbfucks”: Russian Troops React To US Forces Using Firearms Against Syrian Villagers


Deatils of the Great Victory of the US military convoy supported by warplanes over Syrian villagers in Khirabat Amu, the Syrian province of al-Hasakah, continue appearing online.

On February 12, the US military convoy was blocked by angry locals in the village of Khirabat Amu and found itself in the center of a firefight with them after US troops had reportedly shot and killed a local 14yo boy participating in the protest.

After this, the US-led coalition send warplanes to support its surrounded troops. Nonetheless, the convoy was able to flee the area only after the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police had deployed to put an end to the violence.

The video above shows the reaction of people in the Russian Military Police vehicle that arrived to the scene during the incident:

Voice 1: Look, he’s firing

Voice 2: Who?

Voice 3: American

Voice 1: Where is he firing? He’s firing at a house. There is a machine gun (in the house). It (machine gun) fires above.

Voice 2: … at the turret (of the US vehicle)

Voice 1: Wat Americans are doing… blockhead fighters…. dumbfucks

Voice 3: They are bringing ‘peace’

Voice 4: What does he want?

Voice 1: Don’t open. There was no order to open.

Voice 4: Nobody will understand.

Voice 5: He’s moving close. There is nobody to go. His vehicle…

Voice 1: He (a local) also threw gasoline at it.

Voice 4. Dumbfucks. And you are saying why all (locals hate them). 

Voice 1: Look fire (by small arms)

Sound of the fighter jet

Voice 3: Air support. F-16 or something

Voice 4: It’s moving closer. It’s there

Voice 1: What’s the caliber?

Voice 3: 12.7mm apparently

The next video shows how the Russian and Syrian personnel intervened to put an end to this chaos:

The Pentagon immidiately declared a victory over the villagers caliming that actions of US forces were a kind of ‘self-defense’. Later US media guys invented some powerful pro-Assad militia that attacked innocent US personnel. In this version, the local boy also turned into an “adult male combatant”.

One of the villagers seized a US flag during the incident. The video shows how he confronts US troops and asks them “What are you doing in our country?”




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  • John

    pffft. They fucked it all up.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      No the Americunt cowards are ill trained savages with no regard for human life, this is not the first time or the last time they will kill children. Look at the Americunt shithole and daily wanton gun violence. They are murdering scum.

      • John

        Some of us are and some are not. Your take on what’s going on the US as to gun violence is a bit simplistic. I take it you are not from there.

      • You know fuck-all about American gun violence. Unless you’re from the black or hispanic ghetto, you will probably never know anyone who’s been killed by a gun, in America.

        Half of the violent crime in USA is committed by less than 10% of the people.

  • Leonardo Facchin

    It’s a clusterfuck waiting to happen… Gunmen shooting at US vehicles in close proximity of a Russian one… the potential for an incident seems pretty high to me. These soldiers are professionals and they appear very calm, but there are so many things that could go wrong.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Russians have got it right, they are using the appropriate language for the dumbass Americunt child killing scum who killed a innocent teenager walking home. These Americunts are worse than savages.

    • comparing americunts to savages is a disservice to savagery, it’s dishonouring the term. no manner of euphemisms can describe their barbarity, it’s mind boggling

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Seriously, it is mind boggling at the level of their perversion, inhumanity and sheer hate for anything decent. It is the most disgusting shithole on earth. In 200 years of low life existence they have caused so much misery for humanity.

        • i don’t see any other race and depraved as the american race… in their short, virulent and vicious existence, they have the blood of at least 100,000,000 native Indians, and more than 50,000,000 people since WWII! there’s no other despot know before or after with such a devastating body count record. and they being the harbingers of death, have mastered the art of delivering it; atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Tokyo firebombing, Dresden firebombing, killing about 1/5 the whole Korean population, Napalm, Agent Orange etc in Vietnam, all manner of immoral biological and chemical weapons against unarmed civilians the world over. those guys would give the devil a run for their money in regards to their viciousness and savagery. i don’t even know who’s worse, the american imperialist regime or the zionist regime. they are the same coin, but different sides.

          • roland

            Did you know the same people that control the American government control all western governments its a bit of a worry isn’t it

          • Gary Sellars

            ((They)) seem to control everything these days, but it won’t last, and karma has a way of punishing evil.

          • roland

            And while I don’t like sticking up for Americans it’s their government that commits those crimes you speak of and most people in America don’t support their government as they have don’t vote

          • Robert Ferrin

            Every time they run to vote they are condoning this they are just as gulity as their leaders are.!!!!

          • roland

            That’s the thing im prettysure most people don’t vote in America or its at most around 50 per cent

          • roland

            Also the state of the American media and education system sort of gives the average American an excuse as to why they are do ignorant

          • Gary Sellars

            Its not the US gubbermint that is holding the gun or pulling the trigger.

            Thanks for being an apologist for Modern Imperialism…..

          • roland

            Im just trying to say the average soldier isn’t as culpable as the cold hard calculating war mongers who send them into battle

          • Jake321

            Well, guess they won’t even blink doing the same to you and yours if need be.

        • christianblood

          Exactly! America Voted Biggest Threat to World Peace – Gallup


          • Tommy Jensen

            You and everybody else should be thinking of the BIG picture. You should think of all the good things in America and about America. Stop thinking negative.

            Think about Rihanna. Megadeath. American Baseball. Simpson. Facebook. MTV. Dollares. A whopper. Free herbs. All the goodies that we and our country represent.

            Stop thinking negative about your country, or you and Americas enemies will be hammered with the biggest and hardest fist you ever have been hammered with!!

          • bikeanarchist

            You spilled in you pants again.

          • bccarver

            hoping you meet the same fate as a biker in my town.

          • bikeanarchist

            The driver missed, and took out 4 pedestrians.
            Go eat your spill.

          • bccarver

            ah no, he fell flat on his face, too bad so sad.

          • Zarathustra
          • Zarathustra
          • Lonesome Cowboy Burt

            You a fan of Megadeth as well, Tommy? m/ m/

          • Robert Ferrin

            Lol and just what did you dream the following night.!!!

          • Gary Sellars

            What an idiot…. biggest and hardest fist? You mean the one up yer ass?

          • Zarathustra

            A poll taken mostly by Americans, neat. Guess (((who))) controls America? ✡️


          • Gary Sellars


      • christianblood


        Violent and bloody America lectures the world about human rights yet 40 million Americans live in poverty and are on food stamps which is (larger than the whole population of Venezuela)! 15 million American children reside in xtreme poverty, 28 million Americans live without health insurance, with widespread urban decay, yards filled with sewage, rampant levels of crime, violence, suicides, has the largest prison population on earth and hundreds of thousands dying each year from suicides, homicides, opioid epidemic, mass-murder, abuse and police brutality!

        Hundreds of mass-murders in America every year. Bloody America is more violent than Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia combined!!!
        Even Amnesty International is warning any kind of travel to the violent and bloody US. More below:


        • Gympie

          Eisenhower started feeding poor Southern blacks in the early 50s.
          Now Washington is feeding 40 million of them, plus paying their Rent and Healthcare costs.
          What’s the End Game?
          Who knows, except that Washington has got 40 Million on it’s team.

      • Róbert Pagáčik

        “Pindos” … not savage or anything like that … proper translation is an negative synonym for a gay man … generally its used not purely as a gay-related bad world, but a lot just an insult ( kinda like “kur*a” for Polish language ). Its one of the less insulting as well ( they have some specially hard insults too ). Still … not correct from him, but its an usual slang … Im more intrigued it want cut from there before posting than by him using it to be true, due to how much its used.

      • James Adams

        I hope you go home tonight and cry your eyes out knowing that the west can rape your entire family the second they choose

        • Gary Sellars

          Speak only for yourself. What a prick…

    • Peadar

      Calm the body,if it wasn’t for the United States we’d be damned in the JWO since about 2013

    • James Adams

      Why attack people with guns and complain when you get shot? Are you stupid enough to throw petrol bombs at a soldier? How retarded can YOU get?

    • EmilyEnso

      Take a look at Hiroshima, Nagasaki and here in the Middle East, Raqqa and Falluja.
      No savage would sink that low.
      Some Americans have become demons out of hell itself.
      And many decent Americans feel the same way…
      They voted to stop the fighting and are betrayed by the biggest blatant zio liar around…..

      • George Evans

        sad …but true….but the biggest casualty from the bastardry of Trump will surely be America…

  • klove and light

    big mistake by the locals…should have killed the whole lot of them…skinned them….and paraded the skinned american motherfuckers thropught he dirty stereets , just as in mogadischo… the americna bastards left 48 Hours later…..—-that is the only language they understand…… was so in Vietnam, was so in lebanon…….Body bags…..give the americna public loads of Body bags and they quit…..fucking bastrads from montana,oklahoma,georgia,florida…fucking thousands of miles from home…

    attack themn and kill them 24/7 where ever you find them. that is the mathematical solution for the american invading and occupying sons of whores

    • i couldn’t agree more

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Not only scum, but they are cowards, the scared little redneck runt was shaking when the tall dignified Syrian village elder tore down the shitty flag and harangued him about what the fuck were they doing in Syria and killing people.

    • Islamic Power

      youre right, there shouldnt be an excuse for the americans to be anywhere other than their “own” country.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        You mean the land stolen from the native Americans, just like Palestine and then built on African slaves and plunder of the world. You Wahhabis need to buy some history books. The so-called Americans are basically the gutter thrash of Europe and now hijacked by Jew rats and your headchopper guys are too busy killing other Muslims for them.

        • Mish

          Why are you yelling at “Islamic Power”? He had “own” in quotes. You accusoing him of what exactly? Antsy to start a fight? No matter who with or what for?

          • Islamic Power

            You’re right, he didn’t pick up on it.

        • Islamic Power

          I don’t like wahabia or any other sect that follows ego, saints, power etc, our path should be to Allah through his book and prophet.

    • Raptar Driver

      They might have if the Russians didn’t come to rescue them.

  • Redadmiral

    Wow the size of those Yanki troops. They must be bred in pygmy farms….. Lol

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Drug addicts and inbred runts. It is the only shithole with a declining male life span and very poor health as no health care for the poor trash, they join the loser child killing military to get 3 meals a day.

      • The Man

        Not ‘runts’! ‘Cunts’ is better! Synonymous with Jake321, Hatersgonnahate, Jacob Wohl (and his nose).

    • FlorianGeyer

      I though that the other day, Lol.
      Hispanic ‘Green Carders’ I would think.

      • Vitex

        Or those wanting to benefit from the GI bill and get a tertiary education one day

        • FlorianGeyer

          Yes indeed. And with the US military skills of being dumber than a rock.

  • Video of Russian aircraft stalking Turkish troops in Syria. Every step Turkey makes is being documented. The world is watching. Turkey has no integrity whatsoever.


    • Hatersgonnahate

      it is normal thing. Do you know what is the war ?

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Do you arsewipe kid:)

    • Russia could pick Turkey’s vehicles off as like shooting pigeons sitting on a fence.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        I am quite astonished why the resistance has not used IEDs against the invading Turkeys and their Ameriunt masters. It is time to put the copper plates to good use.

        • Traiano Welcome

          My prediction is that the Syrian state will have to begin forming ‘non state affiliated resistance groups’ in order to strike Turkish and American forces with plausible deniability. At that point they will make use of IEDs in order to conceal traces of state involvement. Based on the history of IEDs they ‘re only employed by local resistance on a shoestring budget, i.e not a hallmark of state actors. Since all pro-State actors are already part of the Syrian State military framework, the use of IEDs would not be a weapon of choice – they’re still operating as a conventional army and not yet like a guerrilla movement (and lets hope they don’t ever have to …)

      • Hatersgonnahate

        they couldn’t, because Turkey would turn to America diplomatically. Turkey is like the key to Syria. The Russians know that very well. Turkey is the key key with its balance policy.

      • Raptar Driver

        So why don’t they?

        • Traiano Welcome


  • Hatersgonnahate

    Fucking American Soldiers.They are invading their countryWhat is America doing in Syria? and Russia ?
    Turkey’s normal to be in Syria because the border is neighbors. American and Russian are cruel characters of the world

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Dumbass Turkey is a terrorist sponsor and the main conduit for Wahhabi terrorists. If Turkeys stayed out of Syria, the suffering would have been over 7 years ago.

    • geopolitica

      let me laugh russia is invited by syrian not turk russia don’t want to stole syrian but do business with syrian turekey help terrorist to survive

    • Concrete Mike

      Hahah yeah right! Its not normal what turkey has done to syria in the last 10 years.

      Your attempt to whitewash turkey is pitiful and pathetic.

      Go on now, keep apologizing for your al nusrah boyfriends.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        These Turkeys are as delusional as their Zionist masters. Soon they will be saying that “God gave them Syria”. This idiot is already posting that Arabs are Turkeys slaves, same derogatory language to insult Arabs as the Zionist scum do.

    • Mish

      Now your true colors are showing. You know very well what Russia is and is not doing in Syria. Saving Syria from annihilation; NOT plundering its oil or killing its civilians. So, according to you, it is okay for a country to invade a neighboring country if they have a common border? Boy you’re gonna go far with this one!

    • Daniel Martin

      In your opinion, it’s perfectly normal that a “friendly” and “benevolent” neighbor is conspiring against it’s other neighbor by providing training, weapons and military support to terrorists who are fighting against the legitimate Government in Damascus, with the intent of toppling the same, so they can establish an radical islamic sharia califate, supported by Turkey ,Saudi Arabia, and Israel. With such “friendly” neighbors, who needs enemies …

  • Hatersgonnahate

    Locals are also ungrateful.It is the locals who have made their country this way. If they were smart, they were not victims of propaganda.They want to do the same thing in Turkey but they can not.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Morons such as you belong in a cage for your own safety,Hatersgonnahate.

      • Vitex

        I get a frisson of pleasure each time I block a new troll.

        • FlorianGeyer

          I do as well. They waste so much space :)

    • The Man

      Dumbfuck Jew!

      • Hatersgonnahate

        im not jew idiot, im muslim stfu

        • The Man

          A Wahhabi Muslim is a filthy Jew, so I’m right first time… Let me guess you Jew, you’re in Turkey, either sucking your sultan erDOGan’s cock or being his bitch!

  • igybundy

    This would be a clear indication that much of the US population are also dumbfucks.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      That goes without saying, just look at the moron Trump, and where else would savages buy automatic weapons to kill each other?

    • Lonesome Cowboy Burt

      IGY borrowed from Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen’s song from his Nightfly album (1982)? “What a beautiful world this will be.. what a glorious time to be free!” What could have (and should have) been. Damn shame.


  • Concrete Mike

    Holy fuck thats a big syrian gentleman!
    Balls of steel as well!

  • Peter Bozich

    The U.S the most hated cuntry in the world, a despicable union, full of hubris. The pain coming to the U.S economically with the fall of the dollar and their central bank inflated stock market will be one for the history books.

    • Stephan Williams

      PISSRAEL should be the most hated “country” in the world. After all – they utterly control the USA.

  • Róbert Pagáčik

    I have to react … there are bad translations of the first video .. ( no, better let the second line as is ) … the 4/5th was one of them saying ” there is an MG shooting at them from the house” after the question, “where is he shooting” — there are more later … I would take the translation down till its translated properly, cause its not good at all … russian speakers surely agree.

  • Nassim7

    When the American vehicles leave, the villagers are all shouting “Isqat Amrika” – “Down with America”

    • Tommy Jensen

      “Yankees go home and take me with you”. That’s what they are shouting.

      • Traiano Welcome

        Nope. Pretty sure the translations are accurate: “GTFO and leave our oil you thieves”

  • palegreendot

    So pissed at Trump for not having the testicles to pull the goddamned troops out of Syria. And now he’s standing with that fucking psychopath Erdogan.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Up until we hit Aleppo with that massive air assault the US wasn’t making a big deal about Idlib [neither was the EU or NATO], they themselves have been bombing terrorist targets in northern Idlib for the last few months, but this new split between Turkey and Russia [division of objectives] is an opportunity for the US to draw Erdogan away from Putin and back to the NATO/US/EU alliance, and they’re taking full advantage if it.
      Erdogan had nothing to lose from swapping partners again, he can just pick up and go back home as if nothing’s changed, sanctions and military embargoes lifted, trade deals renewed, diplomatic ties re established, and all he has to do is dump the S-400’s, but Putin has no one to take Erdogan’s place, he could lose out big time if Erdogan does a backflip.

      The UN and US concerns over the Idlib situation are primarily based on humanitarian considerations, and from day one both groups have been saying Assad should be completely mindful of civilian casualties, but what did we do at the very start of this latest campaign, we attacked some the most heavily populated areas of all with a massive air assault, that’s was a really good way of putting them off side.
      The UN recently announced they would end all humanitarian aid to Idlib in 6 months, that was a clear sign they were expecting the situation in Idlib to be settled within 6 months, if they reinstate those aid deliveries we can be sure they won’t be settled within 6 months.

      • Jimi Thompson 2

        You are absolutely clueless… you might as well have posted a comment about your coloring books and Barbie dolls..; my word.

        The fact that you STILL don’t know, after 8 long years, that “we” have been the ones arming, training, and paying Al Nusra, ISIS, Al Qaeda, et al, to commit genocide on Syria, is absolutely shocking.

        Moreover, considering you are completely unaware of the most basic facts of the matter, it’s clear that you also have absolutely no idea why.

        Go back to sleep moron… ignorant half-wits like you are dangerous.

        • Willing Conscience (The Truths

          You’re the one who has no idea what’s going on, Assad refused to accept the Russian/Iranian/Turkish resolution 2254 for nearly 5 years running, and the Astana agreements that Putin made with Erdogan that were designed to implement the stipulations/conditions of resolution 2254 were all ignored by Assad for nearly 2 years, and yet a few months ago when the UN offered to make a new deal with Assad that didn’t involve the Turks meddling in the Syrian political processes, Assad accepted the new UN proposed deal THE VERY SAME DAY.
          So he knocked back the Russian/Iranian/Turkish resolution for nearly 5 years, he knocked back the Russian/Iranian/Turkish Astana agreements for nearly 2 years, but accepts the UN proposal the very same day it’s offered, and I’ll bet you have no idea why, and you’re calling me a clueless idiot for saying Assad should keep on the good side of the UN now.
          And as it stands the UN as of about a month ago, agreed to end all aid deliveries to the terrorist and moderate opposition controlled territories within 6 months, which means if they didn’t reconcile with Assad before that time frame expired, the UN was going to let them starve.
          Go back to sleep moron… ignorant half-wits like you are dangerous, you might want Russia and Turkey to begin a war against each other but that’s only because you’re too dumb to recognize what it’ll actually mean.

          • Jimi Thompson 2

            You’re an idiot.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            And you’re a clueless LGBTQI moron, judging you from your obnoxious comments.

    • Jimi Thompson 2

      I agree down the line, with one additional add-on… they are “our” terrorists… as sickening and hard to choke down as that may be.


  • Xoli Xoli

    Trump is gay like Boris and Pompeo. Usa,france,british,israel and Turkey passion is to kill arabs and Muslims.

    • Tommy Jensen

      Its because arabs and muslims deny to go into a personal relationship. Its all about jealousy, emotional feelings and honour code.

      • Traiano Welcome

        Sounds remarkably like Christians and Jews …

  • Tommy Jensen

    We won. America won again over the Syrian terrorist regime with its dictator butcher Assad who still refuse to give freedom to its innocent Syrian civilian population.

    America and its Allies are there to provide peace between people in a global village and to protect innocent civilians, and these people were NOT innocents neither civilians.
    They were terrorists!

    Therefore we fought a tough uphill battle before we won without a scratch on our professional boys. Not like the amateurish Russians who always get hurt or get killed because they are too clumsy.
    The terrorists were using innocent children as a human child, therefore THEY killed a Syrian child.
    Not us!

    • ButtonPlay

      well you certainly didnt win the hearts and the minds of the people.

    • Traiano Welcome

      I don’t think summoning a small army to murder a 14 year old boy can be construed as “we won”.

    • RedBaron9495

      You’re an American….that makes you dumb by default…..reflected by your poor schooling system which is plummeting down the world rankings!

      The Americans would sooner spend their money (which they don’t have) on their military rather than improving their education or health systems!

      The American populace is easy to manipulate and subdue; Americans are extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

      • Jimi Thompson 2

        I just read 3-4 of his comments… he is definitely not American.

        He may be one of the Atlantic Council IIA operators… hard to say.

        P.S. Even though there are a LOT of really dumb Americans, it does not happen by default… we are under heavy indoctrination and programming… literal non-stop gaslighting, 24/7, from birth… some of us have been breaking out of it… please pray for us.

    • Jimi Thompson 2


      You’re so fvcking dumb it’s scary… my goodness… SMFH.

      Bless your heart son… I can literally see you from here!


  • cechas vodobenikov

    amerika always loses—a nation of cowards and idiots…here is 1 more proof

  • James Adams

    Don’t send your children to attack guys with guns. Who in their right minds goes out and does that and complains when they get shot? The Americans were right in what they’re doing. The US could have bombed and killed everyone there but they didn’t.

  • Bill Wilson

    I wonder if these silly SF articles are written to prod a monthly contribution from the childish commenters?

    • Traiano Welcome

      May I ask what is silly about this article? Shouldn’t the truth of the article be the point of focus?

      • Bill Wilson

        The only item that may be truthful in the article is a Russian using the word “dumbfucks” which was probably directed at the stupid Syrians for harassing the convoy. That checkpoint was manned by a small local militia that has a history over the years of getting into small gun battles with the SAA, SDF and US when caught doing stupid stuff, such as trying to take control of small villages and charging illegal road access fees / tolls. The dead male was a militia member firing at the convoy so his age doesn’t matter.

        • Traiano Welcome

          Looking forward to your validated sources countering the ostensible truth of the article. Pretty confident you don’t have any.

  • Traiano Welcome

    Guess who just recruited a whole village to the side of Assad (if they’re weren’t there already) …

  • Do these fuckers have any idea how deluded they sound, “pro-Assyrian regime” -while they engage in rank thuggery and crimes against humanity. It makes me feel ashamed to be from this country.

  • occupybacon

    Russians smashed their own cars when kurds climbed on them

  • AleK

    “dumbf*cks” is the best definition.

  • Jimi Thompson 2

    I stand with Assad, proper Syrians, the SAA, and Russia.

    My condolences to Maytham, the loss of his cousins and one of his best friends last week, and the rest of the Syrians who have lost family members, and their lives, respectively, fighting to save their country from the terrorists and their globalist benefactors,

    As far as I’m concerned, any U.S. or NATO soldier operating in Syria is a traitor, and no better than any dirtbag member of Al Qaeda, ISIS, et al.