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“Dumb as a Rock”, “Lazy as Hell”: Trump Slams Former US Secretary Of State Tillerson


US President Donald Trump once again showed his great PR and management skills by commenting on work of former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson was Secretary of State from February 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 under President Trump. So, if we believe Mr Trump, it appears that over a year, the foreign policy of the ‘sole world superpower’ was managed by a “dumb” and “lazy” person.



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  • Garga

    I can’t believe the fate of the world has fallen into the hands of a man-child, but I have a great time watching and reading about it.
    I’m sure such tweets raises the morale in his administration, for example fat mike and mad dog are dying to know what he will call them after they separate ways.
    Trump making fun of other people’s intelligence… o, the irony!

    • Barba_Papa

      Methinks people always keep telling themselves they’re not going to be the ones who suffer that fate. Or they actively start scheming to make others suffer that fate. Hitler, Stalin and the Kims usually had no shortage of ambitious people wanting the top jobs, even though the risk of meeting with a secret police bullet fired into the back of their neck, or hanging by piano wire, was quite high.

      High turnover also equals opportunity.

    • Albert Pike

      Seen his Hanukka speach at the White House? He is for sure of crypto Jewish descent. Therefore it’s more than just a man-child, in who’s hand’s we are. He even mentions the Bar Kochba uprising from Year 132. He is part of the messianic movement, and the fate of the world has fallen into their hands…


      • You can call me Al

        Yes I saw that; it was not only revealing, it was startling; it may also backfire on him dreadfully.

      • Sinbad2

        He’s that stupid that he thinks he can buy his way into the Jewish club.

      • Brother Ma

        Of course Trump was Jewish! His father’s mother was Jewish os something like that. I read about it. Websearch it.

        • Albert Pike


          Okay he is jewish/presbyterian/lutheranian. That doesn’t make him automatically into an follower of Jakob Frank, the hasidic Rabbi who called himself the ‘Messiah’ and the reborn soul of ‘Sabbatai Zevi’, and who was closely related by blood to ‘Alter Rebbe’ of Chabad Lubavitch. But he could be. Trumps open jewishness would be of no concern – if Americans knew before. But that all changes when he is maybe a frankist like Zbigniew Brzezinski (who was directly realted by blood to the first wife of ‘Moshiach’ Jakob Frank).
          His grand grand father Friedrich Trump comes out of the German town of Kallstadt, which is only 25km away from the larger City of Mannheim, which was at the time a hot bed of the jewish sects of the sabbateans and frankists. Now where they strong in Kallstadt too, and where the Trumps/Drumpfs part of it?
          And yes it seem the frankists, which are crypto Jews, where strong in Kallstadt, because when there was a new Synagogue inaugurated in Kallstadt, half of the lutheranian community joined in (but no, there are no ‘Drumpfs’ mentioned):
          ‘Inauguration of a new Torah scroll in the synagogue (1862)
          Kallstadt Israelit 03061862.jpg (78194 Byte) Article in the magazine “Der Israelit” of June 3, 1862: “Kallstadt, May 11 (1862) On the last Friday and Saturday the local Jewish community celebrated a certainly rare festival namely, the inauguration of a new Torah donated by Samuel Lohmann from here, from near and far, friends came to attend the celebration The liturgical celebrations were entirely in keeping with the significance of the feast Many Protestant members of the congregation, including the Vicar, the Reverberator, the Adjoint, most of the local councilors, and the two teachers, were noted in the procession and in the synagogue, a community in which tolerance prevails in the strongest sense of the word. ” ‘

          Therefore he could be like Louis Brandeis a follower of ‘Redemption Through Sin’…

          • Brother Ma

            I have not read your refs yet. So are you saying that Zbigniew had Jewish blood on mom and /or dad’s side and converted to Catholicism ? Are you saying that Brandeis was also a Shabbataian or of Frankist origin as well?
            Zbugniew was a repulsive man.

          • Albert Pike

            Sure Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski was a Frankist – he even admitted to it here:
            ‘My great-great-grandmother’s maiden name was Magdalena Brzezińska. I once wrote to Zbigniew Brzeziński, whom I had met earlier, asking whether we might be related; he answered that he didn’t know much about his ancestors, who had probably come from somewhere in Volhynia… Our family archives went up in flames during the war, and thus I know little about my distant ancestors, except the fact that my grandfather’s great-grandfather, Eliasz Adam Kapliński, tried to organize a Frankist congress in Karlsbad in 1823.’
            If you follow Eliasz Adam Kaplinski on Geni.Com, to his father Jakob Kaplinski (Cohen) then as his sister is given Hannah Frank (Cohen), wife of Freiherr Jakob Joseph Frank – the Messiah.
            By the way the second name of Brzezinski ‘Kazimierz’ is a job description
            – meaning jewish Synagogue servent. Which is by the way also the name of Angela Merkels father, Horst Kasner ‘né Horst Kaźmierczak; born (catholic) August 6, 1926 in Berlin, died September 2, 2011 in Templin was the father of Angela Merkel, and was a Protestant theologian’. Meaning, Brzezinski was to fellow Jews quite open about his jewishness. And being Catholic was’t a problem since Jakob Frank himself converted on Sep. 17. 1759 to Catholicism.

            Brandeis comes out of a Frankist familiy was married to Alice Goldmark from another Frankist family. Many Names of Frankist families where supposed to be mentioned in a book called ‘The Militant Messiah, from Arthur Mandel:
            ‘Among the Moravian families mentioned as Frankists are the following:
            The book indicates that a number of these families emigrated in
            1848 to the United States, and one of the most famous of their
            descendants was the late Justice and leading Zionist, Louis Dembitz
            BRANDEIS. Justice BRANDEIS was married to Alice GOLDMARK from another Frankist family.’
            Since that may be not convincing, since its from a readers letter, here’s another source, which content is also confirmed in the wiki article about Ewa Frank:
            ‘Brandeis’s mother gave him a copy of a picture of Eva Frank (who was
            Jacob Frank’s daughter and his spiritual successor upon his death),
            which was handed down and reserved for those who were privileged
            descendants of Frankists.’
            From Ewa Franks Wikipedia article:
            ‘She finally became heavily in debt (three million gulden in 1817[2]), and died in poverty in 1816,[6] though she was rumored[1][2] to have escaped abroad after an arrest order from the Duke of Hesse. Nonetheless, her followers continued to exist well into the middle of 19th century; among these were the parents of Louis Brandeis, the US Supreme Court Justice.[7]’

          • Brother Ma

            Bravo. Excellent research. I read all your post but now must look into the refs themselves. Wow.

            I always thought of Zbigniew being just a rabid Polish Catholic Russophobe.

    • slayern2

      Twitter-Shitter Donald J. Troll

    • Sinbad2

      “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
      ( Rex Tillerson HL Mencken)

  • Barba_Papa

    If Tillerson was dumb as a rock, and we know Pompeo is even lower on the foodchain, what does that say about the guy who hired them?

  • alejoeisabel

    Trump, most corrupt and venal president in US history, only lampoons himself with statements that have a strong resemblance to self criticism.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The vast majority of ‘presidents’ the world over are Venal I think.

      ‘Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely ‘.

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    is it tillerson he was thinking or himself when he said that?

  • Redadmiral

    Rex Probably objected to starting a nuclear war with Russia because he knew, even if they won it, they would lose everything…

  • Nowruz

    Out of all the zionist warmongers Trump nominated to his cabinet, I felt that Tillerson was the only one with common sense.

  • Marko

    Trump’s a real tough guy when he’s on twitter , but he doesn’t have the balls to say something like that to Tillerson’s face.

    Given that Trump’s runaway narcissism must be a defense mechanism against some deep-seated insecurity , I’m beginning to wonder if Trump has any balls , period.

    • Brother Ma

      Well apparently he had a small dick with a big glans! Hahaha That is what Stormy Daniels said.

  • Richard

    Trump appointed him and didn’t notice these defects for over a year? What does that say about his own judgement and his supervision of his appointees?

  • verner

    problem with trumpelidump is that he hasn’t got what it takes to manage the economy of the disunited states of friggin A and that spells disaster for the rest. He just can’t align the world economy with his own faulty and deficient understanding of economy – he just should have stayed being a reality tv-guy with one or two extra-marital flings with some such people as porn-stars und zu weiter.

  • Jesus

    It was Tillerson who called Trump a moron long before this.

    • FlorianGeyer

      He was telling the truth though :)

  • Bob

    Trump has got this all rather backwards – traditionally, it is the disgruntled former ex-employee that publicly slanders the more powerful ex-boss – not the disgruntled ex-boss publicly slandering the less powerful ex-employee. The need to publicly slander at this level, suggests a fragile ego is involved.

  • RichardD

    Tillerson was one of the early appointees who actually talked sense, until he got muzzled and then fired, along the lines of what Trump campaigned on and then changed course on after the Jews went after him with a vengeance once he got in office.

  • slayern2


  • Sinbad2

    Trump has a history of firing and denigrating the people he hired.
    Maybe he should fire the jerk who hired these losers?