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Duke University Trains Students in Anti-Trump Activism (Video)

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Duke University is sponsoring a workshop, aimed to train students for taking part in activities against the US President Donald Trump’s administration.

Duke University Trains Students in Anti-Trump Activism (Video)

Photo: YouTube / Brave New Films

A workshop, aimed to train students for taking part in activities against the US President Donald Trump’s administration, is being sponsored by Duke University.

On February 15, there will be held a university-sponsored event, titled ‘Ideas for Activism in the Time of Trump’, which will be lead by LGBTQA activist Mandy Carter.

The event will be focused on “understanding the importance of the changing of hearts and minds and the changing of public policy in social justice movements,” as well as on “how our North Carolina Moral Monday Movement can be a model of a diverse coalition that brings together social justice people to take a stand against the Trump Administration.”

As the Daily Caller news website reported, the event is sponsored by the university’s Program in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, which is “dedicated to exploring gender identities, relations, practices, theories and institutions.”

An online “practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda” is one of the recommended resources on the Facebook page of the event.

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Meaningless waffle from these people.

Alex Stevenson

….. WHY!? There has never been a course on how to protest Obama or Clinton or any other president. What has done that makes him so evil other than he’s “the other party”.


Heard this radio weaping story of this woman , and how she went to bed the night of the election all happy as she was sure Hillary would win , only to wake up and discover Trump had won. By now its mid Jan and the woman is just starting to come to grips with it . In her mind , it was all about women’s equality , nothing else . Then came the kicker , she was not even American .

duke oflilywhite

the reason that Democrats, and their liberal minions lost is because they brainwashed themselves with a false narrative. They somehow convinced themselves that this election was about gay rights, women’s rights, the black lives matter movement, etc. In the meantime there was a lot of people out there who worried about their jobs, their wages, and prosperity for themselves and their families. And the only Democrat who was speaking to them about these concerns was Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately for him, he got tossed under the bus by the DNC in favor of Hillary. And to make matters worse, Hillary and her followers took the people of the Great Lakes area, i.e. the Rust Belt for granted. They thought that since these people hadn’t vote Republican since 1988, why should they change their tune now. And that is exactly what happened on November 8. Or as the Los Angeles Times put it in their analysis of the election, the Democrats blue wall of states in the Great Lakes region crumble. Because of their arrogance, the Democrats never considered the real possibility that the poor working-class people of this region would turn to Trump. Therefore, you get what you get. Now if the Democrats have any brains left in their heads, they’ll know in the next election, not to take the voters for granted. Especially those who truly have to work hard for every little bit that they have. As opposed to those hard-core liberal elite, and there SJW buddies who only care about themselves, their privileges, and of course what ever cause célèbre is in vogue this week. True!

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