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Drunk Ukrainian Officer Rams His Personal Car Into MiG-29 At Airbase

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Drunk Ukrainian Officer Rams His Personal Car Into MiG-29 At Airbase

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On March 10th, an emergency occurred in the 40th tactical aviation brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force stationed in the city of Vasilkov.

Being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, a Ukrainian Armed Forces captain by the name of Sh. , born in 1974, went with his car, a VW Touran, into the base and rammed into the backside of a MiG-29 fighter jet that was currently being towed.

As a result of the collision, the aircraft caught fire, which was localized and eliminated by firefighters. The accident led to damage to the aircraft engine and other units of the combat vehicle.

Most likely, the damaged combat aircraft will be decommissioned.

The Ukrainian captain received thermal and mechanical damage to the engine and other components. This was reported by the Ukrainian news agency Obozrevatel.

A pre-trial check is being carried out to check the captain’s injuries, and he reportedly received bruises on his chest and soft tissues of the face as a result of the incident. How the drunken Ukrainian officer ended up in his personal car at the airport is still unknown.

The captain hasn’t been arrested, and an investigation is currently undergoing.

In Eastern Ukraine, escalation appears unavoidable.

On March 10th, the armed formations of the Russian Federation violated the ceasefire in the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) area in Donbas eight times, killing a Ukrainian soldier.

“In the area of responsibility of the operational and tactical group ‘North’, the occupiers used hand-held grenade launchers and heavy machine guns to open provocative fire on Ukrainian defenders outside Pivdenne (40km north-east of Donetsk) and Troitske (69km west of Luhansk). In the area of responsibility of the operational and tactical group ‘East’, the Russian-occupation troops shelled Ukrainian positions from grenade machine guns near Avdiivka (17km north of Donetsk) and Vodiane in the Sea of Azov area,” the press center of the JFO Headquarters informs.

Outside Krasnohorivka (21km west of Donetsk), Lomakyne (15km north-east of Mariupol) and Marinka (23km south-west of Donetsk), the occupiers opened aimed fire on Ukrainian Armed Forces, using grenade launchers of various systems and heavy machine guns.

After all, it is also just a matter of time until Ukraine joins NATO, allegedly.

Joining NATO is a matter of principle for Ukraine’s political leadership, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olha Stefanishyna has said.

According to the report, the parties discussed the strategic vectors of Ukraine’s integration into NATO in the military sphere, in particular within the Enhanced Opportunities Partnership (EOP).

Stefanishyna said that Ukraine was doing all it could to use the EOP status as much as possible.

“Ukraine’s accession to NATO is a matter of principle for Ukraine’s political leadership. Today is the historic moment when the President of Ukraine, the parliamentary majority and the government are united in their desire to carry out all the necessary internal transformations on the road to Ukraine’s membership in NATO. First and foremost, we focus on modernizing our security and defense sector in line with the Alliance’s standards and practices. We have already started a key reform for this – the transformation of the Security Service of Ukraine from a law enforcement agency into a special service, using the best world experience and practices of the Allies,” she said.

Separately, the Volgo Balt 179, a dry cargo ship with 13 Ukrainians on board sank in the Black Sea off the coast of Romania early on March 11, the Offshore Engineer online news site has reported.

According to the Romanian news website Playtech, the cargo ship, which had been en route to the Romanian port of Constanta, sank 70 nautical miles off the coast in the Black Sea, most likely due to a very strong storm.

According to the report, Grup Servicii Petroliere has currently rescued ten people who are in the hospital of the GSP Falcon ship and receive the necessary assistance. However, two people died. Another crew member is being searched for in the sea, and the rescue operation continues. After the rescue operation, the company will deliver the rescued sailors to the port of Constanta.


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Obviously, Ukraine has a very professional officer corps with high discipline and code of conduct. LOL


Ne plus ultral


Jamais ete ultra

johnny rotten

It is unthinkable that Ukraine will join NATO, soon if they insist on being tough there will no longer be any Ukraine, but even NATO is not doing very well, now with Zombie Joe at the helm together with that jerk Soltenberg also for NATO things will get tragic.


Ukraine in Nato must be a red line for Putin,i think they will try and do it by stealth,that threat will be dealt with,they would probaby lose most of Eastern Ukraine,Russia would have to neutralize that threat and create a new border,its that simple.


Confusus say, He who imbibes of alcoholic liquors crash car into Mig 29!

cechas vodobenikov

Ukrainians fined for driving if blood alcohol content less than 25%

Harry Smith

You mean if in their alcohol, blood makes not less then 25%?


comment image

President Putin has a genuine smile :)

Supreme Blyat

Strong men appreciate eachother


I didn’t know that old MiG-29 is also “invisible”?!?
First time in history that car has eliminated fighter jet (possible only in Ukraine) !

Who did put that MiG in front of his car anyways?!?


A Russian ‘stealth bear’ was reported to have been seen in the area, I am told :)

Ole Johansen

One mans tough love towards his bird, another mans newspaper reading.

Assad must stay

Hahahahhahahahahahha i dont think russia will have much problems taking ukraine if it ever decides to

Supreme Blyat

They can buy it for vodka

He who laughs last laughs best

The new operation in Ukraine hasn’t started yet, and they already lost a fighter jet…


But they gained an officer with operational experience in anti-air warfare!


What the ‘

Lone Ranger

Your typical ukropnazi…
Funded by U.S. taxpayer money…

Lone Ranger

CNN Breaking News: Russian Mkultra 5G nanobot vodka forced Heroic totally non alcholic service member of the Heroic Ukropisstans armed forces to ram a fighter jet.
Empty KGB vodka bottle with Putins passport found intact on site.
WWIII imminent…

viktor ziv

Someone put Mig-29 where it wasn’t before! A man usually takes airstrip for testing a VW too.
Besides ” the armed formations of the Russian Federation” killed Ukrop soldier during vodka heist too.

Ivan Freely

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. How?! Russia should just airdrop pallets of their finest vodka to Ukrainians and laugh their way towards victory.

Just Me

The debauched hohol dumbass Ukis are as disgraceful as their Zionist masters. Russia needs to sort the cesspool.


Could have been a Ukrainian Suicide bomber under instruction from ISIS.


Quite an entertaining story. Just a small note to the SF author: The picture that currently appears at the top of this article is a Ukrainian Su-27, not a MiG-29. Superficially and on photographs they may look fairly similar, but in reality the Su-27 is a massive beast, while the MiG-29 is a fairly small aircraft.

Tommy Jensen

Oh come on, Tommy. I said nothing about capability – I pointed out that the picture was (and still is) of the wrong aircraft.

Peter Jennings

The US and nato are desperate for warmongering ‘partners’. The Ukrainian people will one day realise they have been screwed over. That’s after their young people have been programmed with propaganda and told to form suicide squads. Their crop land given over for US GMO and their oil & gas sent to service the empire.

The US spends almost 2 billion a day running its tanks around the world. Yet we are told that oil is finite and precious and needs to be expensive or phased out completely for the common man. That would ensure plenty of oil for future warmongering.

We are also told that CO2 is a ‘dangerous gas’, never mind what one may have learned from school, yet the military happily pump this into the atmosphere whilst the UN tell the public they can no longer have cars with a petrol engine.

The contradictions and deciet continues.

Tommy Jensen

The MIG-29 was parked at the wrong place at the wrong moment. Who parked it there?

Harry Smith

Putin did it!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Using telekinesis!


In this guy’s defence, you gotta be pickled or on some good dope to willingly do the dirty work of Globohomo-LGBTQWERTYUIOP.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I guess that could be recorded as a confirmed ‘kill’ then.

Supreme Blyat

“The Ukrainian captain received thermal and mechanical damage to the engine and other components.”comment image

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