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Drunk Poroshenko Launched Express Train From Kiev To Borispol Airport. It Broke Down On Second Day


On November 30, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan particiapted in a public opening of express train from Kiev to Borispol Airport.

According to a video of Ukrainian 112 TV channel President Poroshenko appeared to be drunk during the ceremony.

“…and credit cards, and Apple Pay and Wi Fi… all latest technical things to buy a ticket…”, Poroshenko stated adding that he hopes that soon there will be possible to buy a coffee in the train.

The video also allows to see how people, including top officials, surrouding the president are laughing when the president speaks.

Over the past few years, Poroshenko has become widely known for being drunk during public events across Ukraine. So, the express train launch is not a separate event, but a sad reality of the modern Ukraine.

Another interesting fact happened on the next day, December 1, the Kiev Boryspol Express got stuck because of the snow. The train was 5 km short of the airport before engine problems stopped it.

“Passengers who were hopelessly late for flights did a live streaming, while the most desperate ones were jumping out with suitcases into snowy field to overcome five kilometers to the airport over snow drifts deeper than 20 centimeters,” wrote Vitaliy Prudyus, 112 rolling news channel editor, on his Facebook page.



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  • John Whitehot

    the embarassment of those around him is quite evident.

    • FlorianGeyer

      A sequel to the documentary ‘When Dinosaur’s Ruled the World ‘ could be ‘ When Zionist Morons Ruled World ‘.

      The latter will become extinct as well very soon I hope :)

  • Aphelion

    Uncomfortably reminiscent of Yeltsin – another leader loved by the West and disastrous for his own country.

    • You can call me Al

      or Junker ?

  • occupybacon

    Coffee in the train? Irish or with Baileys. For those suffering of fear of heights.

  • ruca

    Pay through WiFi? Yeap, drunk. And stupid as shit.

  • Ricky Miller

    Ukraine is going to be a sad tragicomedy this winter, leading to the election. The coup government will think up more outlandish ways to stay in power and rescue America’s neocon project to turn Ukraine into a NATO satellite. Grab enough firewood, popcorn and your favorite beverage.

  • slayern2

    Retarded, fat clown. Crooked, corrupted and drunk. A perfect leader for Maidanazi junta.