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Drone Video Shows Devastated Raqqa After US-backed Forces Victory Against ISIS In City


The video provides a look at the devastated Syrian city of Raqqa after US-backed forces drove ISIS members out of it and established its control in the area.



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  • Behold a Pale Horse

    They make money blowing shit up, then make money getting us to pay for rebuilding it. Its win win.

  • VGA

    Kurds and americams destroying a big arab city, what else is new?

    • dutchnational

      Well, the first city destroyed where kurds were involved, Kobane, was destroyed by and or because of IS attack on the city. In 2014.

      Or do you only care for arab cities being destroyed?

      • Garga

        Like most of the times, you’re right and wrong.
        It was destroyed in the war but naming is not right. That’s Ayn-al-Arab (meaning Arab Spring, translated from it’s Turkish name, Arab Punarı after the Syrian independence), a relatively new settlement.
        During the Armenian genocide, it was used as a transit center to transport the Armenians from eastern Anatolia into the Syrian desert and had a camp for that reason.
        Parts of the Konya-Ayn al Arab-Aleppo railroad became the border between Turkey and Syria.
        The Kurdish population increased after the break up of Ottoman Empire, migrating from Turkey into Syria after Kurdish riots of 1925.

        ISIS killed many Kurds there by order of it’s masters, at the exact point where countless Armenians died by order of Ottomans and by hands of some Kurdish tribes.

  • dutchnational

    Plans for reconstruction were already being made before the assault of the city began.

    The city, and the population, deserve to be aided in rebuilding life, economy and the city.

    Soon, the first schools will restart, after having been closed for three years.

    • Pave Way IV

      Which schools are you referring to – the old Syrian public schools or the new Saudi-funded Wahhabi indoctrination centers?

      • Garga

        A new form of schools, which are filled with PKK cadre as teachers and real teachers are denounced for spreading the “totalitarian ideology”, speaking Kurdish is mandatory for non-Kurds, where the students are forced to learn about the cult ideology of PKK and Ocalan’s book, “Democratic Confederalism” and their special version of feminism.

        These schools replaced Wahhabi Madrasas wherever the Syrian PKK replaced ISIS.

        • Bru

          Exactly, your are so right, just replacing a mad ideology with another mad ideology, and replacing one terrorist organization with another terrorist organization… as long as Syria is destroyed, which is all that matters to Israel and the US regime serving Israel’s interests.

        • Lex

          But who will attend the “schools”? Everyone is either dead or long ago ran away. A caravan of Turks, Saudis and Kurds? I suspect it will remain mostly rubble until the Syrian Army has to come in and clean up the mess.

          • Garga

            Doesn’t matter to them. They probably are readying the headlines:


            One can’t put a price on such a good piece of propaganda.

  • GroundlessAir

    That is a city no more. Americans always have so much fun wiping out cities, but not rebuilding them.

  • Lupus

    All of Syria turned into a pile of rubble caused by the Orks who were send by foreign criminal powers we all know who. But still they lost

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    The victory of Raqqa was actually ISIS and SDF reunion.USA Raqqa war was destruction of infrastructure and civilians.

  • Asean Mokit

    Since so many of it people killed and the city depopulated. It will be good if UN can resettled the rohingya refugee there to rebuild the destroyed city. They will provide the much needed manpower for it rebuilding of Syria. A win-win situation for OIC.

  • Lex

    This is what happens when a military force who is foreign to the area comes in to “beat ISIS” – they have no incentive to save the civilians or infrastructure. That way the “democratic” votes afterwards will be a lot easier – and if they lose it again later, the Syrian people have still lost another major city. This is what happens when your allies are the demonic empire of death and their parasite Zion. If they manage to defy international law and retain Syrian government lands here, I imagine the US corporate machine will be only too happy to send some people to turn it into another CIA virus in the region. “Schools” which teach the world according to the state department and Zionism, and of course, military bases and contractors to make sure none of the former inhabitants try to come back home.