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JUNE 2021

Drone-Teaming Lab Is Opened by Boeing

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Drone-Teaming Lab Is Opened by Boeing

Photo: Courtesy of Boeing

A drone-teaming laboratory for developing technology for unmanned vehicles was opened by Boeing in Missouri.

The Collaborative Autonomous Systems Laboratory with an area of 8,100-square-foot “will serve as the company’s leading location for collaborative autonomous technology development with academic institutions and research partners, including government agencies and other companies,” a Boeing news release said.

The main objective of the lab is to develop autonomous air, land and sea vehicles capable of working together as a one team.

“The cornerstone of the lab is an 80,000-cubic-foot motion capture system that allows the facility to simultaneously operate multiple unmanned air vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles,” according to Boeing. “The indoor flying test range contains a high-resolution blended projection system for the development and testing of vision-based technologies, such as image processing algorithms or detection of moving objects in scenery.

“The projection system can work in concert with the motion capture system and high-fidelity simulations to support live-virtual testing in realistic simulated scenarios. The facility also includes an enclosed, vented area that enables an around-the-clock reliable test environment and access to Global Positioning System and other signals used for ground testing and static engine runs of small UAVs.”

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