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Drone Swarm Attacked Several Targets In Iraqi Kurdistan (Videos)

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Drone Swarm Attacked Several Targets In Iraqi Kurdistan (Videos)

Screen grab from a live stream by the Rudaw Media Network.

Early on June 26, a drone swarm attacked a number of targets near Erbil city, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Citing security sources in Kurdistan, the Rudaw Media Network reported that three drones carrying TNT explosives attacked the village of Bragh, which is located three kilometers away from the US Consulate in Erbil.

Two of the drones struck a building, allegedly a villa, on Erbil-Pirmam road, while the third crashed without exploding. No human losses were reported. Iraqi sources alleged that Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani is a frequent visitor of the area. These claims are yet to be verified.

At the same time, two other drones attacked the village of Gomaspan, according to a senior source in the Kurdistan Region Government.

“The United States condemns Saturday’s drone attack in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. This attack represents a clear violation of Iraqi sovereignty,” the US Consulate in Erbil said in a statement.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, activists in Kurdistan accused pro-Iranian forces of launching the drones. Local authorities are yet to make an official accusation.

This was not the first such attack on the Kurdistan Region. On April 14, a US military facility located inside Erbil International Airport was targeted with a suicide drone. Back then, pro-Iranian forces were blamed for the attack.


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concrete mike

Keep hitting the traitors that host the west in your lands.

None of you

We will rip the head out of Iranian military leadership..
Wait and see we will make Iran another Iraq..
Filthy jihadist..

All of you

Pussy ass you can’t even kill a roach 🤣 talking about making Iran another Iraq, coward

None of you

I am telling you now for all people here..
If Iran doesn’t stop producing enriched uranium a war against Iran is inevitable. All the Muslim countries around Iran are against Iran building nuclear capabilities,
We will unleash hell in Iran.
In special with the new radical president in power..
A message to Iranian people..
Wake up to reality… When the new president will take power it will be like life under ISIS..
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up. Iranian people.

Last edited 28 days ago by None of you
I'm not a robot

Why don’t you go to Iran and wake them since you are awake and they are not…..unleash hell in Iran, guess u are an expert when it comes to that hell Master

Fire for Fire

They have done a lot of damage to Iran already. I need not mention these damages. But what has Iran done in retaliation? Nothing! Even worse, Iran is still negotiating the same deal that led to the assassination of Soleimani and other Iranian scientists. a deal that America unilaterally bridged even though Iran was in full compliance with the terms.

Biden promised to return to the deal, but what has he done so far? He’s left most sanctions in place even when he knows America is at fault regarding the deal’s collapse. He could simply have lifted sanctions on Iran and I’m sure Iran would have rolled back its nuclear advances and complied. But what is he doing so far? Negotiating another deal despite the economic pressure on Iran.

If the Iranian regime is not cowardly, then I don’t know your definition of cowardice. And cowards often lose in the end. All Iran has left are its network of terror militias. But these will be dismantled. The militias will be the rope that drags Iran into an unwanted, catastrophic war for the mullahs.


Iran is peace loving country unlike Israel, Turkey, Saudia, US + NATO. As a responsible country, Iran is negotiating the JCPOA deal.

Who is coward? A so-called Sunni country Turkey hiding under the ba*ls of Atheist + Zionist + Christian + Evangelical NATO. What a shame! What a hypocrisy! Why don’t Turkey leave NATO?

I fixed it with factual truth: If the Turkish regime is not cowardly, then I don’t know your definition of cowardice.


you are a coward–obvious
Israel does zero to Iran—terrorist Kurds funded trained by CIA, stuxnet CIA, solemeni assassination USA

Simon Ndiritu

There might be no west in its current form by then. Calm down and take your woke pill in peace.


“LOVE FROM WESTERN WORLD.. We will unleash hell in Iran.” —- LOL..

Iranian people are fully awake and aware of your love for them. Be creative next time.

With this kind of love expression, you will remain without any boyfriend. Your ‘chosen’ name tells the whole story ‘None of you’. Of course, we spit on you but don’t lose hope. There is one for you: “Fire for Fire”… Zionist and Wahhabeast — match made in hell.


when none have brains in Tel Aviv idiots believe any Hollywood fiction

Fire for Fire

This could be Iran’s answer to the drone attack on its nuclear facility last week.
I hope what you say actually comes to pass. God, I hate that regime. It’s just creating militias in any country it’s given the opportunity. Militias that don’t answer to the government of such countries. This is taking those countries hostage. I like the recent Israeli drone attack on Iranian nuclear infrastructure. this current Israeli prime minister will obviously be tougher than Netanyahu.

It is said that the drones launched from outside Iran. This would be a first of its kind. Like we’ve seen over the years, drones are very difficult to defend against. they are cheap and expendable. They also do not risk the lives of pilots. Most important of all, they can be highly destructive. This makes them an especially attractive option for Israel’s covert war on Iran.

Even though the most important Iranian nuclear facilities are buried deep underground and well beyond reach of drones and even bombers, Israel can still attack Iran’s economic backbone (its oil infrastructure).

Iranian dissidents can also taught some drone know how and actually armed. The 2019 protests that took Iran’s securities by surprise, the assassinations and sabotage bombings, are all evidence that Iran is not difficult to penetrate, which makes it easier to create armed militias with strong tech capabilities assisted by intelligence agencies. It is possible to create these militias even from among the Shiites of Iran because the last nationwide protest was largely by Shiites and most of the dead were Shiites – just like in Iraq.

Someone’s got to give Iran a taste of its medicine. Creating militias in countries and destabilizing those governments is a really despicable thing to do. Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan cannot exercise full governmental control due to Iran’s militias. Yet the blood-soaking demons in Tehran refuse to be dragged into any kind of a war, knowing that a war will destroy the regime.

For you Iranian readers of this comment, I’m not against the people of Iran – never! I’m not worried about Iran’s human rights abuses “within” Iran as that is their business. But unleashing a destabilizing policy of militias against elected governments in the Middle East has gone too far. I wouldn’t mind these Iranian militias destabilizing oppressive and tyrannical rule in the Middle East and beyond. But Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen are a different case and are not ruled by oppressive governments. The Houthis are certain to challenge any future inclusive Yemeni government. They won’t disarm even if an inclusive Yemeni military is created. In Iraq, Kadhimi is finding it more and more difficult to govern. He doesn’t like a civil war in his country, yet he can’t control all armed forces in Iraq. Even arresting some people leads to direct and serious threats to the Baghdad government.

Someone please give Iran a test of its medicine. Destabilize it from within. all its network of terror militias will collapse if the government in Tehran is mired in internal chaos. Give them this war they’ve been preparing the grounds for, whether they did so knowingly or out of utter folly.

I like your comment “None of you”. And I agree with much of what you said. The recent drone attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure is a sign that Israel is upping the ante and I don’t think Iran can withstand this level of pressure. Biden could be using Israel to pressure Iran into accepting it terms. We all know that the Iranian regime is as afraid of a war as seen by its passive reaction to all the harms it suffered during the past three years. In fact, even if an attack wipes out an entire Iranian nuclear complex, they are unlikely to retaliate in a war that guarantees war. Trump exposed this Iranian weakness and everyone who’s not in deliberate denial recognizes this fact. American soldiers are now leaving Afghanistan, and this hugely reduces possible targets for Iran in the event of a war. I won’t be surprised if Biden reaches an agreement with Erdogan and Russia that allows for U.S troops to leave Syria, out of harms way of Iran’s missiles. Iran’s nuclear program is greater than any threat America faces in the Middle East. Know why? Because if Iran is allowed to go nuclear, three things will CERTAINLY happen:
1. A nuclear arms race that will be unstoppable no matter how much sanctions the U.S threatens. Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, will go nuclear. Turkey will go nuclear and so would Sisi’s Egypt. Not even Russia wants such an outcome.
2. Iran will be emboldened and most like launch direct attacks in Israel and against American targets, knowing that the regime has been insulated from invasion. That means survivability is guaranteed regardless of what America does militarily or not.
3. The dangers of nuclear war is heightened because Iran will be more willing to take greater risks in its dealings with the U.S/Israel in the Middle East.

Simon Ndiritu

Canada has been killing thousands of its first Nation’s children, you have never talked about it. Ireland killed thousands of children in Catholic homes for unmarried women. You and other western slugs have never uttered a word, yet, you ‘worry about human right abuses in Iran, better yet Middle east??!! ” you stink of hypocrisy.

None of you

Fuck off leave ireland alone.
If you want to be alive next week.


Irish same puritanical robots like USA, UK

Simon Ndiritu

You are not even worthy to touch Iran’s shoes insofar as human rights record is concerned.


Iran is just helping its allies and friends to defend against the onslaught of terrorist militias fully supported by rogue military organizations of Atheist + Zionist + Christian + Evangelical NATO.

HTS terrorist militias and many other in Syria are directly supported by Turkey and Israel.

Turkey unleashed terrorist militias on Libya to fulfill the filthy crimes of Atheist + Zionist + Christian + Evangelical NATO to destroy and kill Sunnis in Libya.

Turkey also wants to work closely with Taliban terrorist militia that has committed not to attack US and kill and destroy Sunnis in Afghanistan.

For this simple reason, peace craving people of the world seek help from Iran, Russia and China. And that’s problem for you. You only want to see killing of peaceful humans, especially Sunnis.

None of you

You are delusional..
Go and fuck Muhammad in the ass maybe you will be allowed in heaven


transgender boyfriend tired of u—too ugly obese

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