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JUNE 2021

Drone Strike Destroyed Vehicle On Iraq’s Border With Syria (Videos, Photos)

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Drone Strike Destroyed Vehicle On Iraq’s Border With Syria (Videos, Photos)

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On May 22, an unidentified combat drone targeted a vehicle in the western region of Iraq, near the border line with Syria.

The vehicle, a Toyota pickup truck, was destroyed as a result of the strike. Nevertheless, no human losses were reported.

After the incident, the Sabereen News, a Telegram channel linked to pro-Iranian forces in Iraq, shared a video showing a drone, believed to be the one that carried out the strike, flying over the al-Qa’im crossing on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

The drone has not been identified, yet. However, Iraqi sources speculated that the drone was either American or Israeli.

In the last few years, several similar strikes were reported on the Iraqi-Syrian border. On February 11, a mini truck, allegedly carrying an Iranian weapons shipment, was targeted by a combat drone on the border line.

These strikes are meant to disturb the movement of weapons and personnel between Iraq and Syria. Both Israel and the US may be behind these attacks.


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Shia vs Sunni

USA should leave Syria so that Muslims kill each other eh?🤪

Last edited 22 days ago by Shia vs Sunni
Jens Massive

Well, actually, the US actively armed Sunni Islamists in Syria – via Operation Sycamore – with intent to create and expand sectarian violence in Syria. Follows standard US divide and conquer approach to destabilizing a non-compliant foreign country – CIA identifies factions of disgruntled extremists (in this case Syrian branch of Muslim Brotherhood) and then sponsors and arms them to fight against the existing state institutions. So, in fact, the US has done everything in its power to generate destructive sectarian violence within Syria.

Last edited 22 days ago by Jens Massive
john wooh

100% correct, they learned from their British Colonial Master.

That’s why i want unification of Syria, Iraq, Libanon and Jordan.
That would be around 70-75Million people like a Federation of Levante/Mesopotamia(they can choose their name of state just a suggestion) or so.

open borders and military/economic partnership.

but all panarabic attemps were sabotaged by the Brits/Yanks/Zionists with their Medieval Muslim Brotherhood society to keep arabs down and backwards sadly.

Saudi, Katar, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait are all Bastardchildren of the British Royal family!


They could call their new county: Scum Hole — of the Desert.


they’ll kill you


drones have been made less useful in nations where defenses have been created

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