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Prominent DPR Commander Mikhail ‘Givi’ Tolstykh Killed In Eastern Ukraine

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Prominent DPR Commander Mikhail 'Givi' Tolstykh Killed In Eastern Ukraine

Mikhail ”Givi” Tolstykh

The legendary commander of the Somali battalion of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Mikhail Tolstykh, popular with his nickname “Givi” has been killed in his office in Donetsk.

The first reports from Russian media have suggested that an explosive detonated and killed Givi. The DPR officials have labeled it as a “terrorist act” and that they’ll do everything possible to find the ones behind the assault. The news comes as the self-proclaimed republics of DPR and LPR have been witnessing the largest military activities since the signing of the Minsk-2 agreement.

Givi is yet another victim of such assault as earlier this week LPR’s colonel Oleg Anashtenko died in a similar case when his car was blown up.

In October 2016, another legendary commander, Aresen Pavlov “Motorola”, was killed in an explosion in his home. (more here and here)

Although it’s early to conclude anything, the fact that such a high rank officer of the DPR was killed in his office signals that there are internal problems in the break-away republic. Also, Givi’s death will demotivate the army of DPR, or at least the one of his battalion as we’ve seen with the “Ghost brigade” of LPR after the death of their commander Alexsey Mozgovoy.

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Putin, Hitman in Chief Dispatching the Key Heroes and Best Leaders of Donbass via His Thugs in order to Make Ukraine Safe for Anti-Russian Fascism and to Fulfill His Minsk Obligations: Part of the Capitulation Act Elimination or imprisonment and defamation of the original independent and principled Novorossiya / Donbass leaders and supporters of Novorossiya turns out to have been a consistent and systemic Kremlin policy in its “unconditional” allegiance to the “unconditional” fulfillment of the Minsk capitulation deals (Minsk 1 and 2). Incomplete list from a series of the eliminated original leaders of the Donbass uprising, the text below is a result of Google-translated Russian original (which follows): Batman. At the beginning of January 2015 was killed by former Defense Minister Oleksandr LC poor, known as Batman. The authorities then accused Bednova LC and its people in robberies, kidnappings and torture. According to prosecutors LC, the poor, was killed in a shootout after a “put up fierce armed resistance” during the arrest. Even before the November 2 election he, who had considerable authority among the people, was not allowed to participate in them, not allowed to register his party (as well as the Cossack Ataman Kozitsyn, and in Donetsk – the ex-governor Paul Gubarev DNI ). Subsequently, voicing the opinion of his men (and, incidentally, most of the population of New Russia), Batman was a brilliant adversary Minsk agreements – he advocated the continuation of the hostilities and the complete liberation of Ukrainian troops throughout the former Luhansk region. Ishchenko. At the end of January 2015 he was killed by one of the field commanders “Cossack guard,” Yevgeny Ishchenko. Ishchenko controlled Pervomaisk, located on the strategically important “bahmutovskoy track”, and more than once threatened to carpentry to go against him. March 26, 2015 in the center of Donetsk was an attempt to “Mirage” battalion commander and Novorossia MP Roman arose (Roma). His car was attacked by gunmen from his injuries he died. The militia accused of murder arose Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group. Cerebral. In May 2015, Alchevsk district was killed by the brigade commander “Ghost” Alex Brain. The death of brain Lugansk also accused the Ukrainian military, although the well-known commander of the car exploded in the territory, which is confidently controlled armed supporters of the LC. Dremov. In December 2015, he was killed by a Cossack Ataman Paul Dremov – another warlord, critic Igor Plotnitsky. Dremov left Stakhanov in Pervomaisk on certain urgent calls. His car as well as car and Brain exploded in the middle of the road, which is controlled by the men of his own department. LC authorities announced a reward for the capture of the killers, while surrounded Dremova believed that death was beneficial Ataman carpentry. In addition, he stated that the authorities LC smuggled supply coal to the rest of the territory of Ukraine, and that almost all the humanitarian assistance that brought humanitarian convoys EMERCOM of Russia, not distributed free of charge and is on the shelves of supermarkets owned carpentry . Alexey Brain and commander of the first Cossack regiment Paul Dremov openly criticized the leadership of the republic, called the head of the LC Plotnitsky thief and a traitor and demanded the resignation of all Plotnitskogo. January 9, 2016 in Donetsk, was killed Côte commander. January 10, 2016 Deputy Bezler Boatswain, who commanded the garrison Gorlovskaya in the darkest days of July-August 14, died in Moscow officially by very fast pneumonia. At the beginning of October 2016 in the village of Slavyanoserbsk Luhansk region was shot dead warlord Armen Baghiryan callsign Buggy, as well as several of his subordinates. Since 2015 Russian Baghiryan actually led administration Slavyanoserbsk. October 16, 2016 in Donetsk killed Motorola, Shout of the commanders of the militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic of Arseny Pavlov, known as Motorola. In the elevator of the house where he lived Pavlov, an improvised explosive device. “The volunteer was at this point in the epicenter of the explosion and suffered injuries incompatible with life. Zhilin. September 19, 2016 in Moscow at the restaurant “Breeze” in the elite village of Gorki-2, was killed Evgeny Zhilin, the leader of the organization “Hold”, based in Kharkiv. “An unknown offender fired several shots from a pistol at the two visitors, and then disappeared.” Commandant Anthracite Vyacheslav Pinezhanin (killed FSB), the Chief of Staff of the Cossacks Anthracite Michael Koval (killed FSB), Alexander the poor, the commander of the detachment from Lugansk (FSB killed), “Magadan”. detachment commander of the village. Peter the Great (arrested), “Thomas”, commander of the “Odessa” (arrested), Sergei Kosogorov Cossack commander (arrested), Andrew “Kaban”, Commander in Anthracite (killed), commander of the “Han” in Anthracite, commander of art. Battery “grandfather” of the village. Peter the Great (arrested), Yevgeny Ishchenko, commandant of Pervomaysk (killed FSB) and many others. When the killings and arrests of both killed and arrested dozens of approximate militias, including of the Russian Federation. One of the last major amateur commanders was in Anthracite by Bondarenko names (also known as “Bendeks”), who commanded the detachment “Rus”. Currently, one data exported to Russia and thrown into jail Rostov, on the other – was killed. Disappeared March 15th. Before removal or murder managed to record a video where is experiencing what he and his men took Debaltsevo, and want them to do bad. Detachment “Rus” attacked and disarmed by March 18. Cossack detachment commander in the area “Dovzhanka” Puma – killed by authorities LC March 28, 2015.Currently on the territory of the LC, the DNI and the Russian Federation are in the cellars and prisons hundreds of former fighters Novorosiyu, including even such people as Alexander Corporal Vyaznikov (known activist of the pro-Kremlin “molodezhok” from the Far East). Killings and arrests of militia on the territory of the LC-DNI hold special group sent the FSB of the Russian Federation, known as PMCs and simply armed groups led by FSB agents. Self– “raccoons”, “Bright Rus”, “Brotherhood of the Kitezh”. The leaders of the number of FSB agents on the move – the inhabitants of Moscow, Vladimir Morozov, Igor Mangushev Roman Telenkevich. Thus the next spring after the start of Russian survived or remained on the loose a few of its original members. Novorossia wanted to build a Russian national state, and the occupants of the Kremlin, of course, all the plans have merged. Night on September 24, 2016, former “Chairman of the Council of Ministers” and adviser to the leader of “LC” Igor Plotnitsky Gennady Tsypkalov, security forces arrested militants for the attempted “coup”, allegedly committed suicide. Tsypkalov tortured and killed in prison Luhansk team carpentry and Surkov. With the participation in the conspiracy even obvnili other commanders, including the colonel of the militia Kiselev, who was put in prison, and the former head of Parliament LC Karjakin. Allegedly from a heart attack on December 27, under unknown circumstances in Lugansk he died, “Minister of Agriculture” LC “Sergey Litvin.” Yesterday, under unknown circumstances, according to the official report – from a heart attack, in Lugansk died, “Minister of Agriculture” LC “, one of the famous traitors of Ukraine and the organizers of the pro-Russian speeches in the spring of. 2014 in Luhansk and Slavyansk Sergey Litvin Litvin was a friend of Gennady Tsypkalova – “ex-prime minister” LC “, who was found hanged in his prison cell in Luhansk on 23 September, and” prosecutor “LC” called it a “suicide because of remorse. “Now, a sudden heart attack immediately death struck 43-year-old Lytvyn.” in addition to the positions in the “Ministry of agriculture” LC “Sergey Litvin also served as deputy chairman of the” council of ministers “LC” and adviser to the leader of the militants “LC” Igor Plotnitsky. January 27 it became known about the death of Valery Bolotov, the first head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) and one of the most authoritative commanders Donbass militia. Now it is remembered as one of the last heroes “sincere period” Russian Spring “in Lugansk and major leaders who started the protest in the LC. Allegedly from a heart attack.


Russia’s #FSB now offering generous retirement packages to #Novorossiya officers. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/679770a70708a3dc4866e3543465d7f4c063ef6ecb2ac214f22d784f3948dfe3.jpg

Trustin Judeau

Strelkov should return to Donbass but I think Kremlin doesnt want this.


They will murder him immediately.Suspicious why no one from the assassins never found.Everybody in Russia suspect F S B .everybody against Minsk truce must die.

Arthur Smith

He will return to be tried for justifying Kiev’s military operation and abandoning Slav’ansk.

pietro del prete




Gary Sellars

RIP Hero…

Fucking evil banderite coward scum… they will drown screaming in a burning lake of neo-nazi blood…


There’s systematic assignation going on in DPR/ LPR. Hard not to be suspicious that Ukrainian’s lack ability and spare cash to actually organize these killings. Could a more substantial third party, with Special Forces visiting nearby, be involved?


R.I.P. bro

Jan Johansen

Who want’s to be the leader now? :v

Jonathan Jarvis

i think McCain has his own secret black ops with CIA in Kiev


Givi ran a Twitter account, and whilst being speculative, the US is the more likely culprit capable of tracking such accounts digitally, electronically and to analyze any uploaded photo’s – by payed off local knowledge – and then to combine these elements and locate someone. To get two leaders in own territory in matter of weeks suggests this even further.

Marumiyu Moriame

wow they make martyrs fast.


One more in the long line of assassinations. I am sorry to say it-yet again-but while the trigger is pulled by the Ukrainians, the Kremlin bears great moral responsibility. Putin & Lavrov decided to abandon Donbass to its fate, appointed or allowed useless and corrupt political leaders to run the show, while providing minimal military assistance. All in the name of not aggravating their “western partners”. Not only military commanders like Givi, Motorola and Mozgovoi are killed, but civilians, the same civilians who believed Russia would help them, die daily by the Kiev forces. Kremlin has betrayed these people and for what? The..prospect of removing the sanctions or a bit of good PR in the western press? Neither of the two will happen. Shame on the Kremlin..

Arthur Smith

>civilians who believed Russia would help them You still didn’t answer WHY they “believed” that Russia has to do more that it’s been doing, including CIVILIAN donation of 10000 AKs and ATGMs that were present at the moment of Slav’ansk confrontation.


WTF are u saying?? Who betrayed the Soviet Union!?! The people of Donbass, who fight against fascism and honor the Soviet Legacy more than anyone? Show some respect to them ffs!

Arthur Smith

Pft, fighting 25 years late? After they let Kiev fall to nazis’ hands by inaction? After they elected Yanukovich? Cheapskates pay not twice and not thrice, but until their bitter end.


Ahh, it was the people of Donbass who betrayed the Soviet Union, while you-the Russians-dismantled it and then elected as your president Yeltsin, a US puppet and drunkard, you sold off your country’s wealth, while your young women left for the international brothels..And you have the audacity to blame them? And you lie through your teeth saying that they accepted the russophobic regime. The same people-the only people- throughout Ukraine that took up arms against it!? Sickening..

Arthur Smith

They didn’t even “took arms” when they should have protected Slav’ansk, investing all their trust in Strelkov promising them russian intervention pulled out of his own ass. And exactly because I’m critical of russians-in-Russia I have a right to treat russians that accepted criminal post-soviet regimes according to their merits. Ultranationalists didn’t appear out of thin air and taken the power overnight, it rot for decades, but where were your heroic fighters? Why didn’t they fix things before the blood was drawn? Why didn’t they want to join Russia before they let their current state, led by eastern president, fall? Why couldn’t they at least keep own region in order and not infested with criminal, so that their neighbors would actually care for them instead of disregarding their resistance as criminals protecting turf? It’s not nazis that created this reputation for Donbass, but locals themself, and the election of Yanukovich is the epitomy of this.


“This reputation for Donbass”? I would found it worrying if I were you, that you repeat the Kiev junta propaganda. If you-Russians-are too weak to help, admit it and the rest of us, who have spend a lot of time, effort, and-you might find this surprising, even money-to help Russia in its struggle vis-a-vis the West, because we believe that you are on the side of truth and righteousness, can forget about it and get on with our lives..If Russia does not help those that for better or worse count on her, there is no reason for us foreigners to care about Russia or her image in the West..

Arthur Smith

If you knew russian language, you could easily find proof that it’s not propaganda, but sad reality. Donbass is an industrial region with several oligarchs vying for financial streams, of course there’s lots of criminal around.

As a christian I don’t believe that charity equals good deeds. Also, Russia doesn’t necessarily requires help from sympathizers to succeed and I’d doubt that abstract “Russia” should be considered a force for good. There are several global-scale projects in Russia, that would actually prefer the centralized government to shrink a little and russian people to focus on eternal truthes, not geopolitical trends.


I do have a fairly good command of the russian language and read russian websites and various news sources on a daily basis. If Russia needs no help from sympathizers, then its recent policies are certainly on a right track-alienating more and more sympathizers. Then again Russia (as a concept, as a people etc) has always been characterised by a certain stubbornness and bragging (we can go it alone, davai rebyata etc). The problem with ignoring geopolitical trends though, is that they tend to not ignore you. But you find this only when it is too late. Ukraine is a good example. The banderovtsii where slowly building their strength even before..1989. Let’s say that during the 90s when you were too busy as a people focusing on the eternal truths of market capitalism and dismantling the USSR, it was difficult to have control over events in Ukraine. But later? After 2000? After 2005? After 2010? While the US & EU was busy pouring billions on “promoting democracy” you remained blind to the advantages of soft power. I will concede to this though..A major and insurmountable problem Russia always faced was the distribution of population and “power centers” of the country. You could have the luxury of focusing on (re)building your country better if your capital and population was centered at say..the Novossibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk “triangle”. Then Ukraine would indeed be an afterthought. Ironically the Soviet leadership seemed to understand this but now..

Arthur Smith

>I do have a fairly good command of the russian language Oh, that’s great. I wish you could say that sooner. If you don’t mind, there are few books I’d recommend you. http://flibusta.is/b/428160 This one was published shortly after Strelkov got kicked out of Donbass and explained how many forces in Russia were provoking the government either into a full war against NATO or loss of face before people resulting in an instant color revoultion. http://flibusta.is/b/224592 http://flibusta.is/b/157177 And two more about russian “elites”, their motivations, incompetence and genesis. Why Putin has very limited control over the government and can’t even afford a proper team for himself. Why Russia can’t strain itself without risking a break-up.

Author was one of the organizers of supplying Donbass with firearms and ATGMs in spring 2014. Volunteers from his movement “Essense of Time” constitute a majority of “Khan” battalion of DNR’s forces, if they didn’t recruit the rest by now. EoT reporters made 700+ videos starting from July 2014.


I know a bit about Kuryagin and read/seen some of his statements, particularly involving Strelkov. But I have not read any of his books. Spasibo bolshoe for the links. As for «Суть времени» I try to follow their news via Russel Texas Bentley and their VK group.

Arthur Smith

Kurginyan is a great analyst and metaphysics theorist, very humanistic and people-oriented. But I warn you – please be careful with “Суть Времени”. I followed Kurginyan’s activity since 2006 and even visited his theatre. Yet I insist – Kurginyan is a very dangerous man, his Experimental Creative Center has controversial background and “Суть Времени” is build upon neo-manicheic foundation, strongly influenced by Kabbalah. Yet they are as good as one can get in Russia.


yeah sure GO FU{K yourself


you are a very big A$$$hole

Arthur Smith

Sure thing. It’s pretty common for people.


no you are an uncommonly big one

☊ Moxx♪e ☊ ??

who is GIVI? is he on the Russian side? or the Ukrainian side?

i search his name on google but i only find little information about him


Givi, as I recall him from 2014.



Kire Stojanovski

After the death of “Motorola” I found myself consolation in: “Thanks God, at least Givi is still here”! Now he’s gone too. And it’s hard to find another consolation now. May God have them both in the Kingdom of Heaven. May God give them to rest in peace.


I cannot believe what is going on in ye Donbass. Someone please tell me why anyone will let this happen. This guy is a huge asset to Novorussia. Who is left to fight Kiev nazi junta. Why are so lacking in there internal security. Sickening!!!


Is Putin still supporting Donbass ? I have my doubts Why there is no retaliaton at all for all these commanders killed I think soon the UkieNazis will attack Donbass and finish them of It will be a massaker and the rest of the world including Putin are going to watch it Its very sad and I have no more hope in Putin that he is the allmighty intelligent leader as I was thinking up to now He sold them out

John Bodnar

Kyiv has he most diverse an inclusive goverment in E.Europe.The Prime Minister is Jewish and so is 20% of the rada.Meanwhile Putin is a dictator who illegally invadedMoldova,Georgia and Ukraine

Russia exitCrimea

Givi was a coward who beat unarmed prisoners.


http://ersieesist.livejournal.com/813.htmlIf I would be Givi I wouldnt just beat these lowlive animals

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