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JUNE 2021

DPR Says Pro-Kiev Forces Violated Ceasefire Regime 251 Times In Period of May 16-29

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On May 30, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) military said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had violated the ceasefire regime 251 times in the period of May 16-29.

According to the statement, Ukrainian forces launched 114 shells of 122 mm caliber, 803 mortar shells of 120 mm caliber and 563 mortar shells of 82 mm caliber at targets in the DPR.

The DPR military also reported that 4 citizens were killed and 9 were injured. 2 houses were reportedly destroyed and 56 were damaged.

In a separate statement, the DPR military claimed that Ukrainian force had violated the ceasefire regime 7 times on May 30.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that DPR forces had violated the ceasefire regime 36 times on May 29. According to the statement, DPR forces launched 70 mortar shells using mortars of 120- and 82-mm caliber. 4 Ukrainian soldiers were reportedly injured. According to the Ukrainian intelligence data, 3 DPR’s servicemen were killed and 3 were injured.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that DPR forces had violated the ceasefire regime 8 times on May 30. According to the Ukrainian side, DPR forces used weaponry of 122-, 120- and 82-mm caliber.

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Black Waters

They (Ukrops)are bombing and shelling civilians since 2014.


And then ???


It’s called a border war, and this type of confict is quite common in that part of the world. No one is really at fault here, but I still wonder why exactly Kiev launched their recent minor offensive. Was it a more or lesd failed attempt to gain the upper hand without igniting a full scale war? Was it a reaction to Dombasser actions? Both?

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