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DPR Prepares for Full-Scale War with Pro-Kiev Forces

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The Donetsk People’s Republic is preparing for a full-scale war, which is expected at any day.

DPR Prepares for Full-Scale War with Pro-Kiev Forces

Photo: AFP / Getty Images / Dominique Faget

Artillery attacks have dramatically increased around the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that he does not exclude a full-scale Russian invasion in all directions. The smell of a war has again appeared in the east of Ukraine.

An essence of the matter lies in details. Strengthening of attacks may be different: larger artillery calibers, more shots, and more victims. At this time, we can say that the war in Donbass loses its borders – attacks are becoming more frequent and more long-range. The artillery has covered Ukrainian villages in the direction of Mariupol, where shells did not fly for more than the year and a half. Borders of the war in Donbass are very conditional, but, most often, maintained. All Donetsk and all Mariupol are in hitting area of a usual field artillery as 122 mm howitzer, but it is impossible to find any crater on the central Lenin Square in Donetsk or near the Drama Theatre in Mariupol. There is not shelling here.

The village of Chermalyk also has not been shelled since the beginning of the war, although it is located just seven kilometers from the line of a combat contact. But on Wednesday, Andreevka and Chermalyk were covered by shelling. The DPR also reported that over the past day the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ shells targeted Zaytsevo, Golmovskiy, Vasilyevka, Yakovlevka and Mineralnoye villages. Artillery firefights are going along all the line of combat contact around the DPR. For example, on Thursday, the administration of Gorlovka reported that 80 transformer substations, 2 high-voltage lines and the Rumyantsev mine’s structure were de-energized during a night’s shelling.

Spread of the war is a new and dangerous trend in Donbass. Usually, this means a deep impasse in negotiations and an imminence of hot battles’ flash. Donetsk is demonstratively waiting for this. People check air-raid shelters, where water supplies are created, officials are warned of the need to have a three-day supply of food at homes, vacations for military have been canceled. The war is expected at any day since the first reports about the shooting on the border of Crimea.

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Will the war be fought to a conclusion this time? Always in the past there seemed to be some restraint. The Ukrainian forces would be held in check, but there would be no follow through. I always interpreted this as coming from the retaining effect of Russia seeking a diplomatic solution. Has Russian moderation been exhausted?


i think so, and hope so. kiev needs to be crushed once and for all.

Real Anti-Racist Action

And after Kiev, then the perpetrator capital of London along with their Mi6 headquarters needs to also be crushed. Or else these imperial games will keep continuing against Russia and Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember, the UK has been invading Iraq for over 100 years straight and has been invading Afghanistan for hundreds of years straight.

James Bucan

I think Russia has been trying to avoid a large conflict on it’s border, but if Kiev doesn’t back down and fulfill the Minsk agreements (which they won’t as long as the fascist battalions are around), then Russia may loose patience and, if the Ukrops attack again, the Kremlin will let the People’s Republics to fight the fascists all the way out of Donbass, or even further. Novorossia might become an option again, from Kharkov to Odessa

Doom Sternz

Outbreak of war means the IMF is providing another tranche. Every attack by the Kiev regime has been when the IMF provides money.


Would be nice if Russia would just happen to “lose” the T-80’s and T-64’s they acquired after taking back Crimea. Donbass and Lugansk need them.

War is going to break out. And I highly encourage volunteers from around the world to go help defend this young nation from the invading Zio-Ukrainian-terrorist forces who work with ISIS. As ISIS has released videos of them on youtube fighting Russians in Ukraine. It is up to every single peace lover in the world to defend the Republic DPR against the coming Ukrainian-Zionist onslaught.

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