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DPR Military Registered 29 Shellings by Kiev’s Side

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The DPR military registered 29 shellings by Ukrainian troopers over the last day, one civilian is killed, one is injured, the Donetsk’s Ministry of Defense reports on May 19.

According to the Ministry, the Ukrainian armed forces intensified their shelling from heavy weapons. The republic’s settlements were hit from 152 mm artillery 6 times. Also 16 mortar shellings, 5 episodes with tank guns, 2 episodes with grenade launchers and machineguns were registered. At least 2 Novorossian wariors were injured.

The towns of Donetsk (October, airport, Kievskiy district). Gorlovka came under fire, along with Shirokino, Spartak, Zhabichevo, Logvinovo, Krasny Partisan, Lozovoye, Vasilievka, as is reported.

As a result, a two-storey cottage in Donetsk city was destroyed, a dead man and an injured elderly woman was retrieved by rescuers from the ruins.

UPD By estimate of the DPR military, the cottage was hit by the artillery round of the 152 mm caliber.

The OSCE monitors have already arrived to the scene, the Donetsk News Agency reports.

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