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DPR/LPR Call For U.S. To Be Included In Normandy Format, As Ukraine Signals It Can “Easily Retake Part Of Donbass”

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DPR/LPR Call For U.S. To Be Included In Normandy Format, As Ukraine Signals It Can "Easily Retake Part Of Donbass"

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The self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics proposed holding a meeting at the level of advisers to the heads of state of the Normandy Four Format.

The DPR and LPR however deem it necessary that the US also participates, so that the negotiations can be restarted to resolve the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

“Considering the constructive outcome of the recent summit of the leaders of Russia and the United States in this matter, as well as the high level of influence of the United States on Ukrainian politics, holding such a meeting would be an adequate investment in resolving the seven-year conflict,” Miroshnik said.

According to him, official proposals with a request to initiate the meeting were passed on to the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian President’s Administration Dmitry Kozak and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to Miroshnik, a meeting in the “Normandy format” with the participation of the United States and the self-proclaimed LPR and DPR would give a chance to restart the peaceful dialogue.

“The constructive basis of the meeting should be the adherence of all its potential participants to the Minsk Agreements and an understanding of their lack of alternatives at the moment,” the LPR representative emphasized.

Officials of Ukraine are in favor of US participation in the Normandy format. Thus, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for the Temporarily Occupied Territories Alexei Reznikov said that US participation is possible and acceptable at the level of the “Normandy format” and the Trilateral Contact Group on resolving the situation in Donbass.

He explained this by the fact that the United States is a member of the OSCE and the guarantor of the Budapest Memorandum. The head of the Ukrainian delegation to the trilateral contact group, Leonid Kravchuk, believes that the involvement of the United States in the Normandy Four will help “significantly increase” its influence on Moscow on the situation in Donbass.

In Russia, attracting the United States to the Normandy format is viewed with caution. In April of this year, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov noted that the line pursued by the United States in the Ukrainian direction makes it impossible for the United States to participate in the “Normandy format” on the settlement in Donbass.

The “Normandy format” negotiations on Ukraine were first held in June 2014 during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the landing of allied troops in Normandy. The heads of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France then discussed the settlement of the conflict in Donbass.

At the Normandy Four summit on December 9, 2019 in Paris, the participants adopted a final statement, but most of it remained unfulfilled.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are capable of seizing part of the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, said the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) Oleksiy Arestovich.

According to him, Ukraine does not fulfill the Minsk agreements for a reason. He noted that the document, which was approved by a special resolution of the UN Security Council, allegedly has no binding character.

“The political part of the Minsk agreements is debatable. That is, it is a subject of negotiations. What is the whole catch: for some reason everyone thinks that the Minsk agreements are uncontested and must be fulfilled. But this is not the case. Minsk – 2 is the goodwill of the parties. This is an international legal treaty that is not binding, that is, there are no legal consequences for failure to comply with it. This means that the document is executed when there is goodwill on both sides,” he said.

He also stated that the Minsk agreements were not approved by a special resolution of the UN Security Council. According to him, in the English version of the document there is no word “approves”, but there is “welcomes”. It is because of this, Arestovich said, that Ukraine should not fulfill the Minsk agreements.

The adviser to the Ukrainian delegation in the TCG spoke about the military solution to the conflict in Donbass. According to him, the armed forces of Ukraine could seize the DPR and LPR, seizing part of the territory. This would make, in his opinion, impossible for the further existence of the people’s republics.

“What is Donbass – a large urban agglomeration, so such sacrifices are unacceptable for us. The only option when we can go on an armed offensive is if a war is imposed on us. Then we will launch a counteroffensive. But we ourselves will not “liberate” Donbass by military means. Only dense urban development stops us from attacking. And this means that if there are battles, the civilian population will inevitably die. We can, of course, recapture the Donbass. We will liberate that part of the territory that will make the continued existence of the DPR and LPR impossible. We will surround, divide and we will reach the border with Russia with artillery,” he summed up.

As such, the DPR and LPR have a lot to worry about, and they are attempting to pull in Ukraine’s “executive” – Washington.


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Chess Master

DPR/LPR wouldn’t sat such thing(alltogether) without whispering from Kremlin.

AM Hants

Remind me, but, why are NATO in Ukraine and why have they been there since 2014? Do not remember my nation, who supports Ukraine, asking the people of the UK, if we wished to send our Forces to Ukraine, in order to antagonise Russia?

Do you remember those US Forces, that were on video, back in 2014, trying to teach the Kiev Forces how to prepare for the Pride Parades? Now what were they doing in Ukraine, back then and even now?

Hohol Arseholes

The Jew controlled dumbass Uki fuckwits are delusional if they think they can take an inch of Donbass. The JewCUNTS are goading their clown Zelensky to commit suicide by starting another war on historic Russian land. Putin’s only tactical oversight was to stop the successful Donetsk People’s Republic offense in Donbas and not go all the way to Odessa and Kiev. In any case the Uki morons don’t have a chance in hell in the long run as global events are unfolding.

Chess Master

You are in denial, Russian economy is owned by the jews. In 100 Russian billionaires, there is not a single Russian.



Chess Master

Name a single Russian billionaire that is Orthodox Christian


1. Russia is a secular state … there is no official religion …. Jews are Russian just the same as Orthodox Christian or Muslim. 2. There are only 85 Billionaires in Russia. 3. You want one Russian billionaire that isn’t jewish? How about Tatyana Bakalchuk fojunder of Wildberries the Russian online retailer. 4. Why do you lower yourself to speak in terms of religious stereotypes … all that does is confirm the stereotype … or was it your intention to confirm the belief that the jews control the world through money.

AM Hants

Projecting? How many Russian politicians have dual citizenship and how many Ukraine politicians have dual citizenship? In fact how many US and UK politicians have dual citizenship?


Calling BS on this.

L du Plessis

The Ukraine Gov cant even get their honor back nevermind part of Donbass.


They never had any honor in the first place, “Ukraine” is 100% fake country created by Vatican, Austria/Germany and Lenin.


By Germany??? How, pray? Austria and Germany after WWI were hardly in the position to do anything. Get your facts straight… who was paying the wars between Poland, Ukraine, Russia (hint: it was not the utterly bankrupt Axenmächte). US, UK… definitely.

Last edited 22 days ago by Dave
AM Hants

Who created the National Communist Party aka Bolsheviks?
Who created the National Socialist Party?
Who was playing us all?

3 Corporations Rule The World. and all squat in nations, with their own laws and taxes, based on the old Roman Empire. Wasn’t Jerusalem an outpost of the Roman Empire, 2021 years ago?

The Vatican – Controls spirituality.
The City of London – Controls the economy
Washington DC – Controls the military.

The King of England, back in 1213 gave the land, of Great Britain and all it’s colonies, including past and present to the Vatican, in order for the Vatican to bail out the Royal Family at the time. The Treaty of 1213 has never been revoked. All US Presidents, apart from one, have been related to King John II.

Now who administers the Vatican Estate?
Who administers the Crown Estate?
Who administers the Fed Reserve?
Now remind me, but, who set up the National Socialists and the National Communists, Bolshevik Branch?

Raptar Driver

You cannot get something back that you never had.


The DPR/LPR, as referred to in the article is simply one gigantic rat trap for the ukronazi degenerates.

The ukropian imbeciles have zero chance of retaking and holding any territory. They have no defense against Iskander hypersonic missiles that travel at Mach 5+. They have no air defense against Sukhoi Su-35s.

The current skirmishes are small scale exchanges of artillery fire, not comprehensive military plans to retake entire territories. The nato swine are definitely manoeuvering to find a scenario that is acceptable as far as ukronazi losses are concerned.

The ziodegenerate zelensky should have stayed with his comedy career. War is not for soft a** clowns. The vatican imbeciles look on from a distance.


The US are non agreement capable. Such inclusion is at best pointless, and at worst catastrophic (following mis-placed trust).

AM Hants

Reminds me of when Porkie was bragging that it would only take a couple of weeks to sort out Eastern Ukraine. What happened next?

Merkel legged it over to the Kremlin, the only place the NSA could not eavesdrop on her. Begging President Putin to help the NATO forces, stuck in the cauldrons. This led to the Minsk Agreements, and the US and UK were deliberately kept out of them.

Guess Ukraine needs a reminder of what those Cauldrons were all about. Did NATO ever return to pick up the corpses, or are they still rotting in the compost?

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