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DPR Head Died From Wounds Received In Terrorist Attack In Donetsk. State Of Emergency Declared In DRP

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DPR Head Died From Wounds Received In Terrorist Attack In Donetsk. State Of Emergency Declared In DRP

Dmitry Trapeznikov (R)

UPDATE 2: Dmitry Trapeznikov became the acting head of the DPR.

UPDATE 1: The Russian Foreign Ministry has commented on the situation describing it as a terrorist attack. It has added that the Ukrainian government “decided to start a massacre after failing to fulfill their promises on peace.”

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has said that it is not linked to the attack and has described it as a result of the internal tensions in the DPR.

The DPR authorities say that Kiev is responsible for the assasination of Zakharchenko.


DPR Head Died From Wounds Received In Terrorist Attack In Donetsk. State Of Emergency Declared In DRP

Sputnik / Alexey Kudenk

Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko has died from wounds received in a terrorist attack in the DPR capital of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, according to reports in the Russian media.

According to initial reports, the explosion, which took place in a restaurant, “Separatist”, on August 31 also injured at least 3 persons. The DPR Finance Minister was reportedly among them.

Some sources say that Zakhachenko was not only one killed in the attack. However, no evidence have been provided so far.

The situation is developing.

Over the past few years, the DPR and its neighbor, the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), have been hit by a series of terrorist attacks and assasinations. Most of them have been reportedly carried out by Ukrainian intelligence and its agents. However, some sources say that at least a part of these incidents has been a result of the internal tensions within the DPR and the LPR.

Local sources describe the work of the republic’s security forces as only “sub-optimal” to what is needed.

It’s also important to note that Zakharchenko was one of the persons signing the Minsk II agreements in 2015, which declared a ceasefire between Ukraine and the DPR-LPR forces. Now, when Zakharchenko is dead, Kiev may use this as a justification to further ingore its responsibilities in the framework of the reached agreements.

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Gregory Casey

Uh Ohh …. BIG Mistake by Kiev!


Time to cut the head off of the Ukrainian serpent.

Rohan Burnett

You people need to leave Ukraine alone you’re trying to separate the country these town are .ities of Ukraine and Russia is apart of this nonsense


You people need to wake up to common sense out of your fascist populist fervor instilled by your own elites. They’re the real winner while they point to bogeymen that you may thrash and got thrashed back while they loot the country.

The revolution happen in kiev yet why there are no drastic change towards corrupt political practice that prompted you to take their sides ?

Tudor Miron

We need to leave Ukraine alone and watch how Khazarian Kaganata v3.0 is killing our Ukrainian brothers? Leave alone but begging for money from their new masters? Level of soveregnity of Ukraine was never that low, it’s pathetic when they moan about “independence”.


The situation now is very similar to the late WW1 period, when first govt. of Ukraine was answerable to the German GENERAL STAFF (not even the Kaiser or Reichschanzellor, just middle-ranking generals at OKW). There were other govts. also, including the Communists who were eventually established at Kharkov and some other smaller city before then in the east, a further fragment appeared post-WW1 in the old Galicia province also, for a time, also a separate govt. with support from ex-Haspurg monarchy, as an aside, in Crimea, I might add, some wanted this land to become a Jewish (!) province, in other words a very fragmented situation based upon multiple EXTERNAL forces. I suspect that if ‘independent’ UA in 2014 had kept Krim, these lands would eventually find themselves under external influence through their pre-2014 Autonomous status, for example, US, Israel, or (with subversion from Tartras), Maybe even Turkey.

Tudor Miron

West always dreamed about their base in Sevastopol. Will never happen.


Yes, but it was very close in 2014, Russian forces per se small (and those at Naval base Sebastopol weak in heavy weapons). One major AFV column, no bigger than a battalion, was ferried across Kerch Strait that I can recall from the UA.press (I was in Kirov. Oblast, UA that year). The Kirovograd-based UAAT reserve command in that city (actually, main base of the reserve forces) by rumor did not respond to the Kiev govt. (he was replaced obviously, but no before the Krim situation stabilized). This meant that the Junta loyal forces in NW UA had a long haul (note these are coming from Ivano-Franco Oblast,-Lwow. This gave time, and at Tartar ditch, for first weeks, mostly just militia forces, incl. some loyalists (in true sense) from Ukraine (Zap. Kossak esp.), I think even the motor-cycle group was deployed here at the isthmus, with Alexander Zaldostanov leading (he is also from Kirovograd UA, btw).

Concrete Mike

You guys started this shit in kosovo, now your on receiving end…fun aint it

Carne João Pasta



“We have brokered the power transition in Ukraine” Barack Obama about the 2014 coup. Now who needs to leave UA alone?




leave Banderastan to kill women, protesters, and pensioners by united snakes-paid snipers?

Leave the ukrop zio-filth to kill innocents by the use of building foam injected anally and vaginally?

(You must be on drugs Banderast) Eff off..!

Rohan Burnett

Ukraine will regained its cities or fight for it you hooligan need to go back to your country and leave the people of Ukraine alone

Daniel Miller

Ukraine is a failed state at this point its the poorest nation in europe and Russia owns half the contry at this point (ironic aint it).

Rohan Burnett

Yeah and the rest of the world sit back and watch it happens


Who was responsible for the Ukranian Holodomor? The Same Folks that “Govern” your country Right now ZioNazis & Freemasons…we are not sitting back and watch that happen…we are fighting it…and the more the better…


Yes Merijn , its ironic that the followers of Bandera are now the servants of Jewish Ukranian oligarchs who are stripping the Ukraine bare :)


but the khazars supported and funded both sides in the 2nd world war. They helped pay for the Jews to be slaughtered (it was in their own interests and for their own profit)


The Khazars also funded both sides in the Napoleonic Wars.

Concrete Mike

What more interventionism?? Got stocks in raytheon??


and Russia is also the larges investor in Banderastan …(big mistake)


“Ukraine will regained its cities..”

The Donbass and LPR have retained their cities and their identities. The only people really desiring to have their country back are those ruled over by the Empire and Nazis in their midst. Until the people rid themselves of those parasites, they will continue continue to emigrate to Russia or use their EU visas to be servants and prostitutes in the EU.


The Ukraine are Ruled by a Bunch of Soros-Nazis & Fascists…at the moment…

Stephan Williams

Ukraine is “governed” by a cabinet comprising of 14 jews and 1 Ukrainian. Face the facts. Ukraine has a “jewish problem”, not a “Fascist” problem.


ZioNazis are Fascists too…I see it all as one big Hoax…. Division Leads to War…. War leads to Making Big Bucks… Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt & Hitler must have laughed their asses off that everyone believed their little Script… just reconsider everything you ever learned…. start at point Zero

S Melanson

Yes, and Hareetz has published pictures of the zionazis proudly displaying their shiny new automatic rifles supplied by Israel.


Mussolini defined fascism as ;

The only official definition of Fascism comes from Benito Mussolini, the founder of fascism, in which he outlines three principles of a fascist philosophy.

1.”Everything in the state”. The Government is supreme and the country is all-encompasing, and all within it must conform to the ruling body, often a dictator.

2.”Nothing outside the state”. The country must grow and the implied goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and have every human submit to the government.

3.”Nothing against the state”. Any type of questioning the government is not to be tolerated. If you do not see things our way, you are wrong. If you do not agree with the government, you cannot be allowed to live and taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens.

—————– that fits Banderastan’s khazarian oligarchical and ‘governmental’ (same thing) aims perfectly.

Another fascist definition encampasses , ‘pursuit of liquidation of peoples who prevent perceived aims of the state being realised’

Also fits Banderastan’s Khazar -zionist policies perfectly. —————-

Concrete Mike

Quiet you silly fascist

Rohan Burnett

You bunch will fail and I wish I was in that army to take down you bunch of retard you can’t stop the free world you’ll all fail with your madness

Concrete Mike

Hahahaha your funny

First dont need an army , if you want to duke it out with a 6′ 200lbs man bring it.

What is your definition of free world? Where i live our goverment if controlled by corporations, as is everywhere in the west. The press is controlles by intelligence agencies. The same intelligence agencies create terror grouos at home abd abroad to push their security state agenda? You call that a free world?

Remember if your head is in the sand your ass is up in the air.

Ill quote john whitehot from yesterday.

When you wait for a train , next time stand on the tracks.


Well said Mike.


You are showing your True Face Bro… You Must Be A UkroNazi…am I Right? You can always Join their Army Hasbara… Feel Free….


yes, and the zio-Banderasts will rule.. (In your dreams)

(Slava Banderastan!) (NOT!)

viktor ziv

So why don’t you join ATO?


You meant Russia will regain its cities and land as there was not a state of Ukraine before 1922.

Rohan Burnett

Oh so that’s the plan to steal people land you dumbtard will never defeat the free world


I even doubt if you are Ukranian…I think you are sitting behind your Computer in Hell Aviv…

viktor ziv

So, coup is “democratic “way. Right?


I don’t get this blaming already. It’s much too early to tell who is guilty of this assassination.

Very likely it involved Zakharchenko’s body guard, who fled the scene and is now missing. Of course such a person would be in a perfect position to execute this crime. Until he is apprehended and questioned, and his finances and relationships investigated, it is far too early to assign blame. Everyone, including Ukraine, DPR and Russia, are just spouting propaganda at this point.

Of course it is possible, as Brutus with Caesar, that who is now running the investigation, is responsible for the crime.


Givi, Motorola, Batman, and now Zakharchenko (as well as all the victims of MH17) all killed by ‘we know not who, but it could be Putin’.. Dream on.. !! Banderastan needs to be hit very very hard, and for a long time!! (should have happened 5 years ago)

.. (But then of course, there are all those oils and gas oligarch profits to think of..)

Michał Hunicz

UPAinian limbchoppers and landgrabbers in action.


Ukrop terrorists backed by the Anglojews of the West. It’s now almost certain there’ll be a false flag terror attack in Syria to keep Russia on edge.

Promitheas Apollonious

lets see what the russians response will be it and what ever is to happen, it be good to happen and clear the picture.

Hide Behind

Some should read up on Russian history before spouting off about “ownership” of Ukraine. #1: Russia owes its early existence to Kievian roots, which played and still plays to some small extent withinits laws and cutural roots. #2: Upon self implosion and invasions by Latvians and Finish people’s it was Moscow that rose to prominance and kicked both the Mongols and put Latvia and Finland out of Ukraine lands. Upon WW1 there was no distinction between Ukranian and Russian people’s as they fought Aust-Hungary and Herman axis, and not until WWII half of Ukraine revolted and became part of Nazi culture. At end of WWII and formation of Soviet era It was a Republic within and yes under Soviet dominance, but still economicly, the politicly


Thanks, you forgot one, #3. During period of Polish Commonwealth, i.e., Polish-Lithianian occupation of Ukraine in late medieval and early Modern period, the entire territory was subject to annual Tartar slaver raids, on a scale perpetrated on Western Africa by western Europeans. Dear Suvorov stopped this, I believe this Russian general spent much of his military career at the base of Kirovograd-Elizabethton (to translate the Russian name originally) in Central Ukraine (Most friends there have Russian roots or family, the two nations are impossible to untie).

Archaeology is also interesting, excavations in Kiev by UA Academy of Sciences in 1980’s point also to pre-Scandinavian settlement of city (i.e., by early Slavs).

See also ties with Byzantium THROUGHOUT all Early Slav works by works of Methods, Cyril, actually based in Moravian lands (thus Velka Morava, early Slav state). See Poulik excavations and present work of Polacek of Czech Ak. Red, Brno. This is in 9th Century time frame. Important and key role here is the Orthodox Church obviously, with Old Church Slavonnic, Galgolitic scripts, etc.


Sorry, but the roots were not Kievan. The Russian princes simply moved their capital south. And then to Moscow and the Mongols had nothing to do with that. What we today call Kievan Rus never existed under that name, it was Rus. Rus collapsed a few decades before the Mongols came, the Crusaders cut the trade with Byzantine ( also an invented term).

“and not until WWII half of Ukraine revolted and became part of Nazi culture.”

Also incorrect, it was only relatively small part of Western Ukraine that welcomed the Nazis, six million Ukrainians fought bravely in the Red Army.


In part yes, Novgorod was also in North and major center like Kiev, I am less familiar with the archaeological situation in the former, but Kiev was definitely settled pre-rubik. This does not exclude same for northern cities, and yes, Rus was used, not Kievan Rus, but there is a probable ecclesiastical origin of the term, Rus, not a tribal one, and that is also through Orthodox Church that takes a key role in the state formation.


Uh, my comment was intended to Hide Behind.

But, anyway, there are no any Scandinavian settlements found south. That doesn’t mean that there were no Scandinavians. They were mercenaries and merchants. But we don’t know the ethnicity of the Varyags or the Rus. The only thing we know for sure is that they worshiped Perun in the early 10th century.

Where did you get that the term Rus was ecclesiastical? It was not. Rus was a self-determination term, ‘ruskago roda’,


Данилевский (one theory that I liked)

Danny Hunt

All of Europe has had and still has troubled borders and wants of separation. Every speck of classical Europe has things to fight about centuries old.

However, Ukraine was not ready for any such dementia until the US got involved when the Ukraine government chose the trade agreement with Russia rather than the EU. Interesting that the US was not involved one bit in these negotiations nor had any trade agreement to bitch about.

I’m not going into a long rant here but all one needs to do is look at the history of the US trouble making to see that the Maidan quiet opposition to the Ukraine government went wild when aggressive persons were introduced to the protest that suddenly began to go wild. I think we’ve all seen the neo-Nazis brazenly involved following the US going against the trade agreement they had not even been in. The US is a professional trouble maker and they’ve been doing it for a very long time. I blame the US for all the deaths because of their actions in Ukraine.


The US and UK own politicians are not so much smart due to use of tobacco, cocaine and Alcohol. Their brains have gone. Their manipulation is very easy. That is why Israel play on them. The US and UK policies against whole world are made in Tel Aviv..

John Whitehot

“neither Russia nor Ukraine had been nor are today exactly moral icons”

firstly, don’t put them on the same plane, secondly, who’s a moral icon then, the US? Israel? the UK?

L'Obelisk Jewellers


leon mc pilibin

Zionist assassins,some day the tide will turn on these lowlife scumbag COWARDS.Its open season on porkyshenko and his thieving tribe of warmongers.The only people that have gained from the illegal Coup,are gangsters,banksters,warmongers,thieves,while the people and country are reduced to begging for handouts.Zionist Democracy at its usual best.

Garry Compton

Come on Russia – get off your dead ass – No other super-power country would allow this shit !

Promitheas Apollonious

and what in your opinion, russia should do?

John Whitehot

jewish reasoning.


I still have confidence in Russian Intelligence…It is good that we are not the Russian Government…we probably already would have started WWIII….with Nukes…

Tudor Miron

Good that you’re realizing it…even if not always ;)


Whether its now or in the future that where its heading anyway..we might as well get it over with

Empire's Frontiers


That’ll get you started.

Garry Compton

Nope, Russian tanks going all the way to Odecca would have NovoRossiya liberated like the Red Army did. They could be followed by convoys giving Kalashnikovs to the populace to help hunt down the Nazis – it would be a the biggest win since the end of the Great war.

Empire's Frontiers

You didn’t understand my point, or would like to see a lot of people die.

Garry Compton

WTF – 30,000 dead already – 2 million moved to Russia already – You want to wait for 30,000 more dead and the Nazee army tripled in force from the US and Nato?

Empire's Frontiers

It’s clear to me that we count differently.

Garry Compton

And does ” we” live as close to Donbass as – moy ?

Empire's Frontiers

Where you live doesn’t excuse such foolish comment writing.


UKRONAZIS WAIT TILL THE EUROPEAN GOVERNMENT HAS FALLEN! NO MORE SUPPORT FOR YOU COCKROACHES…. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/858e7ab18f56cdabc8d80fd88790167aba8b4be4c41966bda2b1bacb12eb68bc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0e90d0a40f4f3db973956d90a82e05302f39e2ba4601ffbed4e046de355981d1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e2c72c4c0af46f63800b04a0b11cf64f5359d081aae4296ea6cae0132ec7d1a0.jpg Nice Bunch of Anglo-ZioNazi-Fucktards…

John Whitehot

I’d say israeli and us zionists are the most fervent supporters of the nazis in kiev. eurozone, not so much.


Europe wanted them to Join the Union and Grow more “Powerful”

John Whitehot

something tells me that the eu got burned by the us in the process.

in the end, the eu has its own strategic interests, which are in many cases opposite to those of the us ones.

the resistance of zionist finance, and the international criminal organizations sitting in NYC, London, and Paris to today’s changes (like people electing “populist” governments and rejecting zionist sponsored legislations) will only reduce the time needed for the general truth to come out.

zionists felt too powerful, felt they could not be stopped – they were wrong – and this brought their plan to failure.


In the End the Common People possess the Real Power…if they would realise it….They can Crush Multinationals in a matter of Weeks….by a simple Boycot… They still can use Their votes to Kick their Retarded Governments out of Office…Majority Rule…Democracy and all that…Take away the Financial capacities of the Elite and they are Nothing….

Tudor Miron

If Ukrops hope that Donbass will surrender to nazi’s than they are in for a rough awakening. Zakharchenko was a brave leader. He was not hiding behind and was often seen on front lines. He was wounded during elimination of hunta forces in Debaltsevo cauldron. Ukro nazi will pay dearly and I’m sure that new and capable leader will emerge. If Ukro’s hope to use this times for massive attack – DNR army is ready.


I recognise the modus operandi of a popular entity. Just before the MH17 tragedy the jews were getting critisizm for shelling the West Bank or Gaza. The tragedy was created to divert attention from their crime and to point a finger at Russia. Losing in Syria now means that they will relocate their mercenaries be it to Afganistan, Ukraine, Europe.

John Whitehot

not a bad theory.

Tudor Miron

They already doing it – in Armenia for example. Problem is that they lost Azerbaijan and Caspian sea in general, while playing with Armenia. But yes, Empire is still string and is still evil – they still think that good ole war will help them fix everything (after all, 2 world wars benefited US greatly), they still hope they can sit it out behind the ocean even if their generals are telling them that they can’t. That’s what makes them dangerous and requires cool head with warm heart on the Russian part. Many brave keyboard worriors around here call fro sinking US “launch” platforms even if Russian forces are not endangered directly. They scream that “Russia can’t answer western pressure”. People seem to be anaware that Russia openly attacked and defeated irregular armed forces of US/UK/Israel – daesh/nusra/rest of those rats. Who also dares to do that? Iran and Hezbollah? It didn’t seem that they were doing good before Russians intervened in Syria. What will happen now (as a consequence of next false flag operation/possible attack against Syria) will be a result of careful calculation and long term planning. Those that hope for knee jerk reaction in answer to west’s faints should work on increasing their memory recall span past 2 weeks time.


Iskandar-M dropped on Kiev when?


May Zakharchenko rest in peace and may the toils of his work bear good fruit.

Icarus Tanović

Ukrainian maggots.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Porky armed forces cannot retake Donbass..then use terrorism like all terrorist group use to do!….the HQ of these terrorist is the SBU..therefore Russia should launch some cruise missile vs them..at least to stop further attacks…otherwise SBU terrorist will continue killing people in Donbass….



Empire's Frontiers

The good ones seem to have a habit of making it to the history books first.


RIP Zakharchenko. He knew his time was short. The good die young. Time to claim a life for a life. It should be simple, really. A dish best served cold, like Otroshka or tomato and cucumber salad.

Приятного аппетита!

John Whitehot

“Time to claim a life for a life.”

Like saying, “time to get jewish”.

I prefer asymmetric responses, removing a piece of scum in revenge only serves to bring the level of the antizionists closer to that of zionists.


I am shocked and horrified at the tragic loss of such an honourable man, a true hero. Given similar Donbass hero assassinations I can only conclude that either something is seriously lacking in the authority security management in Donbass OR there are trojan-horse political elements operating to facilitate such losses … or perhaps a combination of both. RIP Alexander Zakharchenko.

J Roderet

Only regime change in Kiev will end this Banderite madness. The sooner that happens, the sooner peace and prosperity will return to the Ukraine.

Gregory Casey

I agree 100%


No worries, the Kremlin “muh western partners” cucks will do absolutely nothing, zero, nada to avenge him..And the irony is that this was Kremlin’s favored leader in Donbass..Pff, Russian idiocy, still suffering from 90s delusions.

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