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JUNE 2021

DPR Forces Eliminate Ukrainian Sabotage-Reconnaissance Group Near Donetsk

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DPR Forces Eliminate Ukrainian Sabotage-Reconnaissance Group Near Donetsk

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Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) eliminated a Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group late on May 23, the DPR military said in a statement on May 24.

The incident reportedly took place north of the area of Mariinka, near the city of Donetsk. According to the statement, DPR troops opened fire at the sabotage-reconnaissance group consisting of 5 persons when it was passing a mine field in the area.

All 5 members of the sabotage-reconnaissance group were killed. One body was recovered by DPR forces.

The DPR military revealed that according to recovered evidence the group had had a goal to enter Donetsk in order to carry out “terrorist attacks against local population”.

The DPR military also noted that an activity of Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups has recently increased.

Earlier this week, the Ukrainian Armed Forces stormed positions of the DPR near the city of Gorlkova, but failed to achieve any notable gains. MORE HERE

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I wonder if they are waiting for the world cup to start before launching a big offensive!


Well Blair arranged with his best mate Putin to have the Yanks attack in Georgia just as that year’s olympics were opening as we all recall. Blair’s play, far from being “anti-Russian”, was intended to allow Putin to begin the long road to recovering control in Ukraine to ‘save’ the essential base in Crimea. Putin was ready and waiting for the Georgia event, and his ‘Israeli’ spies had detailed every aspect of the Georgian military build-up (which Israeli mercs had been intimately involved with).

But even tho Blair gave Putin his glowing success in Georgia, Blair was continuing to guide Putin down a road to hell- Blair has backed Putin every step of the way and in return Putin has always voted at the UNSC in the direction Blair has requested (thus Putin’s support at the UNSC for the West’s wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen- and Putin’s support for Trump’s sanctions on N Korea).

As you may guess, Blair’s manipulation of Putin has never been for the lasting benefit of Russia. To the contrary, Blair’s laser focus was on getting the ‘impossible’ Iran War started- which could never happen if Putin did anything to oppose it. Now Trump is ready to declare war on Iran on the anniversary of 9/11 this year.

Ukraine was turned into a nightmare for Putin even as he has gained Crimea back for all time. It is going to be the swamp that bogs down Russian attention just as Trump begins the Iran war- a neat excuse for why Putin betrays Iran later this year. The Russian public concern that COULD worry about Iran is to be diverted to Ukraine. And Russian ‘anger’ over the extermination of Iran will be ‘sated’ by direct Russian military action agaisnt the neo-nazis of Ukraine later this year. This is how the game is played.

Marvin Joel Zavala López

Expect five fully armed terrorists to shoot people at will at Moscow International Airport soon… That’s how WWIII will beging.

Stephan Williams

You really need to adjust your meds, Starlight. There’s something seriously wrong with your “crap filter” settings too.

I haven’t read so much 3rd rate delusional BS in a long time.

Gary Sellars

Medvedev was Prez back then genius…

You can call me Al

If you remember when the Ukrainian coup started, that was during the Sochi winter Olympics.

I think you have a damn good point.

Gary Sellars

The Georgian attack on South Ossetia was timed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening. This stuff is a neoconservative speciality


Hm, similar crackdowns on insurgent groups in Crimea and Kiev earlier this month. Although the rhetoric was different. I really wish people would stop misusing the word terrorist.


Good Kill them Ukranian ZioNazi Headchoppers… until no Headchoppers are left… doin’ great..Soon I bet We can Legally Kill Headchoppers in Europe too…all Cockroaches tryin’ to hit Civilians should be Destroyed…they Are Paid by The AngloZioNazis, Their Mason Brotherhood & the Banksters…


Five down, perhaps a few thousand to go.

Gary Sellars

More dead orcs… Good news

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very nice good job :))


Was there an American advisor in the group?

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