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MARCH 2021

DPR Army Liberated Locality Maryinka to the West of Donetsk


The abridged version of the article originally appeared at Novorossia.today

Armed Forces of the DPR claim that the units of the 28th mobile brigade retreated from the locality of Maryinka to the south-west of Donetsk. According to this information the flag of the DPR was already hoisted over the center of Maryinka. The settlement is under full control of the militia forces, which are ready to rebuff the attacks of pro-Kiev troops. The Ukrainian side disproves the information about the loss of Maryinka and claims that the situation there is under control.

According to several reports, fighting is going on in the area of the Donetsk airport as well. There are KIA (killed in action) and WIA (wounded in action) on both sides, the numbers are being specified.



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