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Dozens Of U.S.-led Coalition Trucks Arrive At Large Airstrip In Eastern Aleppo (Video)

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More than 80 trucks escorted by U.S. forces arrived on October 31 in a coalition base in eastern Aleppo, according to the North Press Agency (NPA).

The agency released a video showing the trucks moving towards the Sarrin base. While most of the trucks appeared to be empty, a few of them were loaded with U.S. military engineering vehicles.

The drivers told the NPA that heavy clashes between Turkish-backed militants and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeast Syria have delayed their arrivals. One of the drivers revealed that they will move military hardware from Sarrin.

The Sarrin base, which hosted dozens of U.S. service members, is one of the biggest coalition bases in eastern Aleppo. The base’s long airstrip is used to supply coalition forces deployed in Aleppo and Raqqa.

The coalition, which is preparing to deploy infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) in Deir Ezzor, may be planning to do so through Sarrin’s airstrip. The trucks could transport the IFVs from the airstrip to their final destination, few hundred kilometers to the east.

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klove and light

so obvious what the correct reaction should be…SAA must block the trucks after leaving the base.period.i mean now it gets to a point of riduculousness.A foreign invading and occupying force would be allowed freely without hinderness to Import additional Military Hardware to Sustain the occupation.absolutely ridiculous.


Go away you phony Israeli troll, your post reek of BS.


When Idlib finally falls, your worthless ass will be gone from the comments.

AM Hants

Is this what they mean by US withdrawal from a nation they were never invited to? Plus, the White Helmets have got the video production team up and running, for their next ‘fals flag’ movie. Wonder if they will use the same crisis actors? No doubt, they are more than happy with their $4.5 million, ‘Thanks Giving’ bonus, from Uncle Donald.


Good news Trumps done the business on that daft idiot Putin and his gimp, Assad

a good force of armour plus air support will do very nicely

So much for all the daft blather about how Putin, Assad and the nasty Iranians had ‘won’

All they’ve achieved is the division of Syria, oh plus an illegal invasion from the Turks, which some how isn’t illegal, funny that!I

I’d say check mate to the Americans, god bless ’em, and f@#k Putin,Assad and Iran!

Valerianus Maximus

It will be hilarious watching Syrian intelligence compel Liberman to slowly kill Netanyahu with a masturbation machine, then throw Liberman into a cage with a rabid bear, before heaving both of their corpses into a delousing chamber for final molecular disintegration.


Syrian intelligence will be on the wrong end of an Israeli missile strike,…..good




Unfortunately, terrorist proxies in areas of potential SAA offensive in NW Syria are being reinforced so a sto hold on to these zones. Were they able to do this without cooperation of Turkey….this I wonder about.


Do you remember this? https://www.rt.com/news/461603-russian-raid-pristina-airport/

AM Hants

Although no, owing to still being in my media induced, zombie coma at the time, I do remember James Blunt speaking about it. Funnily enough, the General he was talking about, who wanted to take out the Russians and start WWIII was General Wesley Clarke, who ended up over in Ukraine, training the Na zis and friends. General Wesley Clarke who said ‘We will invade 7 nations in 5 years, ending in Iran’. Back in 2003.

How James Blunt saved us from World War 3 Singer questioned US general’s order while serving in Balkans… https://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/how-james-blunt-saved-us-from-world-war-3-2134203.html

Icarus Tanović

That wasnt him, he was stunned in 2003 from hearing from secretary of defense that AMerica will attack 6 nations, ending with Iran. He said:”This guy is nuts.”


the deep state/mic/fic truly don’t give one fuck about the commandeer in chief’s views and decisions – the deepstate/mic/fic just crave wars and if the silly oaf in the white house believes otherwise and attempts to end the ongoing wars, pity him but he will be proved wrong, what a dunce. the commander in chief has a long way to go before he has restored the executive powers to the presidency.


all part of the TV reality show.

Icarus Tanović

Sarrin Base?! It Says enough.

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