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JULY 2020

Dozens Of U.S. Armored Vehicles Enter Northeast Syria, Head To Oil Fields (Video)


Dozens of U.S. armored vehicles and trucks entered northeast Syria coming from Iraq in the early morning of October 26.

RT released a video showing the vehicles, which were accompanied by military fuel tankers, moving on a unspecified highway in the region.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the armored vehicles entered through the al-Walid border crossing and headed to oil fields in the eastern Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor.

Earlier this week, an official in the Pentagon told Newsweek that the U.S. is seeking to deploy a half of an U.S. Army armored brigade combat team battalion that includes as many as 30 Abrams tanks alongside personnel to key oil fields in northeastern Syria.

Newsweek’s report was confirmed by the Pentagon on October 25. While the U.S. claim that it wants to protect the oil fields from ISIS, local observers believe that Washington is working to prevent Damascus from recapturing valuable resources in the northeastern region.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia condemned the U.S. decision to keep troops in northeast Syria’s oil fields earlier today. The ministry released satellite images proving that U.S. forces and military contractors are facilitating an illegal oil trade in the region.

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  • Friend of Russia

    Now that fighting is over in Turkish border, the run away US troops are coming back

  • AJ

    I doubt most US troops enlisted with the intention of being some modern day 19c buccaneer plundering another countries resources but sadly thats what they have become.

  • occupybacon

    Why would anyone downvote the news itself?

  • Tommy Jensen

    Exactly as I was telling everybody. In a smart strategic move America outmanoeuvred everybody and returned to Syria as winners and the shithole countries ended up as losers! We won again.

    • Ceasar Polar

      Delusional zionazi. The US will be chased out of Syria, in no time. Just wait for the events to unfold.

      • Jens Holm

        But they didnt have to leave

        • Ceasar Polar

          Event 1 unfolding.
          Baghdadi claimed to have been killed.
          The US will soon totally leave Syria.
          And yes they HAVE TO LEAVE. And leave Syria alone. 10 years of conflict will end now.
          If they dont, they will be forced to leave.
          With some smart strategical move that doesn’t need kinetic confrontation.

    • Dawn

      :))) wow.. USA are really running low on money to employ such a retards for trolling :))

      • Ceasar Polar

        the Rothschild’s want all of Syria’s oil, they started with the Golan, now they want it all. That was the whole point of the Syria operation.

        • Jens Holm

          It includes operation olive oil and movies by Lawrence Olivier as well as all oil skin coats based on asphalt from Syria.

  • Rodger

    Let them hang on to the oil fields for a bit. The Syrian army should now help the Arab villages along the Euphrates break away from the SDF. Once the SDF is only the YPG they can’t possibly pretend to have some sort of claim on the oil fields.

  • Dawn

    Fking thieves.. Even the dumbest of the dumb USA soldiers must now see what are they truly fighting for…

    • John Wallace

      No way. When they spend their time looking in a mirror to see which one of them has the biggest dick they are assured that they are the biggest and best on the planet.

  • Ceasar Polar

    For US-zionazi-scums, oil fields are more important than human lifes and peace.
    US-scum of the earth.

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    contemporary U.S.A being CALLED AS OIL PIRATE. How shameful to be an American. The American Dream is dead

  • klove and light

    Zionist plan…Zionist order

    • Mike

      And you are part of it Israeli disinfo troll, and when the Americans and Turks are finally gone and Syrian conflict is finished, your worthless ass wont show up anymore in these comment sections. You fucking fake.

  • Maurizio Pucci

    Operation “Rolling Plunder” :-)