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Dozens Of Turkish-Backed Militants Killed In Northeast Syria In Last 24 Hours: SDF

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Dozens Of Turkish-Backed Militants Killed In Northeast Syria In Last 24 Hours: SDF

by: sdf-press.com

Dozens of Turkish-backed militants were killed by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeast Syria over the last 24 hours, the Kurdish-led group announced on November 6.

In an official statement, the SDF claimed that its fighters repelled several attacks by the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) around the towns of Tell Tamr and Abu Rasin in northern al-Hasakah and the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa.

“As a result of these clashes, more than 27 mercenaries were killed, a battle tank and BMP vehicle [SDF’s term for armored vehicle] were also destroyed,” the statement reads.

The SDF acknowledged that 14 of its fighters were killed and 13 others were wounded during the clashes in northern al-Hasakah and northern Raqqa.

These repeated attacks by the SNA, which appear to be supported by the Turkish Armed Forces, are a violation of the ceasefire in northeast Syria.

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Karen Bartlett

Hm. Difficult to trust the word of people who have lied in the past: Pro-SDF Sources Circulate Old Photo Of Destroyed Turkish Howitzer As Alleged Result Of Recent Clashes In Northern Syria https://shar.es/a3XQ9c via @southfronteng

S Melanson

“As a result of these clashes, more than 27 mercenaries were killed, a battle tank, a Self-propelled howitzer and BMP vehicle [SDF’s term for armored vehicle] were also destroyed,” the statement reads…

Announcement – Given stellar track record of honesty in reporting, the SDF feels there is no further need to provide pictures as corroboration of our glorious deeds – and do not even think of asking for any pics of my butt implants … I mean … uh well yeah, don’t ask for that either…

klove and light

sameold bs zionist Putin Agreements………he did the bs in afrin…in Idlib…..ridiculous…

when somebody wants to Dance on more than 1 wedding he has an Agenda…….deescalation Agreement in Idlib didnt work from day 1….thats months ago…and Putin still keeps it alive……..the turkish “obersavation Posts” in Idlib were ONLY set up for the Purpose of Fighting TERRORISM..(im cracking up writing this”…….now the next bs Agreement with erdogan…knowing that the last agreeemnt in Idlib was broken from day 1 and is to this day not implemented by Turkey but rather on the contrary is fought against on every Level…..as far as the SDF is concearned ..nada..Nothing has changed..worst case Szenario…they have not joined SAA….they have not given up raqqa and Held off saa troops from entering..they have not given up the oil fields in the east but on the contrary are developing a permant bases for their US masters…..

all that was achieved with this next startegic blunder was that another NATO Country, Turkey was “allowed” per agreeemnt with Putin to invade a third part of syria, after afrin and Idlib.Turkey, People tend to Forget, is syria´s number 1 enemy.Turkey is Moslem brothethood and syria banned the brotherhood under death Penalty under bashars Father.Thats is the reason why Turkey was more than delighted helping the various sunni Terror factions overthrowing the syrian Regime.

from the strategic standpoint…they should have taken care of idddlib months ago..without no agreemnts or ceasefires.period.and the afrin area, formally sdf controled would have been a walk in the park for saa just as it was for the TAF who needed 2 weeks to conquer afrin from the “Mighty” sdf army (lol)….

the Problem in the east with kurds under american air umbrella, could have bben handeld later, possibly the same way the iraqis solved their Problem of the kurds an their own Nation with their vote for independecy..when the iraqi govermnet together with the iranians told them kurds a no fly Zone will be implented..which the iraqis did…and all borders will be closed to the new “Kurdistan”..2 days later the kurds voided the vote and called for the stay in the iraqi Nation.East syria borders..2 nations..iraq and Turkey…meaning no viable state can be developed without the concensus of iraq and Turkey.and they will never give their ok.

but that was Maybe…now as pointed out..strategiclly syria is in a very bad Position……their army now is strechted out…..Idlib will stay the way it is as Long as Putin backs up erdogan….afrin is gone anyway..they had enough time for the Change of demographics, and they used it…..North syria..same as with Idlib….now there is an Agreement between erdogan and Putin with NO timeline on North syria….SDF willnot join SAA or give up on their pipe Dream of a own “Nation”, meaning they are staying hostile to SAA and the us motherfuckers, as i have mentioned here over and over again..will not leave….they will not leave iraq nor syria……….sooner orlater..be it the iraqis or the syrians will have to understand that only through force can u be able to make the americans leave your Country…ask the Vietnamese in one sense or the japanese in the other…

Jose Martinez

The trash is taking itself out. This personal chess game between Erdogan and Putin, eliminating terrorists within both side’s ranks while keeping each other’s hands clean is personally satisfying for me to watch. Ever since 6 members of the NSA’s Al-Waqas Brigades were reportedly killed by Kurdish forces I’ve been privately gleeing with delight.

Turkey’s Neo-Ottoman dreams are going to remain a dream. Erdogan still has the upper hand, but in order for the safe zone to be administered more terrorists need to die. YPG and ISIS. Anyone want a beer?

Fred Dozer

Yes. I would say to the SAA, let them fight it out and let Putin get it back when the smoke clears. The monkey wrench is the US controlling the oil zone ?


The only problem with that is that Assyrians are heavily engaged with the Turks around Tal Tamr, hopefully they will be spared any losses.

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