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Dozens Of Trucks With Military Supplies Arrived At U.S. Base In Syria’s Hasakah

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Dozens Of Trucks With Military Supplies Arrived At U.S. Base In Syria's Hasakah

A March 5 photo shows a convoy of U.S. forces armoured vehicles driving near the village of Yalanli, on the western outskirts of the northern Syrian city of Manbij. Footage was posted Friday by Syrian activists online showed U.S. armoured vehicles driving on a rural road a few hundred meters from the Turkish border. (DELIL SOULEIMAN / AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

On June 28, the United States has dispatched two convoys of trucks carrying military and logistics supplies to Syria’s province of Hasakah. The reinforcement was sent following the U.S. deadly airstrikes on Iraqi resistance groups on the Iraq-Syria border, which provoked an escalation.

According to Syria’s official news agency SANA, the reinforcement included two separate convoys.

The first convoy included 40 vehicles loaded with trucks, refrigerators and tankers carrying packed containers. It headed to the city of Rmeilan. The second convoy included 20 trucks loaded with logistical materials and equipment and headed to the same city.

US military convoys entered the Jazira region of Hasakah through the al-Walid border crossing earlier in the day, heading toward military bases run by US forces in Rmeilan town.

In 2016, US troops have taken control of Rmeilan airfield in Hasakah to support Kurdish fighters against ISIS.

The airfield near the city of Rmeilan close to the Iraqi border was the first US-controlled airbase in Syria that was previously controlled by the US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

Dozens Of Trucks With Military Supplies Arrived At U.S. Base In Syria's Hasakah

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The supply convoys were reportedly sent following the U.S. airstrikes on the positions of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in the Iraq-Syria border area, killing four militants.

The retaliation was swift. On June 28, rocket fire hit the military base of U.S.-led international coalition near the Omar oil field in Deir Ezzor.

The reinforcement of U.S. forces in Syria may be a signal of up-coming escalation amid Washington’s pressure on Iran.

Dozens Of Trucks With Military Supplies Arrived At U.S. Base In Syria's Hasakah

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The supply of U.S. military bases in Northern Syria is not an easy task. The U.S. supply convoys are regularly targeted and intercepted there.

ISIS cells are often behind IED attacks on convoys in Northeastern Syria. Another U.S. enemy in the border regions with Iraq are pro-Iranian forces, which have been carrying out similar attacks on US supply convoys for more than a year now.

U.S. military convoys are also not welcomed by local civilians, who support the Damascus government. For example, on June 15, civilians intercepted a patrol of the US-led coalition in the town of Farfara in the northern al-Hasakah.

Moreover, the U.S. military is violating the deconfliction mechanisms imposed in northeastern Syria on a regular basis. This is the reason why the U.S. military convoys are blocked by Russian forces. (LINK, LINK)


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None of you

Yup, they will destroy Iranian military.
Wait and see.
Iran is playing with fire.
They will get burned..
⏲️ is running 🏃‍♀️out for Iran.


The US are the ones playing with fire you arshole,they shouldn’t be in Syria,expect you are a 4thth Reich fan boy.


Iran is the only one there with balls enough to confront the U.S. When a U.S. drone violated Iranian air space they shot it down. Iran also launched a missile attack on a U.S.base from Iranian territory.

In the mean time Russia pisses it pants at the thought of confronting the U.S. no matter how intrusive the U.S. gets. So when the chips are down you may be right. Iran cannot beat the U.S. on their own but at least they don’t tuck their tail and let the U.S. walk all over them.

None of you

You are so silly.
You do know that American millitary is the most tech advanced and by far more powerful than Russia and Iran combined.
If America army wants it could destroy 50% of entire infrastructure in Iran in 1 day.
Iran is a Islamic radical state while Russia is orthodox.
Iranian mentality is islamist so they think that God will help them anywhere and everywhere on anything. Yup a fuck up mentality.
While Russia is more calculated.


-1 gay poast


Hitler made that mistake,at the time the German army were state of the art,the Americans also made the same mistake in Vietnam when the NVA handed them their arses,the French also got the same lesson at Dien Bien Phu, stop believing your own propaganda.

Lone Ranger

Only in Disney movies…

Raptar Driver

Most American Military equipment does not Perform as advertised.
You must be a child mentally or physically, daft or completely retarded.


Iran is an Islamic state but the U.S. is a Satanic state.

Take from someone who was born here, the U.S. is antichrist and deviant, built on lies and deception. Only now are we seeing the rotten fruit of the seed that is called the Constitution.


Glad you have been able to see that. It is indeed a British Freemasonic “Satanic” creation and institution whose true vile nature is being exposed more and more by the day. Welcome to the New Earth where Truth will reign supreme.

Fire for Fire

How does these “face-saving” Iranian strikes compare to the killing of their military general in addition to 9 other top ranking Iranian figures last year. Had Trump killed a Russian general, I’m sure retaliation will be swift and deadly against American forces. You guys launched missiles only after informing the Americans the time and location of your strike (this is where your chickening out became evident). No one informs their enemy where and when they’ll attack unless they are looking for a PR face-saving strike (which was what Iran wanted and which Trump gave them).
The drone was a less sensitive issue because it contained no human pilot.
By the way, are you aware that Biden has killed almost fifty Shiite militias since taking office? I think that’s more than Trump did in 2 years. The funny fact is that not a single American soldier is killed the militias. This does not even include the ones Israel killed. and you are comparing Iran with Russia? You think Russia will let the death of over 50 of its forces go unpunished?
If not for Russia, Iran would be out of Syria by now. In fact, Iran would be fighting ISIS and other anti-regime rebels in the streets of Tehran. The PMU would have been destroyed by now because it was Russia and partly Turkey who defeated ISIS.


“Yup, they will destroy Iranian military.”

Pretty optimistic based on news a supply convoy made it through. More likely they received shipments of PS5’s rather than any sort of advanced weapons. Pretty long days for 20 somethings with no night life and the only women for a thousand miles dressed in Burkas and pelt you with rocks whenever you drive through.

“Wait and see.”

We’ve been hearing this song and dance for 40 years … I’m not holding my breath.

“Iran is playing with fire.”

Isn’t that what separates us from animals?

“They will get burned.”

Such is the arsonists dilemma however given their force structure and defensive preparations I would guess the plan is to burn you down along with them. The question is who is better prepared to survive the onslaught.

“⏲️ is running 🏃‍♀️out for Iran.”

Forty years buddy …. forty years.

Last edited 29 days ago by HB_norica
A clown like you

The time is against some pigs like of you kiddo…not them.

Lone Ranger

I think you suffered a covid vaccine injury Shlomo…
Oy vey…

Israel Supporter Forever

Indeed. People here just don’t understand the sheer firepower, shock and awe of the us military. A combined US Navy/Airforce campaign alone could completely obliterate thousands of iranian militias in Iraq and Syria. Maybe that’s what’s needed to bring peace to the region.


You just don’t understand how many of those US planes will be shot down and how many US dead there will be all over the world wherever they may still be. Russia and China are behind Iran. you fool, and Russia alone can obliterate the US 5 times over. The US is a dead and dying empire along with its limey cousins in GB that no Bozo, the likes of Donald Dumpster or Joe Bidet, will ever bring back.

Last edited 29 days ago by Mr.Spicklespock
Raptar Driver

Yes I understand it I was part of the air force.
We are great at destroying low class military’s and civilian targets.
More shock than awe.


ZOG.mil supplies list

M69 Dildo, large black
MRE Pizza, frozen
M22 Lube, anal
M403 Med Pack: hormone, estrogen

Albert F.

It’s all about the money in the Fertile Crescent, and the U.S. screwing around there is no different, I promise.


A single attack resulting in a large number of US casualties will result in the US tucking tail and running as fast as a Cop from a BLM riot. The US would end it’s invitation and leave the country within a month. Be it Chosin Reservoir or Beirut it has worked every time.

A clown like you

PMUs must fuk Kurds in Iraq now….PMUs killed a few Nazi-Zion with yanquis what’s more reason to not finish off Kurds, they are terrorists of the west.
Look at these Kurd terrorists stealing and looting civilians, like ISIL…they are worse than ISIL.

Lone Ranger

GMO burgers, Tampax snd diaper supplies…


Jews measure profit in the wealth they steal from us, plunder, and the blood the cause to be spilled, war. Success is measured by the Jews in human misery.

Syria and the Middle East but another of the Jews’ profitable and successful endeavors.

Oh, how I wish the world would wake up to the parasitical Jew virus that infects and destroys mankind from within.

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