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Dozens Of Soldiers Killed In ISIS VBIED Attack On Iraqi Army Convoy In Al-Anbar (Video)

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On September 12, ISIS terrorists targeted a force of the Iraqi military in the western province of al-Anbar with a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED).

The terrorist group’s news agency, Amaq, said the attack had taken place in al-Sakar, west of the city of Ramadi. The VBIED, which had been parked on the side of the road, targeted a force that was conducting a combing operation in the region.

According to Amaq claims, 20 Iraqi service members, including at least two officers, were killed or injured in the attack. Eight military vehicles were also destroyed.

ISIS terrorists also targeted a vehicle of the Iraqi military west of the town of Rutba in western Iraq with an improvised explosive device. An officer and three soldiers were allegedly killed in the attack.

ISIS terrorists are highly active in al-Anbar, whose desert is known to be the historical stronghold of the terrorist group in Iraq.

The repeated operations of Iraqi government forces in al-Anbar inflicted some losses on ISIS remnants there. However, they failed to end the group’s presence in the region.


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Those ISIS are brought back to you by your US forces from United Snakes of Assfucked LGBTQ faggot nation!

KICK THOSE SONS OF WHORES OUT OF IRAQ if you ever want to get rid of ISIS !!!

kajetán pičura

they are not United any more. their country is falling apart.


When it comes to faggots of all colors and perversions and their sacrosanct “rights” all those brain washed idiots stay “united”. So ass fucking still unites those pervert decadent rotten nation of liars and whores !

Jens Holm

They only was highly supported by USA and Oman stopped Hillary as the last supporter of if. Thats long time ago.

Saudis continued to support ISIS with advanced weapons until USA stopped that and lowered buying advanced things in USA to ISIS.

In those matters it was a final desperat try to remove Assads.

I will remind You that Nato is ASKED BACK by the Bagdad Governess and we wont be blamed for the USA dirty Iran disputes.

Muslim Lion

It is HE Who has sent His Messenger (Peace be upon him) with guidance and the religion of truth (ISLAM), to make it superior over all religions even though the polytheists, pegans, idolaters and disbelievers hate it. https://vimeo.com/457468679

Not Indian Paul

You fool

John Wallace

That is years old and all those ISIS are now dead which should be what you be. ISIS Troll.

Muslim Lion

You mean the istishadi bombers? They are not dead, but in Jannah.

John Wallace

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James Adams

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Well the quislings in Iraq are responsible,this is the treatment US convoys should be getting in Syria

Jens Holm

Everybody can have wishes. You can convert to Christianoty and try to get Christmas presents too.

I wonder who the Quislings in Iraq are. I see an artificial country, where most living there should be in 3 states instead of one with an autonome.


The so called Government thats who.

johnny rotten

Amaq is the Qanon of israelhell, psyop without any credibility, itchy reveries for aspiring jihadists.

Muslim Lion

Fuck you troll. Islamic state news agencies are most credible.

Muslim Lion


Lone Ranger

That fuckin CIAisis troll had an orgasm… Hopefully a Mi-35 will vaporize his sorry ass in the near future.

Lone Ranger


Muslim Lion

Islamic state is here to stay. BAQIYA BI IDNILLAH https://vimeo.com/457463892


DOZENS OF SOLDIERS KILLED ? Amaq is only claiming 20 killed or injured, and who knows if that is even true. :/


Free Iraq from the Persian invaders and their proxies, if U.S leaves Iraq then Iran will leave aswell. Where is Ali? he promised to control the ME.

Potato Man

I hope one day every person that back these apes have the tests of their own medicine. They are no longer a fuking human. Wahhabism is cancer and people who believe Wahhabi States with US/Zion State don’t help these apes, you are less than Daesh and ISIS.

Rodney Loder

One thing is for sure Brother Baghdadi hasn’t turned up in Heaven as yet so we presume he’s still alive, I guess he’s lying low since his mission to split al-Nusra, what happened was he lost control and the crazies tried to poison him so he believed it best to split the scene until Allah (swt) gives him further instructions, let’s not forget that Brotherhood and al-Nusra were unstoppable before Putin fired on the ISIS from the Caspian Sea 2015 Putin couldn’t have attacked the FSA but he could attack Brother Baghdadi.

Of all those who plot and scheme Allah (swt) does it the best otherwise Assad would be toasted.

James Adams

Islam is cancer this why they need to be banned from the west

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