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MARCH 2021

Dozens Of Soldiers Killed In ISIS VBIED Attack On Iraqi Army Convoy In Al-Anbar (Video)


On September 12, ISIS terrorists targeted a force of the Iraqi military in the western province of al-Anbar with a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED).

The terrorist group’s news agency, Amaq, said the attack had taken place in al-Sakar, west of the city of Ramadi. The VBIED, which had been parked on the side of the road, targeted a force that was conducting a combing operation in the region.

According to Amaq claims, 20 Iraqi service members, including at least two officers, were killed or injured in the attack. Eight military vehicles were also destroyed.

ISIS terrorists also targeted a vehicle of the Iraqi military west of the town of Rutba in western Iraq with an improvised explosive device. An officer and three soldiers were allegedly killed in the attack.

ISIS terrorists are highly active in al-Anbar, whose desert is known to be the historical stronghold of the terrorist group in Iraq.

The repeated operations of Iraqi government forces in al-Anbar inflicted some losses on ISIS remnants there. However, they failed to end the group’s presence in the region.




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