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Dozens Of Russian Airstrikes Target Terrorists’ Positions In Lattakia, Idlib, Aleppo & Hama (Videos)

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Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out more than 35 airstrikes on terrorists positions in Greater Idlib on October 19. According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Russian airstrikes targeted the following areas:

  • The town of Taftanaz and its key airbase in the eastern Idlib countryside;
  • The towns of Hizareen, Maarzita, Rakaya Sijneh and Tell al-Nar in the southern Idlib countryside;
  • The towns of al-Qarqur and Zaizoun in the northwest Hama countryside;
  • The town of Kabani and its outskirt in the northern Lattakia countryside;
  • The town of Kfar Dael in the western Aleppo countryside.

Opposition activists and outlets released several videos showing the pinpoint Russian airstrikes on Taftanaz airbase, which is a key military camp of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

This was the most intense wave of Russian airstrikes on Greater Idlib in months. According to many pro-government activists, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will soon launch a military operation in the region.

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bravo russia air force!!

Toronto Tonto

Its air farce nitwit .


Great day! I hope many terrorists were hit. I wish that would happen every day. No sleep for the headchoppers! I wanna see Idlib and its residents free. The SAA has to create many pockets so they can liberate large areas without much fighting, save the infrastructur and save the civilians there, because the mercenaries won’t fight until death, like we saw in the Northern Hama pocket.

John Marston

Russia! Thank you.

World Wisdom

Now it is the time Russia to smash the US/UK and Turkey-backed AQ in Idlib. UK is of the the states supporting terrorism. UK is behind AQ, behind the white helmets terrorists. Multiple NATO SF were in Aleppo and Duma to fight along with AQ.

Ceasar Polar

Proxy warfare is also called 5th generation warfare, it is a new way of doing war using a 5th column and disinformation through mainstream media. It can only be achieve if all medias of the west sing in concert lies and repeat them often. That is what UK does, as well as the US, and the vassal states of EU-fags. Their 5th generation warfare is failing. The cure: brave men fighting for freedom and peace, coupled with some weapons built to kill from the Russians (as opposed to weapons to make money from the US), some creativity and a know-how to build weapons for cheap from Iran, some heart from Hezbollah. All those were the cures of the 5th generation warfare attack on Syria.

Ceasar Polar

Russia’s Putin should be a candidate for Nobel Peace prize after Syria’s reunification and peace plan in place. Without Russia, the region will be a ISIS khalifate. Let them zionist-scums cry on their failed 10 years plan to partition Syria. Thank you Putin, thank you Iran, thank you brave fighters of Hezbollah, thank you brave free-men fighting along side the SAA, thank you the Tiger Force for being fierce and brave!


It ain’t over yet. The cabal can still get their way and reverse all this progress, and damned if they aren’t trying. Note US forces still refuse to vacate the Al-Tanf or Deir Azzor areas, and they’ve setup Turkey and Russia for a shooting war in the north.

Ceasar Polar

And Trump is tweeting that “they got the oil secured” hinting that the US might post its units near oil fields to steal more Syrian oil, while Turkey and SAA, Russia, iran are busy with Idlib and the north.

I think Putin might have more moves to come up with to clear Syria off US troops, elections are coming for the US, let’s see how that will be played out. I trust the iranians/russians to come with a another beautiful chessplay such as the late one, with pushing the Kurds in the arms of Assad and the SAA.

Toronto Tonto

Your fuckkin nuts man ., bombing hospitals and gassing civilians don’t get you no prize at all but it can get you a date at the Hague. EH

Ceasar Polar

Rename yourself ? How are your diapers doing lately ? Too wet ? Is it hezbollah that is making you shit your pants ? Or is it Putin that making everyone happy and you mad unhappy ? Paranoia levels are high with the kikes lately.

Chris P

Show me real proof of Gassing people. This is CNN propaganda. Where is Sadam’s WMD? What did IRAQ war do? Create Isis. Where are we in Afg? What did the Americans accomplish in Syria? What about the Kurds? IS Israel getting smaller or Bigger? Who attacked who first? Israel or Syria in the six day war? Who is bombing who? Is Iran bombing Israel? What about Saudi Arabia? Don’t believe what you hear on TV.

opet ja

It seems Russian bombing campaign had hospitals and schools only for targets lol

Friend of Russia

So bombing marriage ceremonies and funerals qualify for Nobel peace prize

Prince Teutonic

The last video… Do you thing they were lazing that building?


That was one solid hit ! You can see the bomb coming down into the right side of building.


Bombing is not so effective when there is not a ground offensive. So, these bombing will continue forever. Russia must allow and support Syria offensive at Idlib and to stop pleasing Erdogan,

Ceasar Polar

Bombings precedes land incursions. They bomb deep, with intel from special ops expeditionary teams/recon drones/spies/infiltrated units then follow by ground troops to take over the territory. No conflict or war can be won with airstrikes solely. For idlid it is the Tiger force that is doing a great job on the ground for the SAA so no need to worry there idlib will be liberated very soon.

Toronto Tonto

Hey its been a couple of weeks now is Russia not due for more accidental radiation misshaps . EH

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