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Dozens of Killed Syrian Soldiers Discovered in One of Aleppo’s Schools

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The Syrian authorities have discovered dozens of bodies of Syrian servicemen, massacred by militants of the Levant Front in eastern Aleppo.

Dozens of Killed Syrian Soldiers Discovered in One of Aleppo's Schools

Photo: Reuters / George Ourfalian

Militants of the Levant Front, also known as Jabhat al-Shamiyah, massacred Syrian servicemen in Aleppo city, Permanent mission of Syria to the UN reported.

According to a letter to the UN secretary general, after the liberation of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, the Syrian authorities found 23 corpses in Muhaddassa school, located in the of Es-Sukkar area of the city.

“The school was used as headquarters of the Levant Front armed group,” or its Dawn of Islam Brigade, which is considered as a “moderate opposition” force by governments of some states.

Twenty of those killed were identified. “They were servicemen of the Syrian Army,” the document reads. Later, other 37 bodies were found, their identification is currently being conducted.

“Most of those killed had their throats cut. Others were shot in the head, with their faces disfigured, some bodies have signs of torture,” the letter notes.

Will remind, in late December 2016, the Syrian military police found dozens of bodies of people, including children, executed by terrorists in al-Sukkari neighborhood of the city of Aleppo.

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VeeNarian (Yerevan)

This will NEVER be reported in the western msm. They don’t want to ruin the image of the part-time head-chopping and throat-slitting “moderates” they have all been supporting in Syria. Supporting these barbarians is also barbaric. Obama, Kerry, Carter and Power really have no shame. Good riddance to these western supremacists who depart with the blood of thousands on their hands.
If there is any justice …..

Hanny Benny

sad but true!


I was just thinking that. The Western MSM, will focus instead on the ‘PMT Protests’.


Never be taken alive by these scum! Fight back or run, just don’t surrender.


All to often its the running away part that is more likely to get you killed. Historically when an army lost a battle and started to run that’s when most of its solders were killed. Becoming easy targets when its fighting cohesion got broken.

So when you’re in your fox hole and the enemy gets near you might get killed, but leave your fox hole to retreat and the chances of catching a bullet in the back go up significantly.


More moderate terrorists behaving moderate, yet again.

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