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Dozens Of ISIS Captives Moved From SDF Prisons To US Base In Al-Hasakah: Syrian State Media

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Dozens Of ISIS Captives Moved From SDF Prisons To US Base In Al-Hasakah: Syrian State Media

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US forces had moved dozens of ISIS captives in northeastern Syria from prisons run by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to their main base in southern al-Hasakah, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on August 6.

“American occupation forces transferred 40 ISIS terrorists who were detained in the Industrial Secondary Prison and the so-called Self-Defense Prison at the southern entrance to the city of al-Hasakah to their base in the town of al-Shaddadi,” the stat-run agency quoted an informed source as saying.

Among those transferred to al-Shaddadi base by US force were a commander of an ISIS intelligence network and an explosives expert of the terrorist group.

Local sources in al-Hasakah confirmed that a number of ISIS captives were moved by American helicopters to al-Shaddadi base.

The SANA said that the US wants to redeploy the terrorists in order to “implement its plans for the region,” without elaborating.

The US moved dozens of ISIS captives out of SDF-run prisons in northeastern Syria over the last few years. The Syrian state media and other sources claim that the US is deploying these terrorists in other hot regions, or using them against government forces and their allies in Syria.


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Peter Wallace

Why else would they move them from a prison that has been successfully holding them to one that they control if not for re deployment reasons. Of course they will be released because they have promised to be good boys .

Peter Wallace

Piss off you lying piece of bull dung. You LIAR. You provided the link syria.liveua.com and it clearly states SDF targets with ATGM a civil defense vehicle and a crane which is what this article states . Click on the yellow icon you liar. Even when shown you are a liar you still deny it when it is written in black and white . LIAR Jens.. Just a TROLL and and a LIAR.. Don’t make up horse dung when you have been shown to be a LIAR.

Peter Wallace

Doodle brained LIAR Jens. Just make up stories to fit your agenda . Truth is of no concern to you is it you LIAR. How dumb can you get when you provide a link and then change the story . Whoever is paying you is not getting their money’s worth are they you dumb Troll .and Liar.


It is well known, that former Iraqi intelligence officers were working for the US in order to counter Iran. Under their supervision IS was created.

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