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Dozens Of Foreign Fighters Killed In Explosion In Idlib City (Video)

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Dozens Of Foreign Fighters Killed In Explosion In Idlib City (Video)

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On January 7, a heavy VBIED exploded in al-Thalathin street in the western part of Idlib city. The Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV said that the VBIED targeted the headquarters of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Ajnad Caucasus group. 25 civilians and fighters of Ajnad Caucasus were killed and many others were injured in the VBIED attack, according to local sources.

Al-Mayadeen said that opposition activists accused Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham of carrying out the VBIED attack as a punishment against Ajnah Caucasus because they fled the battlefield in the southeastern Idlib countryside.

During the last few days, several prominent figures of the Syrian opposition and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) accused HTS of handing over its positions in southeastern Idlib to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

On the other side, pro-HTS activists accused FSA groups and even the locals of supporting the SAA, especially after the Syrian Arab Air Force Intelligence (SyAAFI) leaked photos from inside Sinjar town on January 6, before the SAA capture the town.

The SyAAFI went on and leaked a video showing its agents inside the strategic Abu Duhur town, 15km north from the SAA positions in Sinjar town.

The new leak led to another wave of criticism against HTS, with some oppositions activists even claiming that HTS is planning to hand over all southwestern Aleppo and southeastern Idlib to the SAA.

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Simon Gould

Rest in pieces – assholes

Promitheas Apollonious

good give them pain.

Michał Hunicz

Looks that terrorists started to kill themselves. Really nice, the SAA will have less problems!


I highly doubt this was done by other militants.


They are doing this all the time. Sometimes they put vides. They usually kick those moderate islamists when they rise that shity FSA flag


listen to the video, the terrorists are shouting : Allah wakbar…. supporting the feud against the other terrorist faction…

Amine Mansouri

WHAAAT??? Allahu Akbar has different meanings you scumbag

Gary Sellars

Poor little electron… his beloved “militants” are turning on each other as their mini-AQ caliphate implodes and he just can’t bear it…. ROFL!! :-)


You are clearly way out of your depth analytically. You do not even begin to comprehend the significance behind the event`s timing, the target, & the context. This target was no engaged today by coincidence. `Beloved`?… lol

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They believe this was a cruise missile attack that also ended up killing of over 20 civilians and 60 or so militants casualties of dead were at over 100 , wonder how many more were civilians.


All were foreign fighters. Does anybody knows country wise list of these foreign fighters because there were top US and UK officials and advisors in Idlib city from Pentagon, CIA, MI6 etc.

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Graeme Rymill

Yawn…. we have heard this sort of rubbish before regarding an “Aleppo operations room” https://geopolitics.co/2016/09/24/russia-bombs-30-cia-mossad-officers-in-secret-allepo-bunker/

But of course not a single shred of evidence ever emerges…..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They say some were civilians and it is being now confirmed as a cruise missile attack as witnesses have been saying. My Question why is there no one claiming responsibility for the missile attack was it Ru or more than likely the US since they are prone to do these things without a by your leave.

Cheryl Brandon


Shylo Duffy

Oh well all fair in war.


Good, more infighting in Idlib. THIS IS A GREAT NEWS DAY FOR THE SAA IN IDLIB :))))


I wonder how all those foreigners got there?

Tommy Jensen

Transported in by US/UK Apache helicopters from Irlik base or Jordan?


Consider the timing & the target & read between the lines. This was most likely not done by other militants.

Gary Sellars

Pfftt.. a terror-supporter wants to plant the fake-news suggestion that the SAA used a car bomb to somehow “frame” AQ?

Yeah, right buddy….


Having eyes clearly does not prevent one from blindness. You are giving your militants too much credit… Merry Christmas anyway.

ajay prasad

HTS attack formerly nusra, Whatever the fuck they would be called tomorrow.Explosive car was parked right next to a training base for members of the Caucasus Emirate, an Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organisation originating from Chechnya


Actually this may be a provocation by someone trying to frame Rusha and place pressure on Turkey, as a way to undermine their current agreement, which is greatly responsible for the lighting advance of SAA up the railway corridor through Idlib.

ajay prasad

Given the Arab media spin on this and tagging the whole civilian deaths rhetoric to it is just cliche,Everytime SAA make an advances.Anyway the agreement is temporary,They are gaining momentum By some months Idlib pocket might as well be cleared.

Jim Prendergast

I guess we can see who the winners will be. Brilliant

Cee Jay

Those guys are having a hard day at the office. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5596cd0452949262655701af5afe07f1a61520389686b0a096fd1fbc26c8cc97.jpg

Syria insider

Towards the United scumbag service.


This is what happens when rival gangs of terrorist warlords can see the wealth they hoped to steal and sell to the US /UK and Israel as a Thank You for all the weapons etc they have been given is vanishing in front of their eyes. :)


Boo hoo

AM Hants

Brilliant isnt it?

Igor Dano

no shekels or dollars any more to motivate them?

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA,Israel and Saudi terrorists are fighting each other.Chop of heads reap out each others hearts. This the government official that their want.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

:-) I like it! SyAAFI has a steep learning curve.

Graeme Rymill

Did you mean to say that?

a ‘steep learning curve’ means something that is difficult (and takes much effort) to learn.


SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Didn’t know civilians used the term differently.

In the Army “steep learning curve” was always used to describe somebody who learned rapidly and got very good at what they were doing quickly.

Different worlds. :-)

Richard M

This is sweet! Chechens hate Uzbeks, hate Uighurs, hate Arabs, hate Afghans, hate Euros. They all hate each other and now that the plunder and looting days are over, the vermin have no common ground to stand on!

Vince Dhimos

And then, if the Russian press is to be believed, Chechens loyal to Kadyrov are infiltrating the Chechen jihadis and killing some.

Gary Sellars

Kadyrov hates these scumbags with a passion. They murdered his father, and he wants his extended revenge.

Tommy Jensen

More they tried to destroy Chechnya and are still making troubles.

Richard M

These reports are credible. Chechen mercenaries will fight for Donbass or against HTS in Syria. The “Moderate Rebels” no longer have the finances to hire them. Putin does! :D


The autumn season is coming on Trump sponsored terrorist groups. There will be no spring season again in their terror lives.


‘ the Syrian opposition and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) accused HTS of handing over its positions in southeastern Idlib to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)’ ‘On the other side, pro-HTS activists accused FSA groups and even the locals of supporting the SAA‘

It’s Kind of a Funny Story



007 with out music.

Tommy Jensen



Sometimes the Syrian flag is raised even before the SAA reach the village. This is good news. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-civilians-scores-militant-occupied-towns-idlib-raise-syrian-flag-president-assad-pictures-protest/

Gary Sellars

People in North Syria have had 3 years+ of having to submit to rule by Wahabbi gangsters and foreign terrorists. They want them gone and now WELCOME THE SAA with open arms!


Happy new year!


Merry Christmas


Vesely novy rok vlk


Hand over ? Is that what they are calling losing?


I’m glad to see those Caucasus jihadist scum bags get taken out, as they are one of the worst groups of Islamists. Some of those treasonous pricks still have Russian blood on their hands from the wars in the 90s.

Every one taken out makes Russia a little bit safer, and Kadyrov’s job easier.


Actually this may have been done by someone trying to frame Rusha, and thus exert pressure on Torky to back out of their agreement, which is greatly responsible for the lighting advance of SAA up Idlib.

Today is the Orthodox Christmas, largest holiday in Ru. Two weeks ago, a large tero/wrist attack was foiled, where they were planning to target the main cathedral on Christmas day. Also, Ru air base was attacked on New Year’s eve.

Yet, Ajnad Kavkaz, (mostly jihadists from Ru), was hit hard today, with a 100 people reportedly killed. It appears as retaliation and all signs point to Ru, or so it was meant to appear by the actual perpetrator. Considering what is going on the ground, and considering that Aleppo was liberated by SAA during a similar agreement between Ru-Torky; it is most likely that today’s attack was done by a third party, hoping to undermine Ru-Torky agreement and mobilize militants in Syria, and abroad, into raging out.

Then again, my guess work may be completely wrong.


You seem to have a vivid imagination electron, there is nothing wrong with that. I think the Jihadist groups in Idlib are starting to fracture, period. No longer do they have material support over the Turkish border, and maybe less paychecks. HTS is screwed :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This was a cruise missile attack from the sea as many witnesses are saying this is likely a US cruise missile and them not claiming it as such is likely because they have an agenda to get rid of the Russians. This way is one of the ways in the equation,I had seen reports on twitter at the time of it being a missile was waiting until there was more information.


Syrian intelligence agencies and spies have been assasinating commanding officers of different militant jihadi fractions in idlib for several months. They have breached idlib fully and are bombing different buildings to fuel the ongoing jihadi civil war.


good news


They were going to surrender probably and talk about some secrets. No other plausible explanation. But that also means something else. Beside the groups we know some others are there and not acting right away.


long live secular state.death to theocracy state

donny coutts

This is so heartwarming to read!! An absolute gem to watch and read on a Monday morning!

888mladen .

Again trouble in paradise.

Cheryl Brandon

YEP, SAA, you carry on doing what you do best; Rats slayer supreme. If the JEWISH NEO ConS in Washington think that, Syrian would roll over and hand over their lands to traitors and landgrabbers, you really do not know a Syrian national! Kaboom/kaboom/kaboom to the rats! From the SAA warriors/Liberators and heroes. No terrorists should be left hanging about in Syria.REFORM OR BE JAILED OR BE KILLED.

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