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Dozens Of Afghan Aircraft Crossed Border With Uzbekistan, Some Intercepted By Air Defense Forces (Videos)

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Dozens Of Afghan Aircraft Crossed Border With Uzbekistan, Some Intercepted By Air Defense Forces (Videos)

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While crowds of people are invading the Kabul airport, Afghan soldiers found another way to escape from the country under the Taliban’s control. On August 14 and 15, 22 military aircraft and 24 military helicopters of the Afghan Air Force entered the airspace of Uzbekistan. 585 Afghan soldiers reportedly crossed the border in two days.

The numbers were reported by the Prosecutor General’s Office in Telegram, but the message was later deleted, according to the media.

On August 15, three Afghan military aircraft Embraer 314 requested landing at Khanabad Airport in Uzbekistan. One Afghan aircraft and a MiG-29 of Uzbekistan Air Force collided and crashed in the Sherabad district of Surkhandarya region, according to the same message in Telegram. The accident took place when Mig-29 was intercepting the foreign warplane. The pilots of these planes reportedly ejected and landed on parachutes.

No footage has been published yet to prove the reports.

Dozens Of Afghan Aircraft Crossed Border With Uzbekistan, Some Intercepted By Air Defense Forces (Videos)

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Another accident took place over Uzbekistan in the same evening. Another aircraft of Afghan Air Force crashed after entering the country’s airspace on the border with Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan reported that the aircraft was intercepted by air defense forces that stopped an attempt the aircraft to violate the border. It happened in the same Sherabad district. As a result of the incident, two soldiers on board ejected and were taken to the hospital, one of them is in serious condition.

Later, on August 16, a video of an emergency landing of the Afghan UH-60 helicopter was shared online. The helicopter with about 10 Afghan soldiers on board landed on a cotton field in Uzbekistan.

Another 158 citizens of Afghanistan, including military and civilians have recently crossed the river in the border Termez district.

Numerous military equipment was abandoned on the border crossing. The following video shows the bridge across the Amu Darya river, where the Afghan military tried to leave the country.

Uzbekistan is not the only destination for refugees from Afghanistan. The recent months, all neighbor countries faced an increase in number of Afghanistan citizens who were crossing borders, legally and illegally.

Two planes with military personnel from Afghanistan have recently landed in Tajikistan. The aircraft were allowed to land at the airport of the city of Bokhtar after having sent the SOS signals. According to the reports, more than 100 Afghan soldiers were on boards.


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Florian Geyer

It would be more sensible for the US/UK/Nato countries to Recognise the Taliban government and to stop hindering aid to Afghanistan.

If the NATO clowns do not do this they will have another flood of refugees that will further destabilise the EU and UK :)

20 years of killing and NATO lost against brave light infantry wearing sandals.
NATO needs to get over it or deploy a brigade of L G B T tr-ann y’s so that the Taliban will die laughing.


Their actual purpose was to profit as much off the war as possible and then cut
the cord to cause as much pain as possible. “NATO” (clearly the U.S. leads NATO around by the nose, not the other way ’round) could have killed as many people as the Russians did, but their goal was to profit off weapons sales, but also heroin, bringing in poppies to Incirlik (previously, then to other places) for trucking to labs to create heroin to ship to Europe/U.S. American military rank and file have reported this. Corruption is complete throughout the west now, and the goal all along was for the west to fall, creating a world war that would kill of Christendom and Islam. They won’t succeed but they will kill a lot of people. The goal is to kill off humanity, when you’re a Jinn.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Germany, “For us, it is clear that 2015 (immigration wave) must not be repeated. We won’t be able to solve the Afghanistan question through migration to Germany.”
No, they going to give more aids to Iran, Uzb, Tajik, Turkey, and even Pak.

Tommy Jensen

Taliban broke the International Rule based Order and will be sanctioned by the entire civilised and free world, and any third party who support or try to rebuild Afghanistan again or deliver food and medicine to the terrorists will be sanctioned too.
Which means we will go tough on China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan who will also be sanctioned if they move a finger.


Are you for real? Don’t you see that your dear empire is crumbling faster and faster?

Your sanctions mean nothing. Russia and China rule over Eurasia and they have control of huge manpower and natural resources.

Your Ponzi scheme called finance is destroying yourself.


Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were up to their eyeballs in illicit sponsoring of Taliban. The US has never publicly uttered a word against the fact Saudi sponsored fundamentalist madrases inside Pakistan were the primary recruiting ground for a generation of new Taliban. The US may have taken action against the Taliban, but they didn’t take equivalent action against their ideological and financial sponsors.


Slow down guys, China cant copy that fast…

US & EU are Zion slaves

Even before when the US said they going to leave a lot of Afghans run away to Iran -> Turkey -> EU.
The smart way to leave Afghanistan is to travel north to Uzb, Tajik, or go to Iran.

Alberto Bohon.

Ahmad Shah Massoud’s son, Ahmad Massoud calls for the fight against the Taliban from the Panshir region of Afghanistan, I hope their futile resistance will be failed and destroyed. let the Taliban’s enemies fall to the ground all of them.


Fuck off, Salafist caveman goat fucker, most Afghans don’t want that!

Jim Allen

Want US even less.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, you’re right.


Ahmad Massoud is not even an alley cat compared to his father the “Lion” (who came to regret his opposition to the Soviets and said as much), the Panjshir Valley is isolated and surrounded, there aren’t any external sources of aid, and there is 0% chance of his offering any serious resistance.

Alberto Bohon.

former vice president Amrullah Saleh declares himself interim president of Afghanistan and promises to resist the Taliban, I hope the Taliban capture Amrullah Saleh and arrest


What happens to these aeroplanes? Will they be given back to Afghanistan? They aren’t the personal property of the pilots.


I hope the military stuf com in the hands of the resistance in Irak, Siria, Yemen.

Jimmy kimmel

Uzbek Uzbek uzbek


Having sudden rush of random aircraft appearing inside your airspace – creating maze of potential hazards for own aviation traffic would not exactly be ideal. But the Uzbeks losing their own Mig-29 in a crash whilst directly dealing with this US created neighboring mess would be infuriating.

Last edited 30 days ago by SevenUps
Alberto Bohon.

former vice president Amrullah Saleh declares himself interim president of Afghanistan and promises to resist the Taliban, I hope the Taliban capture Amrullah Saleh and arrest

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