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Dozens Killed In Fuel Tank Explosion In Lebanon (Video)

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Dozens Killed In Fuel Tank Explosion In Lebanon (Video)

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Early on August 15, a fuel tanker exploded in the northern Lebanon’s region of Akkar. At least 20 people have been killed and dozens more injured, according to the Lebanese Red Cross.

At least 79 people were injured and were being taken to local hospitals. The bodies were so charred that it was not possible to identify the victims.

The explosion reportedly took place when the Lebanese army was distributing gasoline from a hidden fuel storage tanker it had confiscated. About 200 people were nearby when the explosion took place. According to the official National News Agency, it was a result of scuffles between citizens.

The accident in the Akkar was the deadliest explosion in Lebanon since the Beirut blast on August 4, 2020 that killed at least 214 and wounded thousands.

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri claimed on Twitter that two explosions are similar.

“If this was a country that respects its people, its officials would resign, from the president to the very last person responsible for this neglect.” – he added.

The accident hit the country when it faces the deepest economic crisis.

A fuel shortage that was blamed on smuggling and government’s inability to secure the fuel deliveries, has caused mass protests and fighting for petrol.

A day before, Lebanese soldiers were deployed to petrol station, forcing their owners to sell fuel to citizens. The army was also active along the border with Syria, confiscating fuel from smugglers.

The new accident is another blow to the country and its government.


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G2 Man

The Zionists are petrified of Hezbollah are in overdrive trying to destabilize Lebanon, but will fare a far more humiliating end than the US imbeciles. Palestine and Kashmir are the next national resistance flashpoints.

Superpower china

Shia are dying like flies in Iraq,Iran ,Yemen ,Syria,Lebanon.


Mossad spies on the mission again.

G2 Man

An act of Zionist desperation killing civilians just for spite.


Not really.. they do that everyday anyway. They can’t get to sleep otherwise.

The Objective

Looks like the Zionists have accelerated their effort to foment civil war in Lebanon. Lebanon is a casualty of the cold war between Iran and the Zionists. The Lebanese government and military should blame itself for allowing a parallel government within its country. Let this be a lesson for other countries with significant Shiite populations. It’s their tradition to form parallel governments and forces wherever they are allowed to. Lebanon is now witnessing it first-hand.

A civil war will erupt in Lebanon. Hezbollah will drag Lebanon into a civil war. The U.S is coming after Hezbollah. It won’t stop until Hezbollah is destroyed. Hezbollah is doing all it can to crawl out of this situation without a fight, but that’s highly unlikely.

A typical example of how Hezbollah endangers Lebanon is its involvement in the Syrian war. Hezbollah deployed fighters to Syria without permission by the Lebanese government. And because these fighters are Lebanese, their deployment to foreign battlefield could have blow-back effects on Lebanon politically, economically or military-wise. Much of Lebanon’s problems is a result of Hezbollah’s presence. The Zionists are targeting Hezbollah to eliminate it.
I don’t know how this will end, but a war between the Shiite axis and America is getting more and more likely as these events unfold.

Americunt LOSERS

Cut and paste BS, so little time LOL


So obviously the work of Israelis.

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