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Dozens Injured As Paris Turns Into Battlefield Amid Fresh Yellow Vest Rallies (VIDEOS)


RT reports (source):

Dozens Injured As Paris Turns Into Battlefield Amid Fresh Yellow Vest Rallies (VIDEOS)

A demonstrator walks near a burning car during a protest of Yellow vests in Paris on December 1, 2018. © AFP / Alain Jocard

Police deployed tear gas and water cannons against firecracker-hurling Yellow Vest protesters in Paris. Over 100 arrests have been made and 65 people injured amid mayhem, triggered by fuel price hikes and higher tax.

December 1 rallies are being held with the slogan “on the way to Macron’s resignation.” As the unrest gained momentum, the area close to the iconic Champs-Elysees avenue has been covered by thick smoke.

While pelting law enforcement with various projectiles, protesters have also resorted to symbolic yellow paint during the standoff. To their delight, quite a few shots have landed on the shields of riot police.

Dozens Injured As Paris Turns Into Battlefield Amid Fresh Yellow Vest Rallies (VIDEOS)

Riot police officers are covered with painting during clashes with demonstrators © AFP

Adding more symbolism to the rally, a man has been seen on his knees with arms stretched to both sides in front of the city’s key landmark – Arc de Triomphe. Another demonstrator stands right behind him, holding two French flags, while both are facing a line of officers in full riot gear.

As some of the Yellow Vest supporters lined up next to the site, police unleashed a water cannon, knocking down at least two of them, who have been carried away.

Surrounded by smoke both from firecrackers and tear gas, a group of Yellow Vest protesters grabbed dozens of large pieces of cardboard to use as a massive ‘shield wall’ against police.

Meanwhile, Lucas Leger, and another RT France reporter covering the rally, have been injured by a tear gas canister and a flash-ball gun. Leger posted a selfie with a bleeding cheek on Twitter.

Videos from the unrest also showed people grasping their legs, presumably injured by the very projectiles.

Hours into the clashes, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner tweeted that at least 1,500 “disruptors” were on the outskirts of the Champs-Elysees. According to police figures, more than 60 people, including 11 security officers, were injured and 129 arrested during Saturday chaos.

On Friday, negotiations to settle the issue failed after only two of the protesters’ representatives turned up for a meeting with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. One of them walked out after he was told he could not have TV cameras covering the negotiations. A recent poll shows that despite the mayhem, two-thirds of people in France still back the Yellow Vest cause.

Dozens Injured As Paris Turns Into Battlefield Amid Fresh Yellow Vest Rallies (VIDEOS)

Demonstrators throws metal barriers during a protest of Yellow vests © AFP

The movement has also inspired rallies in neighboring Belgium, where protesters on Friday called on the prime minister to resign. A standoff there also ended up in clashes with law enforcement.



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  • Potato Potato


    • potcracker2588

      all Regimes must go…they serve their masters, not us humans

  • hhabana

    Is anybody else enjoying this as much as I am? About time for a color revolution with these fucking bastards in Western Europe!!!

  • potcracker2588

    Rise up!

    like lions after slumber In
    unvanquishable number

    Shake your chains to earth like dew

    Which in your sleep had fallen on you

    Ye are many – and they are few

    • John Whitehot

      “Rise up!”

      that aint gonna work.

      try viagra lmao.

  • R PLobo

    Not a soros antifa fag amongst them?…You can only buy off the working class for so long and eventually the narrative falls apart. The only thing the state (oligarchy and their colour coded vassals) understand is violence. If the clinton witch had won in the US – this is what would have happened sooner than later. Trump provided a release for the elites – for now – however, hiring a con man is always a bad idea. Just like hiring mercs – eventually they cut and run.
    There is no negotiating with the corporatocracy and the occultist zionist masters – only when the working class realize this and take matters into their own hands will anything change. The French Revolution was an uncontrolled storm againsts the aristocracy and their stooges – murderous vengence is the only thing that will save the planet. The cancer must be completely rooted out with no mercy.

    • LR captain

      thank you for using the term “zionist”

      • Chris Saunders

        Zionazi works too . .

    • John Whitehot

      antifascism and antizionism are pretty much the same thing.

      so go call fag someone else.


      Zionists want their enemies to be nazi, and to be anti-semite.

      that way, they think, they’ll remove most of their enemies in a single sweep.

      the failure they are going to get will be of biblical proportions.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    I never understood how demonstrators actually thinks they will get local support when they are burning ordinary innocent peoples property!
    To me thats just idiotic!

    Burn the politicians property instead, they can afford it and makes a deeper impression on them.