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Dozens Houthi Fighters And Commanders Killed In Saudi Airstrikes On Yemeni Capital


Dozens Houthi Fighters And Commanders Killed In Saudi Airstrikes On Yemeni Capital

the funeral of Saleh al-Samad

More than 38 security officers of the Houthis were killed in an airstrike that targeted the headquarter of the Yemeni Ministry of Interior in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa on April 27, al-Arabiya TV reported on April 28.

According to the report, “al-Marwani,” the assistant to the Houthi political leader Abdel Karim al-Khaiwani was among the casualties caused by the airstrike.

Al-Arabiya added that “Abu Al’a”, a top security officer of the Houthis, was also killed. Abu Al’a was reportedly tasked with organizing the funeral of the late Houthi leader Saleh al-Samad who was assassinated on April 19.

Despite of the heavy bombardment by the Saudi-led coalition on Saana, the Houthis were able to organize the funeral of al-Samad.

The Yemeni group even launched at least 8 Badr-1 ballistic missiles at “economic and vital targets” in the southwestern Saudi province of Jizan to avenge the killing of al-Samad.

Observers believe that the Saudi-led coalition will try to assassinate more Houthi leaders in the upcoming months as it appears to be determined to damage the command chain of the Houthis.



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  • John Mason

    Maybe the Houthis should change tactics and send assassins to Saudi.

  • wimroffel

    Foreign Policy has recently an article in which it says that the wave of killing of Houthi leaders comes from the UAE. They point to two things: the UAE increasingly uses drones (a Chinese copy of the Predator) and there are Saleh supporters under the Houthi’s who provide intelligence (the son of Saleh is in the UAE).

  • Rob

    US, UK, France, Saudis, Israelis etc nothing can do to remove Houthis from power. In Yemen one gone then another will raise up even if a single Yemeni exist on Yemen land these basterds cannot get the power of Yemen from him. Definitely now Yemenis are doing gorrila commando war and will burn whole Saudi Zionist Kingdom.

  • Rob

    I strongly condemn the Zionist Saudis wahabis and Co. aggression against unarmed poor Yemeni nation. They are only brave on small kids and women. Shame on these perverted regimes Trump, May, Macron, Salman and Netanyahu.

    • FlorianGeyer

      And still the Western MSM is silent.

  • Rob

    Why I support Houthis because in the Yemen Houthis govern Sana’a. While Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi have taken the positions of rebels. So the Hadi all sponsors are in fact rebels supporters just like in Syria. The terrorist Hadi have slaughtered so many Yemenis and have given so much damage to Yemen that 1% mindful political leader will not allow him to see Sana’a again. Houthis are in fact the Yemen defenders.

  • Rob

    Yemen: Mass funeral held for Yemen government officials killed in Saudi coalition air strike.

    On 28 Apr 2018, Yemen’s Houthis staged a large-scale funeral for their two leaders who martyred in a Saudi-led coalition air strike in a display of military strength. The Saudi aggressors are leading a coalition of a bunch of morons that has been fighting the neighboring Yemeni nation since March 2015.

  • Amine Mansouri

    finally a good shot!