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Double Bombings Kill 20 Civilians In Afghan Capital (Video)


More than 20 civilians were killed and 70 others were injured in a double bombing that targeted a wrestling gym in the area of Qala-e-Nazer in the Afghan capital of Kabul on the eve of September 5, according to the Qatari al-Jazeera TV.

Najib Danish, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan, said that a suicide bomber blew himself up near the gym. Later, a booby-trapped car exploded when the people rushed to the scene of the first explosion.

The TOLO TV announced that one of its journalist “Samim Faramarz” was killed along with his cameraman “Ramiz Ahmadi” in the attack. According to Afghan TV channel, Faramarz was reporting from the scene of the first explosion just minutes before the explosion happened.

Double Bombings Kill 20 Civilians In Afghan Capital (Video)


Hours later, ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombings through its news agency, Amaq. The terrorist group claimed that 150 civilians and personnel of the Afghan intelligence were killed and injured as a result of the attack.

Since the beginning of this year, ISIS has carried out several terrorist attacks in Kabul. However, Afghan security forces and the NATO are yet to improve the security measures inside the city, especially in the “district 6,” which witnessed most of these attacks.



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  • Tchoutoye

    The sole purpose of Islamic State’s existence is to legitimise US military presence in countries like Syria and Afghanistan.

  • Sinbad2

    The world is moving against the US on many fronts, and it’s more than the US can take.
    Notice how the pivot to Asia, and the war the US started in Myanmar have been forgotten.
    The walls of Jericho are falling, and the evil empire is on the ropes.