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Don’t Turn On Your $2B Missile Defense System: Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Unprecedented Suggestion To Turkish Foreign Minister

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Don't Turn On Your $2B Missile Defense System: Sen. Lindsey Graham's Unprecedented Suggestion To Turkish Foreign Minister

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In an unprecedented development, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu with a proposition that could salvage the US-Turkey relationship.

Allegedly, Graham called Cavusoglu on behalf of US President Donald Trump and offered that Turkey could simply “not turn on” the Russian S-400 missile defense system, which it approximately $2 billion for.

Imagine the equivalent of buying a state-of-the-art oven, and then never using it once because your mother-in-law would prefer you to use her old oven, which you must first purchase, at a higher price, and if you don’t – then you need to divorce her daughter.

That’s actually what the situation appears to be – Turkey said the S-400 deal was over. The US offered Patriot at an unacceptable price and under unacceptable terms. Then, upset that Turkey said the S-400 was the best deal they could get and it was finalized, they sanctioned Turkey over it.

“I’m in the camp of, if they don’t activate the S-400, the sanctions don’t have to be applied. My hope is to persuade Turkey not to active the system because it’s so disruptive to the relationship,” Graham told Defense One. “My pitch to Turkey was, let’s stand down on the S-400, let’s start free trade agreement negotiations.”

If Turkey turns on the advanced air defense system, Graham said, the U.S. relationship with NATO ally Turkey “takes a very dark turn.”

Furthermore, according to Defense One some US Senators expressed willingness to implement quick sanctions on Turkey in relation to the purchase and the upcoming activation of the S-400.

But at a private meeting with Republican senators on July 23rd, Trump asked lawmakers for “flexibility” in responding to the purchase, NBC News reported.

After that meeting, Trump “told me to call Turkey,” Graham said.

“I think there’s space to do a free trade agreement if we don’t activate the system,” he said. “If the system gets activated, there are no options left, the [sanctions] law is clear.”

The White House declined to comment.

This is an absurd turn of events, if it did really happen – why would the equivalent of a MP of a country call the Foreign Minister of another country to express the President’s wishes?

And this isn’t the first time it happens, on July 19th, Trump allegedly sent Senator Rand Paul to meet with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, instead of possibly attending himself or sending US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“Why Graham? Where’s the secretaries of State and Defense? Isn’t this their job?” said former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, in an email.

As a result of the purchase and delivery of the components of the S-400 missile defense system, Turkey was booted out of the F-35 program, with all its pilots returning home from the US and it being removed from the supply chain.

Some Republicans argued that this was punishment enough and that sanctioning a NATO ally “is a harder question.”

“Maybe you would look at certain sanctions, but I think it’s important not to just go too far in a way that would make it hard for Turkey to reconcile back with the United States and NATO, post Erdoğan. It’s a fine line,” House Armed Services Ranking Member Mac Thornberry said. “Turkey is and continues to be a very important country, a very important NATO ally, we have lots of things that we do with them. You want to send a message, but you don’t want to alienate them forever.”

Defense One cited analyst Andrew Hunter, who was puzzled as to how exactly Graham/Trump’s suggestion could possibly lead to anything.

“I guess I’m not seeing how — ‘They buy it, but they don’t turn it on’ — I’m not sure what problem that’s solving,” said Andrew Hunter, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “If the message is, ‘we won’t sanction you until you turn it on,’ it could be an effort to play for time” until the U.S. is able to persuade Ankara to return the system to Russia, he suggested — ”but it seems like that’s a bridge that’s already been crossed.”

“And of course,” he noted, “it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from the Turkish perspective.”

Separately, Russia isn’t wasting any time and offered to sell Turkey Su-35 fighter jets after it was expelled from the F-35 joint strike fighter program.


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the disorderly states of A is getting worried – what if turkey, the eastern gatekeeper and key to bosporous suddenly skedaddles and join up with the east, which would be a better fir for Turkey. so the disordely states of A, where the left hand has no idea what the right is doing, is suddenly in a hard place and the choice is the kurds and thus the illegal settlers in palestine or turkey and the black sea and entry into the heartland of euroasia. guess the kurds will be the sacrificial lambs.


”where the left hand has no idea what the right is doing” Nice observation.

AM Hants

It will be interesting how things work out in Cyprus. When they were trying to lure Turkey away from Russia, they virtually promised Cyprus to Turkey (the non-NATO nation), no strings attached.

Turkstream, S-400 and not forgetting, was it such a good idea to try and take out Erdogan? Turkey, observer in the SCO.

‘Constantinople to Crimea’ – now who wants all that territory, sea and land?

‘Who ever controls Crete, Cyprus and Malta, controls the world’ – Henry Kissinger.


Now who wants to shut off the Med to Russia? Why is Soros funding the independence of Catalonia movement? Another part of the Med, to control and block out Russia, with a couple of other headlands, to come on board.

What is so ironic, was the fact that the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, was a CIA ‘false flag’. A small part of the jigsaw, concerning the Greater Israel Project. How ironic, if Turkey aligns with Russia, Iran and China and walks away from the 70s plan?

Greater Israel Project




One of the best posts you’ve made Hants. Oded Yinon.

How old is the IsraHelli flag? People think it was drawn up in 1947… But it’s from the 1890’s. Top blue line is the Euphrates, the bottom blue line is the Nile. Greater IsraHell was always the project. Lawrence of Arabia … he was the first step, to start the divide and conquer gimmick, then we had Gallipoli to distract the Turks so Lawrence & Co could finish their work in the Sini, and the natural extension was the 6 Day War which was supposed to push all the way through to the Nile but someone put a spanner in the works.

Don’t forget the links. I love clicking on stuff – I’m compulsive like that.

AM Hants

I do find Cyprus fascinating, owing as you state, to the history of it all. Plus, I like the Island of Cyprus, for personal reasons.

Following events in Ukraine, and coming on to these sites, I have learnt a lot, history wise, one way and another. Including my interest in Victorian History, although it came from a different angle, it links into so much, with regards events of today.

Trump, whose mother was Scottish and who is a fan of Churchill. Murdoch, whose mother was Scottish, and whose father was a War Correspondent, during the times of Galipoli. Now you have Murdoch, not only running part of the Western and 5 Eyes media, but, also his father was a War Correspondent, involved in Galipoli. Together with the history behind Boris Johnson and his Turkish/North Caucasian roots. Churchill, was also a War Correspondent, before he joined the Forces and served over in Africa. How many War Correspondents also work for the Bankers Intelligence Services? London School of Economics, whose founders were the Rothschilds and heavily linked into the Fabian Society. Again, created back in the 19th Century. The leader of the UK Fascist Movement, going back to the 20s, was Oswald Mosely, who was also a member of the Fabian Society, as well as a politician who embraced all parties. Reminds me of Nick Clegg.

Strange how they all link in and the story line, runs the same script from century to century. Not forgetting the Crimean War and again, doesn’t that take you back to the 19th Century? When they were trying to take control of the ‘Constantinople to Crimea’ landscape and control? Prior to taking out the Ottoman Empire, when WWI was the next stage, on the strategic map. The Russian Empire was overthrown by the Bolsheviks, who were a creation of the bankers. Russia had to come out of WWI, owing to domestic problems. The end of WWI, which took out the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Prussian Empire. The National Socialist Party was created in the early 20s, together with the Mao;s Communist Party and the various fascist parties, over in Europe. The IRA, again created, around 1917 and why do they remind me of the ISIS/Ukrainian Nazis and all the other ;Operation Gladio’ style terrorists, which we have today. Fighting for the same reasons. Balfour Declaration and wasn’t Churchill involved with that, was laid down in 1917. The foundations of the creation of Israel, which went ahead in 1947.

When people say about Israel always being part of the Middle East, King David ruled Jerusalem, yet, if you look at the DNA of the citizens of Palestine, where you will find Jerusalem, over 93% have semetic DNA. Unlike, in Israel, where over 93% have no semetic DNA.

The AshkeNAZIs and Khazarians were Nomadic Turkic Tribes, who adopted Christianity, Judea and Islam, whilst learning Hebrew. At the time Judea was an off shoot of the Roman Empire.


City of London, an independent nation, squatting in a host nation, but, with their own laws and taxes, which follow the ideology of the old Roman Empire. Control world economics.

Washington DC, another independent nation, squatting in a host nation, but, with their own laws and taxes, which follow the ideology of the old Roman Empire. Control world military.

The Vatican, another independent country, squatting in a host nation, together with their own laws and taxes, which also follow the ideology of the old Roman Empire. Control world spirituality.

Crown Estate – controlled by the private bankers, who also control the Fed Reserve, together with the Vatican Estate.

What family did the old Pope’s come from and what was their speciality? Not very spiritual people. Why are the nations who follow the faith of the Christian Orthodox Religion, finding themselves fighting for their religion? Bearing in mind, Cyprus is a Christian Orthodox nation. Who, has a problem with sharing the world stage with the Christian Orthodox ideology?

The Treaty of 1213, where the bankrupt Monarch of Great Britain, handed over the territory and colonies, past and present, to The Vatican, in return for a way out of bankruptcy. It has never been revoked. All but one US President (not sure about Trump, but, with his Scottish mother, no doubt his DNA will also go back to King John), have DNA linking them to King John.

Prince Teutonic

What a clown…


Iran: Any Military Conflict Will Be “Purely the Fault of the British Regime”.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes



Iranian FM’s message for Boris Johnson: Iran does not seek confrontation with UK.

Iran is not Afghanistan where America and 40 other countries have been stucked for the last 50 years. Therefore, any misbehaviour of British regime may change the equation.

AM Hants

Sadly for Iran, Boris seeks confrontation with Iran, owing to family traditions and values.


Go back to the 19th century and check out the actions of the Turkish side of the Johnson family, together with the actions of the War Correspondants Winston Churchill and Keith (father of Rupert) Murdoch. How they all link into the Gallipoli Campaign and the creation of the Greater Israel Project.


‘Ali Kemal was a high ranking freemason. The reason why freemasons exist since so many centuries is due to thefact that they know when to disappear. When pressure intensifies, they dont fight back but they simply back off. They know that people die sooner or later, what matters most is the continuity of their lodge. If they are not able to help the father, you can be sure that they will help his sons. For instance, they could not save Ali Kemal, but don’t be surprised if you see his son at an incredibly high position in future ‘’

Above paragraph ( although it is a very a very lousy translation of mine ) was written in 1969by Kemal Tahir, a prominent Turkish writer in his book named ‘Law of the Wolf’

As you know, Ali Kemal is the grand grand father of Boris Johnson. When you check his blood line, you can see that there are also many ambassadors, MPs and high ranking officials from his just like Kemal Tahir wrote.

AM Hants

Thanks for the informative reply.

Found it seriously interesting and explains a lot. Will Johnson go to ground, or be stupid enough to fight back?

‘Ali Kemal was a high ranking freemason. The reason why freemasons exist since so many centuries is due to thefact that they know when to disappear. When pressure intensifies, they dont fight back but they simply back off. They know that people die sooner or later, what matters most is the continuity of their lodge. If they are not able to help the father, you can be sure that they will help his sons. For instance, they could not save Ali Kemal, but don’t be surprised if you see his son at an incredibly high position in future ‘’


From where you got this map very interesting map. I haven’t seen this map before.

El Mashi

A Pentagon map drawn by the Neocons in the Defence Department. This map was presented in a Nato meeting which prompted the Turkish delegation to walk out. This the beginning of the Turkish realization that it was nothing but a Nato pawn. Russia’s prudent reaction to the Turkish downing of a Russian plane demonstrated Russia’s forbearance.


It has been reported that Israel has been flying F35 over Iranian airspace and the Iranians can’t lock on with their S300 air defense systems. Some in the Iranian government have made accusations that Russia has provided Israel with the necessary information to thwart the S300. The bad thing is that this claim is very believable since Russia is very much in bed with Israel and has always been a big supporter of Israel. Turkey’s S400 may end up being just as useless anyway.


Show us this claims and the source, otherwise that’s BS coming out of your butt.


His source is post on this site by Jacob Wohl Troll. :D


Why don’t you do a simple search “F35 fly over Iran”. Lazy bastard.


Wake up. Your propaganda is received with a big smile. You wanna make a fool of yourself? Carry on.


I find it funny how many people get BUTTHURT just from a comment on a story that has many articles. You people are some of the most weak minded twerps I have ever heard. Talk about some thin skinned pussies.


Congrats! You made a fool of yourself!


How one can say that the Iranian S-300 and Turkish S-400 are useless where Syrian S-200 has hit the Israeli F-35.


According to the report Russia gave Israel the needed data to prevent S300 from locking on even though they can detect them. Now remember it is just a report so I am not arguing the validity of it just the possibilities if true. But I’m sure Russia knows how to defeat the systems that they are selling to other countries. And as far as the damage caused by S200 to an F35, that was unverified and unverifiable. But even if true I wouldn’t know if the same software is used on both systems and I really doubt that it is so I don’t think it would matter as far as this story is concerned.


Remember if any Russian S-200, S-300 or S-400 failed to achieve any goal or susceptible to attack then you know nobody will trust and buy these Systems and in return the Russian economy will be damaged considerably because Russian economy is based on these weapons. So don’t believe in bullshit. You know by these missile systems the Israel future has considerably screwed.

Why America switched to Pakistan from Israel because due to S-300 and S-400 that Russia sending to every country in Mideast have screwed the Israel future.

How much pressure America put on Turkey that Turkey should cancel S-400 deal otherwise America will stop F-35 deals, or Turkey will face US sanctions etc etc but US got no success.

namulit emperor

The claim that Israel would be flying the F35 over Iran is so clearly BS that it immediately exposes you as the moron you are…


Israel stop using F-35. Israel now using F-16 instead of F-35. LOL

AM Hants

Do you remember the F35 Israel received, but, it did not last long. Israel blamed the effects of the Syrian S-200 on the local birds, which managed to write off the plane.

ISRAELI F 35 DETECTED AND DAMAGED BY HIT FROM S 200 ?… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE2D3G-ogLs


Yes thats correct.


The Russians have as I understand significantly upgraded the S300. The below is an interesting article and it has an interesting conclusion.


AM Hants

Thanks for the interesting link. I have bookmarked it.


Moron? For mentioning a report? At least I’m not an asshole. At least a moron can be educated but an asshole is for life. Either way I stand by my earlier comment on the report.


In order to fly to Iran and back IAF F35s would need either in flight refueling or drop off tanks. In both cases making them one big blip on radar. Dont forget that Iran took care of US invisible drone almost a decade ago. I dont think Israel would risk it and US wouldnt approve taking the chance. They remember F117 being shot down by the Serbs and sold to China…


Don’t confuse him with facts or logic, he’s immune (or oblivious) to both, believe me.


It’s probably more productive as a strategy in the longer term to contribute the belief that stealth works.


Good points. But that doesn’t make it impossible. It wasn’t that they couldn’t see the jet but that they couldn’t lock on to it due to avoidance data given by Russia. Something that the “stealth” drone didn’t have. According to the report I heard Iranian officials themselves raised the issue of Russia’s involvement which IF true adds credence to the story. But then it is only a story and we can only discuss it since we have absolutely no way of verifying it. Also as far as “taking a chance” goes, if the report is true, then a shoot down of an Israeli jet which would be reported by Israel and the U.S. as being in “international airspace” would be just the reason the warmongers need to launch an attack and if they did do a fly over successfully, as reported, then that would be an enormous positive test for the F35 and confirmation of the info given to them by Russia. So it’s not as far fetched as it may seem. But I am well aware of the propaganda and disinfo involved on all sides.

AM Hants

Thought the F35s that Israel had, were taken out by the Syrians, or was it a bird?


I haven’t heard of any F35s being taken down by Syria. But I do think I remember the incident you are talking about. Was that S300? I thought that was one of Syria’s older systems. Either way it was not shot down and as you say it was unconfirmed. “Bird Strike”.


After that F-35 incidence that hit by S-200 shrapnels, Israel has stopped using Its F-35. Then Israel resume F-16 but after S-300 now Israel just depends on rockets. LOL

AM Hants

S-200 is one of Syria’s older systems. Did you not know? Bird Strike, some seriously big birds, called S-200, flying around the Middle East.

Wolfgang Wolf

bunch of american idiots.. proven day by day…


Hopefully Turkey comes to their senses and kicks out the US from Incirlik ASAP


Let these US morons to spy on Turkey and don’t let them to develop or succeed in their own development.


If Erdogan thinks the new sanctions will hit lower than $2 billion, good luck with that :) Probably Turkey will sell the S-400 to USA.

AM Hants

Old Ma Graham, good mate of the late John McCain, and heavily sponsored by the US Defence Industry. No wonder he answers to his sponsors, before thinking of his electorate.

Look how excited he was, when catching up with his ISIS mates? I do hope they have some good stain removers, over in the Syrian desert.




Spot on!

AM Hants

No pun intended haha.


North Korea should promise never to “activate” their nukes , and then demand that the US drop all sanctions.

When you’re negotiating with the likes of Trump and Lindsay Graham , there’s no requirement that things have to make sense.


The more governments that extract themselves from the JewS, Jew world order, NATO nightmare and criminal syndicate and join the SCO, EEU and affiliated humanitarian peace, prosperity and progress inclined nations. The better that it will be for everyone. And the sooner that Palestine and our planet can be dejudified and this curse on humanity is extinct.

El Mashi

tertium non datur and the US chose Israel/Kurds over Turkey. For the US, what is the greater strategic ally in the world, Turkey or Israel. For Turkey, Nato or Eurasian integration, and a new historical alliance with Russia and Iran on an equal basis unlike the EU which never allowed Turkey membership (Muslims need not apply).


Sibel Edmunds at boiling frogs has an article that she expressed her deductions in and described this very scenario. She got this from the language they were using during testimony in CONgress. This a face saving effort for all involved. Good articles, worth a read.


Link please… for posterity (so many people nowadays (me included) have the attention span of a gold fish) and clicking on a link is easy and takes 2 seconds.


https://www.newsbud.com/2019/07/12/breaking-solid-indicators-show-still-secret-us-turkey-agreements-as-s-400-parts-delivered-today/ She seems to be quite good at seeing the whole picture. She is the one who outed the Gladio operation (from the 60s-70s) in Europe (remember the Red Brigades and the killing of Aldo Morrow?) and indicates that they are now in Gladio B, using the Muslims for the boogey man.

Gary Sellars

Great pic!! Perfect likeness of Flimsy Gayman…

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