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Donetsk And Lugansk People’s Republics Suffer More Casualties From Attacks By Pro-Kiev Forces

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Donetsk And Lugansk People's Republics Suffer More Casualties From Attacks By Pro-Kiev Forces


The peacemaking public image of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky seems to have little common with the Kiev government’s real policy in eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and Kiev-backed illegal armed groups consisting of neo-Nazis and other radicals still carry out regular attacks on civilian and military targets in the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics (the DPR and the LPR). On August 29, shelling by pro-Kiev forces killed 3 service members of DPR self-defense forces and injured 5 others. According to the DPR, the Kiev side used 120mm mortars, heavy machie guns and fire arms.

The DPR military described the situation at the contact line as worrisome and noted that the UAF actions demonstrate a negative tendency.

On August 30 and August 31, the UAF also violated the ceasefire using mortars and heavy machine guns targeting the vicinity of the DPR capital of Donetsk and positions of DPR forces on the contact line east of the city of Mariupol.

DPR and LPR forces seem to have no resources to respond symmetrically to the UAF actions or their response is limited by the political position of Russia that is not interested in the escalation in eastern Ukraine. In turn, Kiev and its Western backers do not limit themselves in actions.

This happens amid the expected ‘prisoner exchange‘ between Ukraine and Russia under the 33-33 formula. The prisoner exchange is another point of tensions. There are multiple documented cases of illegal detentions, torturing and killing of people by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). Now, the Kiev regime is planning to use the illegally-detained persons to get back people directly involved in real crimes and military provocations.


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Zionism = EVIL

Americunt PBS news openly boasted at how many Americunt morons are fighting for the Kiev ZioNazi regime. Unless Russia acts, Americunts and their Zionist masters will get more bold. Even third rate arselickers like Canada and UK have troops in Ukraine which is being militarized for a major war against Russia.


.succinctly put.


I feel great sympathy for the people of DPR/LPR. But apparently Russia doesn’t see it so much of a duty to help protect the people there…


Worry not. Putin will reintergate Belarus and much of Ukraine into Russian Federation before 2024.

Feudalism Victory

I believe they feel maintaining current borders are good enough. The status quo doesn’t lend itself to imperial over extension.


I have difefent opinion. Putin know that as long as milions of russians stay outside russina border, they will be easy target for US for chaos and problem making on Russian border.

Feudalism Victory

I respect your opinion. However the key is outside the russian border not within it. He certainly doesn’t stop them from migrating into russia proper. Its like fighting Islamists in syria not in russia. The key is to keep the fight out of the federation’s territory.

Feudalism Victory

They do not. Russian strategy,correctly, figures that these people function best as a proxy force whose purpose is to sap enemy strength and resources with out unduly sapping russian strength.



These are two hard options for Russia: one, sends reinforcement / hardware to neutralize UAF & Ukronazi personnel & hardware that threaten the region in vicinity of 10Km (border) and the western media would sing an old song “Russian Invasion”. Two, sit back and watching Donbass people getting bombed literally every single day, because anything that Russia do will always going back to point 1.

Daniel Miller

its quite easy wait it out Ukrainians are starting to realise whom is the real enemy and it seems that they are acting first the election and expect a 2nd Maidan but a pro Russian one since they have realised how imporatant Russia is to them both on a economic and cultural level.


Maybe some of those captured TOW missiles from Syria could get dispersed among the DPR forces?


Wow, so you claim this is unbiased reporting? Firstly, if armed groups are supported by their government in Kiev, they’re not illegal. What kind of clownery is that. Illegal by whose standards, the Martians’? Secondly, the so-called DPR self-defense forces are, of course, considered illegal by their government in Kiev, just as the self-proclaimed ‘Republic’. At least give a neutral account. This is beyond provocateurism.


The peacemaking doesn’t prevent Kiev from defending their territory. As a president, that’s Zelensky’s obligation. If the Syrian government tries to promote peace, it doesn’t mean they stop confronting seperatists. Naturally, Kiev does the same. The double standard of the Russian government is mindblowing. On one hand, they claim to defend sovreignty in Syria (which they do), on the other hand, they couldn’t care less about it in Ukraine. So, want a referendum? Well, why don’t you sit down with Turkey and have one in Northern Syria, the Jezire etc.?

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