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OSCE Mission Exposed: Hiding the Truth about War in Donbass (Video)

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DONi News, a news agency located in Donetsk, released a short documentary about the work of the OSCE Mission in the conflict zone of Donbass. The documentary depicts the real situation at the contact line and inaccuracy in the OSCE reports.

DONi News’ press release:

The OSCE claims to be a neutral observer of the conflict in Donbass and its staff should report first hand on daily events. But is this really true? Are the OSCE reports reliable, accurate and objective, as those should be?

So, have you heard about the dramatic situation in Zaitsevo, the civilian village located close to the frontline in Gorlovka, Donetsk People’s Republic?

Over the past weeks and months, Zaitsevo, and it’s over thousand residents have been targeted in daily basis by the Ukrainian armed forces with several weapon systems of all possible calibers.

Heavily damaged village has been for months without electricity and gas supllies. Because of the daily aggressions, it has been difficult or even impossible to provide for residents of Zaitsevo with humanitarian aid. At the same time the independent relief efforts were made to patch some of the most urgent needs among the population living in truly hellish conditions.

The war in Donbass continues, but the fact is, that the OSCE monitoring mission and the daily OSCE reports keeping silent about the events, especially in Zaitsevo, which the local defenders say, is attacked daily and heavily by the Ukrainian army, Right Sector troops, Tatars and even western backed mercenaries.

The DONi News team was following closely the work of the OSCE and especially the Head of the Monitoring mission, Alexander Hug in Zaitsevo. We had been documenting life in Zaitsevo and the DONi News Team had also been targeted by the Ukrainian forces while visiting this village, it’s vicinities and the defensive positions of the Donetsk Army.

This exclusive documentary will reveal our findings concerning the Donetsk battlefield in the middle of the civilian populated area, giving us some needed answers about the OSCE actions and also raising up new, serious questions about the hidden war in Donbass.

Director: Janus Putkonen
Cameraman: Roman Gnatyuk
News Team: Katerina Katina and
Vittorio Rangeloni

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