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Donbass Militia Could Launch Fresh Offensive on Kiev Forces?


Donbass Militia Could Launch Fresh Offensive on Kiev Forces?

Moscow is not condisdering an option to conduct massive military strikes on the Ukrainian territory in the answer to attempts of terrorist attacks conducted by the Ukrainian intelligence, the Russian daily “Vesti” reported, citing an anounymous source in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

However, a source close to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) leadership revealed that Moscow can stop preventing the actions of the DPR military as an answer to constant artillery shellings conducted by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donbass region.

The source said that such move had been already implemented earlier this summer when the Kiev forces attempted to seize a neutral zone set by the Mins agreements along the contact line in Donbass.

The move resulted in significant casualties among the Ukrainian troops involved in violations of the Minsk agreements.



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  • cheetah88

    so russia will no longer tell the dpr to hold back and let them counterattack or whatever as they see fit? i guess thats what this barely explained article means. if so, that is good news.

    • hhabana

      Agreed. If the psychotic hag gets elected she will do whatever to get most of the dumb Americans minds off the stagnant economy. The sooner Eastern Ukraine starts, the better. After the recent assault of Crimea, the war mongers in U.S. government and Kiev won’t let up.

  • Arya.Singh

    The change in their faces from miners, teachers to soldiers is complete.

    These aee not the same men from 2 years ago,

    Long Live Rus

  • Good and Evil cannot compromise. Their has to be an outright winner! Look at the war against the invading Mongols. Look at the wars against the invading Moors. Look at the war of the invading Babylonians. Look at the wars of the invading UK-Empire upon the world.
    Donbass needs to just win. Then the Zionist Occupied Government of Kiev will fail. Then the good Ukrainian people can form a real government, one which no longer injures them. And one that everyone around the world will appreciate.