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Donbass Front Lines Evolution In 2022

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Donbass Front Lines Evolution In 2022

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Donbass Front Lines Evolution In 2022
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Donbass Front Lines Evolution In 2022

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The main task of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine is to liberate the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics from Ukrainian forces.

In February 2022, the DPR occupied the territory of 7.85 thousand out of 26.5 square kilometers of the former Donetsk region. The LPR was located on the territory of 8.38 thousand square kilometers out of 26.6 thousand square kilometers.

In 2022, the Russian military achieved significant success in the LPR.

4 months after Russian troops crossed the border, on July 3, LPR authorities claimed that the republic’s troops, with the support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, completed the liberation of the republic within its “historical” borders.

One of the main battles in the Donbas was the battle for the town of Popasnaya, which is of strategic importance. After two months of fighting, the city came under Russian control in May.

The heaviest battles took place in the Severodonetsk-Lisichansk agglomeration, which ended on June 25 with the victory of Russian forces.

In autumn, Russian forces left their positions in the Kharkiv region. After the Russian retreat from Izium and Krasny Liman, several villages on the border of the LPR were captured by Ukrainian forces.

By the end of 2022, almost the entire territory of the Republic remains under Russian control. The front lines lie to the west of the Svatovo-Kremennaya road.

In the DPR, Russian forces took control of more than half of the territory of the republic.

The most significant Russian successes took place in the south.

From February to May, there was a battle for Mariupol, which ended with the surrender of Ukrainian garrison from Azovstal plant.

In the following months, a number of cities, including Volnovakha and Dokuchaevsk, came under Russian control. At the end of the year, the front line runs along the road between Ugledar and Velikaya Novoselka.

In the Donetsk region, the advance of Russian forces was slowed down by the need to break through the heavily fortified strongholds of Ukrainian forces, which were strengthened during the years of war in the Donbass.

In autumn, Russian forces knocked out Ukrainian units from the Donetsk airport area and advanced westward, taking control of the village of Peski.

Maryinka and Avdiivka remain the main Ukrainian strongholds which Russians are slowly encircling.

By the end of the year, the Russians managed to dislodge the Ukrainians to the western outskirts of Maryinka. Russian forces approached Avdeevka from the south, taking control of Opytne and from the northeast, taking control of Kamenka and Novoselovka.

In August, Russian units approached the city of Bakhmut. During the months of fighting, it was surrounded from the eastern, southern and northern directions, but reinforcements still reach the Ukrainian garrison in the city.

On August 3, the Ukrainian army announced that Russian troops had launched an offensive on Soledar. By the end of the year, fighting continues on the southern and eastern outskirts.

In 2022, the Russian troops have not yet completed the task of the military operations in the Donbass. The hostilities continue.

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War for russia is already lost. Attacking civilian infrastructure to create chaos in Ukraine is a desperate attempt to hide the true from Russians. Also the campaign in russian tv presenting the West as full of unhappy gay people, falling apparat society and living standards from 3rd world – putin is desperate! Wake up dear Russians – liberate yourself!


You are such a comedian! Stupid people enjoy playing Zelensky, the clown.


Well, the several US generals have openly stated that it is the logical phase of this kind of warfare. The destruction of logistical infrastructure is key to the defeat of a modern military. The Russians are liberating themselves everyday from western imperialism. Their economy is growing and reversing their inflation. The West is slowly withering now. Their ignorance has cost them greatly. The Eastbis resurgent and becoming the new order this world will see into the meet century and more. Even NATO generals aren’t trumpeting a Ukrianian Victory anymore. They have adopted a line of possible victory or peace without winning. This indicates the west is preparing for a possible retreat from their Ukrainian puppet. The War Is Lost, but not for Russia.


Ukraine will never win this war. At the moment the country is bankrupt, it survived thanks to aid from the EU and the USA, but how much will it cost to rebuild the country? Will the USA be able to pay the bill? Will all the scattered refugees return to the country? The only thing they can do is press for a peace agreement before the total destruction of the country. and they know it


The amount Russia is to pay is astronomical, so it can pay for everything


Pokrovsk occupanda est!


AFU stopped russian advance in its tracks and has been grinding them up for 10 months… heheheh


AFU is entering their ninth year of the ethnic cleansing ATO in Donbas, and the result is the loss of five oblasts in stead of two.

Gerry Bell

It’s obvious that it is really a war between Amerika and Russia and that ‘progress’ will be slow because there is so much at stake for both sides. At some point in the new year someone has to make a move. My bet is more rounds of missiles on Ukrainian cities targetting industry and admin this time (can there be any power infrastructure left?).


I think that if Russia continues they will soon end up with the conflict on their territory


One sided evolution. Nothing mention about Russia military humiliation and defeats and Russia General blunders. Looking just the minor Russia military success, I would look into planning for major offensive along the Dnieper river, cut off the UA units from supply, than terminates them, but looks like Russia Generals not up to the job and Russians solders paying the price


Oh, gee… Another one sided basement cuck demands two sidedness from others 😆😆😆🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🖕🏳️‍🌈🖕🏳️‍🌈🖕🖕 You need a nigger’s dick in your ass.

Last edited 3 months ago by Nigger
Schicksal Foundation is corrupted

As a person who fled Syria through Kurdish-Turkish border, the Turkish border guards almost killed us… pointing their weapons at us, yet NATO continues to portray Turkey as a “Civil Rights Defender”… Turkey along its neighbors, Greece, Hungary all are racists. Serbia was a great country against Fascism. Long live Russia!


But Germany in 1942 took ALL of Ukraine (Including Crimea ) in 28 days . And they had Horse drawn artillery


Derpy derp.


Germany didn’t need to take Ukraine. Murderous Bandera and crew were already allied with the Nazis.


Is Santa Claus in Dr Evils team as well?

Joseph Day

And then lost it, and half of their own country


This is true



So here you made a point, indeed. It shows the difference between former German Wehrmacht, and current Putin Army. But one thig most here do not fully grasp is the structures behind this war. There is one good german historian who in detail analysed it, and made a deep inside speech about it. It is extremly interesting what he found out, and is source-filled with facts and names, we all should know. Those who understand german language will enjoy this essay a lot. See: https://kuty.me/j76

Last edited 3 months ago by Boohootin

2022 demonstrated one thing: russian forces are a fking joke 😆😆😆


Yet Russia has not made any major gains. Russia still losing

Tommy Jensen

I have a question: Is Russia still storming Dumbass because they wanted to defend their Slavic brothers in Donetsk??

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