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Donbass blockade is finishing off Poroshenko and Akhmetov

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Donbass blockade is finishing off Poroshenko and Akhmetov

Original by Ruslan Ostashko; translation by J.Hawk

Ukraine once again demonstrates that a state which loses the monopoly on the use of force becomes a nothing, rapidly descending to the level of Somalia. During the night of March 1, the ultimatum issued by LDPR authorities, and which demanded that the unlawful economic blockade of the Republics be lifted or else external control would be established over enterprises hitherto under the control of oligarchs loyal to Kiev, expired. Blockade was not lifted, and therefore Kiev will have to deal with the consequences of its errors. For naught are Ukrainian journalists and politicians complaining that, in response to the Donbass blockade, LDPR supposedly “seized” Donetsk factories from their Ukrainian owners. First of all, they were not “seized” but placed under external management, and secondly, before complaining about LDPR leaders, these journalists and politicians should turn their attention to the Kiev regime from whom a group of radicals is openly seizing power.

The LDPR ultimatum was not issued in order to seize enterprises which until now continued operate in accordance with Ukrainian laws. If that’s what Zakharchenko really wanted, it would have been done a long time ago. The ultimatum was, as strange as it may sound, an attempt to help Poroshenko by giving him a pretext he badly needed to take out the radicals who took away his power and control over the economy of a country whose president he believes himself to be. It was also the final, clear signal to Ukrainian oligarchs who have to be made ot understand that, under the conditions of anarcho-Nazism there is no such thing as property rights, irrespective of what they believe. LDPR could tolerate the oligarchs for as long as they were preserving social stability by, for example, continuing to pay salaries to Donetsk industry workers, but if these industries are idled by the blockade, the society’s interests dictate they be reoriented toward Russia, which means doing that which Akhmetov and people like him would never do.

Ukrainian politicians are pretending that Ukraine is a country with a rule of law or something akin to one. That’s comical. Under a rule of law, nothing like the blockade of Crimea or of the Donbass would be possible, since it was imposed by people who have no legal authority to impose one. Ukraine is gradually turning into the Somalia of Europe, and one can no longer view it as a country with property rights or governance consistent with European legal traditions. No, here one needs different approaches.

In accordance with this new reality, one can, for example, introduce new basic principles into the Ukrainian code of law. One could plainly state in the civil code that the right to any asset belongs to either the Azov Nazi battalion or whoever can defend that asset from Azov. Ukrainian oligarchs were warned that playing with Nazis or ignoring the fact the country is turning into a hothouse of illegal armed formations could lead to the most tragic consequences for them, but they did exactly nothing to repair the situation. Now this very same Akhmetov has a choice–continue giving tearful interviews to the Western media, complaining how the evil separatists took away his Enakievo Metallurgical Plant or do something about those who established the blockade. Akhmetov is an old-school oligarch, from the ’90s, he knows perfectly well what to do in such cases. But if he can’t do that, then he’s no longer an oligarch, and nobody so helpless can be trusted with an asset.

One could say the same thing about Poroshenko. If he can’t stop the blockade of a part of territory which he considers a component of his country, then he’s no president but an usurper. The blockade was, incidentally, organized precisely in order to strike a political blow against Poroshenko, and this blow turned out to be a crushing one.

First of all, Ukrainian energy system is on the brink of collapse due to the lack of Donbass coal, and if this collapse really happens, the population will blame the president. Secondly, it suddenly became clear that it’s not Ukraine that’s essential to the Donbass, but Donbass that’s vitally essential to Ukraine, if only to make sure that Ukrainian homes have electricity, which runs counter to the whole mythology which Poroshenko’s propagandists have spun around the Donbass conflict.

Behind the scenes in Kiev, two options are being discussed over what to do with the Donbass. The few remaining normal experts in Kiev have argued to pick one of the two. The first is to attempt to truly integrate these territories into Ukraine, starting with paying the population’s pensions and civil servants’ salaries, with the aim of preserving economic ties and improving the Kiev’s image in the eyes of the local population. The second is to officially give up both Donbass and Crimea by cutting them off in their entirety, economic ties and all, forgetting about any territorial claims, and then seeking NATO membership and money from the West in such abridged form. Neither of these options suit Poroshenko or the Ukrainian Nazis, including Interior Minister Avakov. Poroshenko is simply hoping to eternally benefit from the frozen conflict on the Donbass, while Avakov–from a hot one. So in the end Kiev got the worst of both worlds. It cut its ties to the Donbass, didn’t receive anything in return, and lights in Ukraine could go out at any moment.

With this in mind, it is very symbolic to see that the Donbass Arena stadium in Donetsk was fully illuminated on the night of March 1, for the first time in the three years of the civil war. The bright lights of the Donbass contrasting with Banderite Ukraine descending into darkness seems to suggest people on both sides of the front on which side there is civilization, and on which nothing but darkness and barbarism. Light will, in the end, prevail.

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Wow, how patient are the Russians? For 3 years this arch-enemy of Donbass has been sucking their blood and they allowed that hoping they would come to some sort of agreement (Minsk 1,2,3…) with the junta in Kiev. There is also a third option that Kiev should consider: keep provoking Russia and you will lose everything as Russians live in substantially bigger area then just Donbass…

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The Russians are patient? Patient? With US, EU or Ukraine (a brotherly nation, as called by the Russian people)? Russia has lost its patience with the US and EU, who have been exposed as the barbarians they are in their attempt to take Ukraine from “Russia’s orbit”. The past 3 years have been like a real horror story for Russia-Ukraine and a massive tragedy for the Slavic and Russian world. The US/EU are really good at picking apart divisions in a country, real experts, as shown by Yugoslavia. As a British Indian, I can just imagine what the Russians must be feeling. It is like the India-Pakistan divide since 1947, but what took centuries there, the US/EU managed in just a few decades. Real experts. My analogy would be that the Russians have been feeling that their legs (Ukraine) have been slowly amputated by the US/EU. But the real shock for the Russians has been the realisation that it is half of Ukraine that have also held that saw and the other half, minus the Donbass and Crimea, have also been cheering them on. The only answer is for this painful process, without anaesthetic, to continue to its logical conclusion and for Ukraine to reconsider its options after its economy has been destroyed and they are sitting in the dark, unwanted by the US/EU Borg collective, and they have become Somalia/Libya/Afghanistan on the Black Sea. Sadly, Ukraine is well down this path.

Яков Райх

Can’t speak for the whole Russian people, bot for me all of this is pointless. It’s kinda sad that we are in a state of war of some sorts with Ukraine, but the truth is that everyone is wrong in this crisis. The only thing that really hurts me is that neither of us can’t see the true and whole picture. Russian mass media says that we are not even a part of this war. Yes, Crimea decided to left Ukraine and join Russia, but it was totally their own decision. And we told that there are none of our soldiers in Donbass.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I see that you are new. Welcome. It is good to have a Russian point of view. I take it you are Russian? I am neither Russian nor Ukrainian. I was born in India and have lived in London for nearly 50 years. I watch all the media for balance: BBC, CNN, NBC, CCTV, NDTV, RT etc. I have been to Ukraine 10 times before the 2013 Maidan and after the 2004 Maidan. I have never been to Russia.

Let me put you straight. It is NOT the policy of the EU to destabilise a country like Ukraine, using Neo-Nazi thugs to remove an ELECTED President. It was the policy of Poland, Sweden and Lithuania. This has now been backed by the whole EU that has caused over 10,000 people to die, Russian speaking people, in the Donbass, Odessa and Mariupol.

Do you know that 50 Russian speaking people were shot and burnt in Odessa as a result of Neo-Nazi thugs, supported by the US/EU/NATO in May 2014? Do you support this act? I do not. Now what do you think would happen if 10,000 Americans had been killed in Canada? On 9/11, 3000 US residents were murdered and the US killed many times more than that in Iraq and Afghanistan, on the other side of the world. Do you know this?

The Russian reaction in the Donbass has been rather mild compared to this.

I support the sovereign rights of free peoples. Do you? Therefore, I support the RETURN of Crimea to Russia, AFTER the US/EU/NATO removed the ELECTED President Yanukovych, elected by the whole people of Ukraine in 2010. I do not believe in the diktats of the US/EU/NATO. Do you? If they had their way, India would still be part of the British Empire.

What kind of evidence can I give you? Let the Dutch people speak. Did you know that the Dutch people had a referendum in April 2016 in which they REJECTED the Ukraine/EU association agreement. They were told that Putin had murdered 297 people on MH17, mainly from Holland, and yet still they voted against Ukraine. WHY?

Find out what the Dutch voters found out about Ukraine and the EU/US dirty and violent involvement there. Here is a link to the Guardian from London: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/apr/06/dutch-voters-reject-closer-eu-links-to-ukraine-in-referendum

Yes I know politics is difficult. But did the Donbass people asked to be attacked by Kiev’s tanks, artillery and grad missiles? Have you seen the state of Donetsk. Lugansk and Gorlovka? Did they not suffer enough under the Nazis during WW2?


Actually, the death toll might be more like over 100,000, with 9 times more life changing disabilities (making a million, with regards fatalities and injuries), not forgetting the millions that are displaced.

The figures came from a Presidential Candidate, Oleg Tsarov. (…Tsarev numbers 100,000, main page) He is generally knowledgeable, but is politician by profession, and here does not explain his source. Seems higher than expected… ) http://acloserlookonsyria.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Talk:Ukraine_war_casualties

Note that 100,000 is roughly the scale of natural yearly decrease in population for a number of years. Some figures here, though uncertain how Donbas, Crimea, and migration to Russia (latter two roughly 2 mil each) are dealt with, and exactly why, if not for the above, there is a big anomaly in 2015 –Resup (talk) 00:36, 24 August 2016 (UTC)

These are the figures, upto September 2014

Leaked supposedly official figures say (to Sept 5) Total losses: 47,103 (according to the NATO system) Killed and wounded: 31,015 people Killed: 26,000 (more then USSR losses in Afghanistan) POW: 1,988 people 14,100 people – deserted and MIA (most of them are killed, but not accounted so as not to pay compensation to families)… http://acloserlookonsyria.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Talk:Ukraine_war_casualties

I have just come across the Stalker Zone, and for perverse pleasure, they had an interview with Yats. Has he come back, thinking that he can take over from Porkie? It is well worth watching the video, because he looks so deranged and that is before he speaks.

Yatsenyuk Crucified by BBCs Stephen Sackur. http://www.stalkerzone.org/vladimir-kornilov-yatsenyuk-crucified-bbcs-stephen-sackur/

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Thanks for the update on the death and casualty figures for the Donbass. Here is the bottom line. If you or I were to instigate, finance and commit perjury to arrange for the death of one person, we would be convicted of murder and sentenced to death in many US states or life imprisonment in Europe. The US/EU/NATO gang does the same in Ukraine with the deaths of 10,000 to 100,000 Russian speaking people and the horrible injuries of thousands more in the Russian world, and they get to be the fount of all human civilisation? It truly makes me sick and determined to expose these liars, deceivers and murderers at every opportunity. I don’t believe it! The “superior and civilised” west had the benefits of empire, slave trade and the now control of the world’s finance, trade and political systems, with a dominant military, and still they sink so low? The best that mankind can offer? I think the US/EU/NATO are akin to cannibals. It makes me think that that mankind itself deserves to be fried in a nuclear mushroom and leave the planet to the ants and cockroaches.


I think the leaders are, but, not the people. Depsite the fact that we elect them.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I agree, people are people all over the world. It is the pretentious egotistical maniacal leaders that need to be exposed, caught and held to account. It is about time that we crowd-sourced a prosecution for Blair on Iraq. There must be a way.


Finally the Economy of Donbass is under proper management instead of being bled dry by the thieving and corrupt Ukrainian Oligarchs.

chris chuba

I just want to get this story straight. A few months ago, Donbass was able to sell coal to power plants in Ukraine. Then rightwing militias instituted a blockade in order to hurt Donbass economically despite the fact that it would also hurt Ukraine. Is this basically correct?


That’s the official “story” but it provides the illegal Kiev criminals plausible deniability, saying the “rebels” acted outside Kiev authority. I don’t buy it! Sounds like the same bullshit the US government has been telling Americans for decades! I’m an American, I know we’ve been fed constant lies!


It seems to me the IMF bargained for all of Ukraine through its thinly disguised bribes of help which only served to enslave Ukraine and its people. Without Donbass and Crimea, what is Ukraine? A big fat ZERO! I’m an American living in Ukraine and am fully supportive of ANYTHING that counters US, GB and Israeli attempts to destroy nations via war and debt!

Terry Ross

Just 10 weeks to Eurovision and the eyes of Europe will be focussed on Ukraine. I do hope Poroshenko has made all the preparations… hahaha

Sabia gonga

O kiralyshag(O REINO) tem histórias muito antigas para contar e bota história…..

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