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Donald Trump, The Manchurian Candidate and The Russia Probe. The Rosenstein Comey Mueller Intrigue

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Donald Trump, The Manchurian Candidate and The Russia Probe. The Rosenstein Comey Mueller Intrigue

Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Global Research

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein was slated to be fired by President Trump on Thursday September 27.   That meeting has been postponed until next week to avoid an overlap with the Senate hearings on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, Rosenstein has agreed to meet privately with Republican lawmakers. 

The outcome of the Rosenstein affair is uncertain. It is intimately related to the history of Russia-Gate which was launched prior to the November 2016 elections. Russia-Gate consisted in presenting Trump as a Manchurian candidate controlled by the Kremlin.

Already prior to his inauguration, the media had described “Trump as sleeping with the enemy”. The underlying political narrative focussed on “Impeachment”.

Donald Trump, The Manchurian Candidate and The Russia Probe. The Rosenstein Comey Mueller Intrigue

Belleville National Democrats, Jan 13, 2017,

The objective from the very outset during the 2016 election campaign was to discredit Trump, presenting him as a Manchurian candidate serving the interests of the Kremlin.

Prior to the November 8 elections, former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Leo Panetta had already intimated that Trump represented a threat to National Security. The Atlantic (October 8, 2016),  described Trump is a “Modern Manchurian Candidate”.

Donald Trump, The Manchurian Candidate and The Russia Probe. The Rosenstein Comey Mueller Intrigue

Vanity Fair November 1 2016

Donald Trump, The Manchurian Candidate and The Russia Probe. The Rosenstein Comey Mueller Intrigue

The Atlantic October 8 2016

This anti-Trump campaign continued unabated in the wake of the elections. Ironically, Rod Rosensteinwho had been nominated for the position of Deputy Attorney General by president Trump in February 2017, acted against Trump almost immediately following his confirmation on April 27, 2017.

Trump’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s mandate was to organize the so-called Russia Probe pertaining to alleged Kremlin interference in the November 2016 elections. Rosenstein’s first step consisted in the firing of FBI Director James Comey and appointing former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Council to lead the Russia Probe.

Fast Track Chronology

  • February 1, 2017, Rod Rosenstein is nominated by President Trump for the position of Deputy Attorney General;
  • April 27, 2018: Rod Rosenstein assumes office as Deputy Attorney General;
  • May 9, 2017 Rosenstein fires FBI Director James Comey. Upon his firing, Andrew McCabe, a Hillary Clinton crony is appointed Acting FBI Director;
  • May 19, 2017. Ten days later the Attorney General’s office appoints former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Council to lead the Russia Probe.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was largely instrumental in the firing of FBI Director James Comey. That decision did not emanate from president Trump.

Rod Rosenstein prepared a three page memorandum, which  criticized James Comey for his handling of the Clinton email investigation and the release of his October 28, 2016 Second Letter to Congress 11 days before Election Day.

Donald Trump, The Manchurian Candidate and The Russia Probe. The Rosenstein Comey Mueller Intrigue

This action by Comey referred to as “October Surprise” (2016)  was largely detrimental to Clinton’s candidacy. It certainly did not go against the interests of Donald Trump.  In this regard,  Comey could not be accused of coverup of the corruption and fraud within the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

What was the purpose of the May 9, 2017 firing of FBI Director James Comey: Cui Bono?  Who was behind it?

While Trump reluctantly endorsed the firing of Comey, based on Rosenstein’s recommendation, that decision was largely detrimental to Trump. It provided a greenlight to Rosenstein to appoint Mueller and initiate the Russia probe.

Donald Trump, The Manchurian Candidate and The Russia Probe. The Rosenstein Comey Mueller Intrigue

Screenshot of CNN and Trump twit, September 24, 2018

In practice, the decision was taken by the Attorney General’s office overriding the Presidency, precisely with a view to removing potential obstacles in the conduct of the alleged “Trump-Moscow collusion” investigation. With Comey out of the way, the corruption and fraud underlying the Democratic Party’s DNC including Clinton’s emails would not be addressed by the Russia Probe.

In this regard, Comey was slated to be removed. He was viewed as unpredictable and uncooperative. Moreover, the decision was also intended to weaken the presidency of Donald Trump.

And in the immediate wake of Comey’s dismissal, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Robert Mueller to serve as special counsel for the United States Department of Justice to investigate the alleged interference of the Kremlin in the November 2016 presidential elections. That appointment was conducive to establishing the so-called Russia-probe. It was explicitly intended to sustain the Russia-Gate legend as well as undermine the Trump presidency.

Donald Trump, The Manchurian Candidate and The Russia Probe. The Rosenstein Comey Mueller Intrigue

Comey and Mueller

The Mueller investigation under the auspices of the Department of Justice had a mandate to “exploring any coordination between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government as part of the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections”.

Rosenstein was the architect behind that process. Who was behind him?

At this juncture, the firing of Rosenstein is in limbo. If he is fired, it opens up a can of worms. The Russia Probe led by Special Council Robert Mueller would potentially be in jeopardy.

What this means is that if Rosenstein is fired by Trump, Mueller’s mandate as Special Council in the Russia Probe could be aborted with far-reaching implications for US foreign policy.

Will that take place? A power struggle against Trump is ongoing with a view to maintaining Rosenstein in office and protecting Robert Mueller.

The Democrats have called upon Republicans in the US Congress “to pass legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference”.

Donald Trump, The Manchurian Candidate and The Russia Probe. The Rosenstein Comey Mueller Intrigue

The stakes are high. The power struggle pertains to “protecting” the Russia-Gate narrative of alleged Kremlin interference not only in the US, but also  among America’s closest allies including Britain, France and Canada (where the issue of Russian meddling has been raised). It also pertains to an ongoing  battle to impeach Donald Trump.

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hope springs eternal.

I think Trump has been mighty patient with these treasonous sorts.


All zionists are traitors to their home countries, because they put israhellIs interests first.


Zionists have only 1 agenda; To Rule the World. Controlling the USA is the centre piece of that plan, everything else is tangential. Of course, IsraHell, UK and France might be better described as semi-peripheral in this Zionist Plot as they lend credence to the One World Narrative. Stormy Winter ahead for Trump and Co.. Pence in the Background with his snake worshipping red-neck Christians.


SWRNC = cheap shot.

Nigel Maund

There’s some extremely difficult battle going on between Trump and the Patriots (including Q) and the Anglo American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Globalist Cabal’s ciontrolled US Deep State, in which Rosenstein and Mueller have become key pieces in the ongoing 3D chess battle. At some stage, Rosenstein will have to resign over a variety crimes as he will be very soon indicted. This will expose Mueller’s position, and the entire Russiagate probe, which has been totally discredited. The Deep State’s No1 agenda is to remove Trump by any means possible. Howeve, during October this straegy will be utterly destroyed, as we will all see!!


What is clear from the events of the past few centuries is that there is a deep-rooted hatred of Russia that motivates some Jews to organise, fund and support anti-Russia campaigns. Napoleon didn’t get it right. Two World Wars didn’t get it right. A communist revolution organised mainly by Jews and funded mainly by Jews did not totally neutralise Russia and nor did an attempt to destroy Russia by Capitalism.

And so, we have yet another attempt in progress. Those of us who have no reason to hate Russians must avoid being suckered into another World War on behalf of the Russia-haters and should heap contempt on those who blame Russia for the fact that Hillary Clinton was the ONLY Democratic candidate who could lose the 2016 election.

Promitheas Apollonious

The problem is not the people but what is ruling them and until that change that I see it very pale to happen, we are going head first into a global total war. We all know who is causing it.

The other problem who is also unsolvable, minus a global war is the clones of the system who blindly supporting it.


I’m inclined to agree and I wish it was different. There are far too many people in the USA and also in the UK who seem to think that war is “good” and that the USA and UK are “the good guys”. There are too many people who, when confronted with a war that their elected representatives have foisted upon them, feel obligated to join the armed forces for “King and Country” or various other misguided notions of patriotism.

The propaganda is still, despite the ease of verification of the facts that the Internet affords us, very effective at persuading the sheep that their government knows best. So, throw around a few “highly likelys” and get a fat baffoon to shout, “Putin did it” and most of the sheep meekly believe what they are told. Despite everything, they are still willing to trust the government. Saddam’s non-existent “Weapons of Mass Destruction” are all too easily forgotten. Americans forget how to think whenever a flag is in sight and their misplaced patriotism makes them ripe pickings for the elite to use as cannon fodder in their damn wars.


If I make a wrong turn in my automobile this is not because of “capitalism.”


Certainly not. Stupidity also has a role in the affairs of humans.




You are filth.

Carol Davidek-Waller

First the Clintonistas had to recreate Russia as an enemy and then invent Trump as a special friend of that invented enemy. An astonishing achievement of lies, deceit and the dissemination of propaganda.




“February 1, 2017, Rod Rosenstein is nominated by President Trump for the position of Deputy Attorney General”

Trump shot himself in the foot big-time here. That he didn’t have advisers at his side who would have warned him about doing this is all on Trump. Looking at Rosenstein’s public history alone would have showed Trump where his loyalties would lie , not to mention what the intel agencies had on him.

Trump hit the ground running as Potus with a team that were , as often as not , trying to trip him up.

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