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Donald Trump Tells Congress Members He Considering Military Actions in Syria

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According to last reports, US President Donald Trump is considering a possibility of a military response to the chemical attack in Syria.

Donald Trump Tells Congress Members He Considering Military Actions in Syria

Photo: NBC News

US President Donald Trump told some members of the US Congress that he was considering a possibility of a military response to a chemical attack in the Syrian province Idlib, the CNN TV-channel reported on Thursday, citing its own unnamed sources.

The CNN’s sources said that the US president still had not firmly decided to take such a step, but had already started to discuss possible military actions with Pentagon chief James Mattis, whose opinion he respects.

US officials told the TV-channel that the Pentagon had long-standing options to strike chemical weapons capability of Syria, noting that those options had been presented to the Trump’s administration.

CNN pointed out that its sources stressed the fact that a decision still has not been taken.

Meanwhile, a senior official in the White House told the Reuters news agency that the US does not exclude a military response to the chemical attack in Idlib.

Earlier, Trump said that the chemical attack in Idlib has changed his attitude to toward Syria and country’s President Bashar al-Assad. When the US President was asked whether he was formulating a new policy on Syria, he answered: “You’ll see.”

On Tuesday, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces reported that 80 civilians were killed and 200 others were injured in the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun city in Idlib province. Oppositionists blamed the Syrian government forces for the attack. The Syrian Army’s Command resolutely rejected the accusations and blamed militants and their patrons for the attack. The Russian Defense Ministry also rejected these charges, but the West has already blamed Syria for everything. The US, the UK and France presented a draft resolution on the incident to the UN Security Council.

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Prince Teutonic

This idiot will start a WW3 over Syria. Not him actually but his puppet masters…


Yeah! And the casus belli is the film made by White Helmets. ROFL

I laugh to keep from crying

Νεαρός Εθνικιστής

What the hell’s wrong with him? Seems like he got drown by the Swamp!

888mladen .

What was wrong with us that we didn’t see it through? Nothing wrong with him. He is himself. A monster. He does exactly the opposite to what he says. It looks to me like Libya 2. It always starts with a volley of cruise missiles against strategic targets and then air raids All what is left now for me to do is to pray for the innocent victims of Syrian people to my God. I know that the USA will one day soon burn so much so that neither root nor branch will be left. Let all innocent blood of Syrian people be upon Trump and his family for this colossal crime.


worthless creature


He should go and fight, and send his kids too for s change

Dod Grile

Must enjoy playing in big steaming piles of stinking pooh. He would have guessed.

El Mashi

Looks like Israel will be lobbying for World War III. Once nuclear bombs are exchanged, and they will be exchanged, Israel will be in for a surprise. Everyone knows Zionisms Russophobia. Well, its now going to come true. Russia can jam any anti missile device that Israel has. All of Zionism effort to destroy Russia will end in Israel being a pile of plutonium ashes.


god i hope so, its a cancer


Don’t forget Russia supports Israel. Russian is one of the main languages in Israel.

888mladen .

It has been like this since Bolshevik revolution.


Are you interested in the Bolshevik revolution?


Is this all a ploy by the US and by launching a limited attack in Syria the US hopes to gain technical information about Russian electronic warfare systems that have shut down US warships ?

888mladen .

Russia has done nothing so far. No surprise to me. Putin didn’t supply manpads which are must in defense against cruise missiles. It’s hard to believe that RU MoD didn’t know anything about attack. RU is on the ropes in Syria period. All looks like a good bad cop game. It’s ally’s most important airbase has been bombed to stone age with ~15 and odd airplanes destroyed and many casualties one pilot killed etc. RU should cave in, get out of ME and stop its hypocritical game with Syrian government and its people enough is enough. RU is no ally to anybody.

888mladen .

Trump’s reverse speech: “You voted monster”. How true, actually reverse speech is always true. Find out on YouTube.

888mladen .

Trump’s response to Lavrov’s diplomacy 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired at the airbase in Homs.

888mladen .

And guys remember the US will never let this war finish on any other terms than their own. Golden opportunity was gone in 2016 and it’s never to come back and you guess whose fault that must have been.

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