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Donald Trump: ‘Future Belongs To Patriots Not Globalists’

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Donald Trump: 'Future Belongs To Patriots Not Globalists'

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UPDATED [26.09.2019]: On September 25, SouthFront was hurrying up to release a comparison of Donald Trump’s 2018 and 2019 UN addresses. This led to an editorial mistake and we released the US President’s 2018 address without a clarification that this was the 2018 address. Below, you can find the finalized text that includes the both addresses.


On September 24, US President Donald Trump made his third address to the United Nations. Many said that the adress was ‘ordinary’ for Trump. Some parts of the adress are inspiring, while others raise concerns.

Let’s compare the 2018 and 2019 addresses of the US President:

Donald Trump at the United Nations General Assembly 2018 (full transcript):

Madam President, Mr. Secretary General, world leaders, ambassadors, and distinguished delegates:

One year ago, I stood before you for the first time in this grand hall. I addressed the threats facing our world, and I presented a vision to achieve a brighter future for all of humanity. Today, I stand before the United Nations General Assembly to share the extraordinary progress we have made.

In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. America is so thrilled. [Laughter] I did not expect that reaction, but that’s okay. [Applause] America’s economy is booming like never before. Since my election, we have added $10 trillion in wealth. The stock market is at an all-time high in history, and jobless claims are at a 50-year low.

Comment: Mr. Trump is right and his ill-wishers cannot deny this. It is important to note that the successes of the US economy took place amid the decline of the global economy. The economic strategy of the Trump administration was designed to support the US national industry and demonstrated own effectiveness. The US nation is lucky that in the current condition the US leader is patriot Trump rather than some creature of the global capital.

African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American unemployment have all achieved their lowest levels ever recorded. We have added more than 4 million new jobs, including half a million manufacturing jobs. We have passed the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history. We have started the construction of a major border wall, and we have greatly strengthened border security. We have secured record funding for our military, $700 billion this year and $716 billion next year. Our military will soon be more powerful than it has ever been before. In other words, the United States is stronger, safer, and a richer country than it was when I assumed office less than two years ago. We are standing up for America and the American people.

We are also standing up for the world. This is great news for our citizens and for peace-loving people everywhere. We believe that when nations respect the rights of their neighbors and defend the interests of their people, they can better work together to secure the blessings of safety, prosperity, and peace. Each of us here today is the emissary of a distinct culture, a rich history, and a people bound together by ties of memory, tradition, and the values that make our homelands like nowhere else on Earth. That is why America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination. I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return.

Comment: Since the very start of the presidency, Mr. Trump has demonstrated that for him such words are not just a colorful rhetoric needed to cover destructive US actions towards other states. However, the life is not rainbows and unicorns. Washington has been demonstrating double standards in its foreign policy for a very long time.

From Warsaw to Brussels to Tokyo to Singapore, it has been my highest honor to represent the United States abroad. I have forged close relationships and friendships and strong partnerships with the leaders of many nations in this room.

Our approach has always yielded incredible change. With support from many countries here today, we have engaged with North Korea to replace the specter of conflict with a bold and new push for peace. In June, I traveled to Singapore to meet face-to-face with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un. We had highly productive conversations and meetings. We agreed that it was in both countries’ interest to pursue the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Since that meeting, we have seen a number of encouraging measures that few could have imagined a short time ago. The missiles and rockets are no longer flying in every direction. Nuclear testing has stopped. Some military facilities are already being dismantled. Our hostages have been released. And as promised, the remains of our fallen heroes are being returned home, to lay at rest in American soil. I would like to thank Chairman Kim for his courage and for the steps he has taken, though much work remains to be done. The sanctions will stay in place until denuclearization occurs. I also want to thank the many member states who helped us reach this moment, a moment that is actually far greater than people would understand—far great. But for, also, their support and the critical support that we will all need going forward, a special thanks for President Moon of South Korea, the Prime Minister Abe of Japan, and President Xi of China.

In the Middle East, our new approach is yielding great strides and very historic change. Following my trip to Saudi Arabia last year, the Gulf countries opened a new center to target terrorist financing. They are enforcing new sanctions, working with us to identify and track terrorist networks, and taking more responsibility for fighting terrorism and extremism in their own region. The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have pledged billions of dollars to aid the people of Syria and Yemen, and they are pursuing multiple avenues to ending Yemen’s horrible, horrific civil war.

Ultimately, it is up to the nations of the region to decide what kind of future they want for themselves and their children. For that reason, the United States is working with the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan, and Egypt to establish a regional strategic alliance so that Middle Eastern nations can advance prosperity, stability, and security across their home region.

Comment: These remarks once again demonstrate that the US president is the supporter of the traditional system of the international relations. At the same time, the colorful phrase about the right of “the nations of the region to decide what kind of future they want for themselves and their children” is used to hide anti-Iranian intentions and efforts to create and strengthen an anti-Iranian coalition that would include Jordan and Egypt. The goal of this coalition would be to counter Iranian influence and in some cases even to meddle the Iranian internal political situation.

Thanks to the United States military, and our partnership with many of your nations, I am pleased to report that the bloodthirsty killers known as isis have been driven out from the territory they once held in Iraq and Syria. We will continue to work with friends and allies to deny radical Islamic terrorists funding, territory, or support or any means of infiltrating our borders.

The ongoing tragedy in Syria is heartbreaking. Our shared goals must be the de-escalation of military conflict along with a political solution that honors the will of the Syrian people. In this vein, we urge the United Nations–led peace process to be reinvigorated. But rest assured, the United States will respond if chemical weapons are deployed by the Assad regime.

Comment: Mr. Trump demonstrates a dramatic shift of the US position towards the conflict in Syria. He does not repeat the ‘Assad must go’ mantra and says that the conflict should be settled through “political solutions”. The President also avoids to mention the supposed US support to the Syrian opposition. Even, the cornerstone of the US public agenda in the Syrian conflict, “chemical weapons”, is used just as a warning in for the case if such weapons “are deployed”. This stance is in contrary to the stance of the Obama administration and the Trump administration during its first two years.

I commend the people of Jordan and other neighboring countries for hosting refugees from this very brutal civil war. As we see in Jordan, the most compassionate policy is to place refugees as close to their homes as possible, to ease their eventual return to be part of the rebuilding process. This approach also stretches finite resources to help far more people, increasing the impact of every dollar spent.

Every solution to the humanitarian crisis in Syria must also include a strategy to address the brutal regime that is fueled and financed in the corrupt dictatorship in Iran. Iran’s leaders sow chaos, death, and disruption. They do not respect their neighbors or borders, or the sovereign rights of nations. Instead, Iran’s leaders plunder the nation’s resources to enrich themselves and to spread mayhem across the Middle East and far beyond. The Iranian people are rightly outraged that their leaders have embezzled billions of dollars from Iran’s treasury, seized valuable portions of the economy, and looted the religious endowments, all to line their own pockets and send their proxies to wage war. Not good. Iran’s neighbors have paid a heavy toll for the regime’s agenda of aggression and expansion. That is why so many countries in the Middle East strongly supported my decision to withdraw the United States from the horrible 2015 Iran nuclear deal and reimpose nuclear sanctions.

The Iran deal was a windfall for Iran’s leaders. In the year since the deal has been reached, the military budget grew nearly 40 percent. The dictatorship used the funds to build nuclear-capable missiles, increase internal repression, finance terrorism, and fund havoc and slaughter in Syria and Yemen. The United States has launched a campaign of economic pressure to deny the regime the funds it needs to advance its bloody agenda. Last month, we began reimposing hard-hitting nuclear sanctions that have been lifted under the Iran deal. Additional sanctions will resume November 5, and more will follow. We are working with countries that import Iranian crude oil to cut their purchases substantially. We cannot allow the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism to possess the planet’s most dangerous weapons. We cannot allow a regime that chants “Death to America” and that threatens Israel with annihilation to possess the means to deliver a nuclear warhead to any city on Earth. We just cannot do it. We ask all nations to isolate Iran’s regime as long as its aggression continues, and we ask all nations to support Iran’s people as they struggle to reclaim their religious and righteous destiny.

This year, we took another significant step forward in the Middle East in recognition of every sovereign state to determine its own capital. I moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The United States is committed to a future of peace and stability in the region, including peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. That aim is advanced, not harmed, by acknowledging the obvious facts. America’s policy of principled realism means that we will not be held hostage to old dogmas, discredited ideologies, and so-called experts who have been proven wrong, over the years, time and time again.

Comment: These remarks were expected. They were based on Trump’s vision of Israel as the key US ally in the Middle east. However, attempts to link the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem with the commitment to the “future of peace and stability in the region, including peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians” are surprising. It is unclear how the peace and stability could be achieved through these actions. Nonetheless, Trump once again demonstrated himself as the supporter of hard realpolitik principles and direct actions.

This is true, not only in matters of peace, but in matters of prosperity. We believe that trade must be fair and reciprocal. The United States will not be taken advantage of any longer. For decades, the United States opened its economy, the largest by far on Earth, with few conditions. We allowed foreign goods from all over the world to flow freely across our borders. Yet other countries did not grant us free and reciprocal access to their markets in return. Even worse, some countries abused their openness to dump their products, subsidize their goods, target our industries, and manipulate their currencies to gain unfair advantage over our country. As a result, our trade deficit ballooned to nearly $800 billion a year. For this reason, we are systematically renegotiating broken and bad trade deals. Last month, we announced a groundbreaking U.S.-Mexico trade agreement.

Comment: The strengthening of protectionism policies is generally consistent with Trump’s economic doctrine. Trump focuses on the revision of unfair, “broken and bad” trade deals. If Trump is re-elected, further protectionist measures in the field of the US foreign trade should be expected.

Just yesterday, I stood with President Moon to announce the successful completion of the brand-new U.S.-Korea trade deal. This is just the beginning. Many nations in this hall will agree that the world trading system is in dire need of change. For example, countries were admitted to the World Trade Organization that violate every single principle on which the organization is based.

Comment: The fact that the World Trade Organization does not work is an open secret. The organization de-facto does not pursues goals declared during its creation. Trump is right that the WTO violates “every single principle on which the organization is based.” It is important to note that the WTO gained its current form thanks to actions and policy of the previous US administrations, which were shaped by supporters of the globalists. These very powers were interested in the current state of the WTO. However, the US president that demonstrates different approaches, focusing on protectionism, the national economic development and the rationale nationalism, is not interested in such a state of the WTO.

While the United States and many other nations played by the rules, these countries use government-run industrial planning and state-owned enterprises to rig the system in their favor. They engaged in relentless product dumping, forced technology transfer, and the theft of intellectual property. The United States lost over 3 million manufacturing jobs, nearly a quarter of all steel jobs, and 60,000 factories after China joined the WTO. We have racked up $13 trillion in trade deficits over the last two decades.

But those days are over. We will no longer tolerate such abuse. We will no longer allow our workers to be victimized, our companies to be cheated, and our wealth to be plundered and transferred. America will never apologize for protecting its citizens. The United States has just announced tariffs on another $200 billion in Chinese-made goods, for a total so far of $250 billion. I have great respect and affection for my friend President Xi, but I have made clear that our trade imbalance is just not acceptable. China’s market distortions and the way they deal cannot be tolerated.

As my administration has demonstrated, America will always act in our national interests. I spoke before this body last year and warned that the UN Human Rights Council had become a grave embarrassment to this institution, shielding egregious human-rights abusers while bashing America and its many friends. Our ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, laid out a clear agenda for reform, but despite reported and repeated warnings, no action at all was taken. So the United States took the only responsible course: We withdrew from the Human Rights Council and we will not return until real reform is enacted.

For similar reasons, the United States will provide no support and recognition to the International Criminal Court. As far as America is concerned, the ICC has no jurisdiction, no legitimacy, and no authority. The ICC claims near-universal jurisdiction over the citizens of every country, violating all principles of justice, fairness, and due process.

Comment: Trump once again declares his vision of the United States as an independent sovereign state, which should be governed exclusively by the people of the United States through democratic procedures. He rejects the globalism and demonstrates that he is well aware of the nature and specifics of the processes that take place in a number of international bodies – for example, in the Human Rights Council and the International Criminal Court. He names the forces that dominate these organizations – the global bureaucracy and the associated global capital – the globalists aiming to establish the so-called New World Order. Trump makes it clear that he is a fierce opponent of this concept.


Comment: These words are the culmination and the very essence of the address. Globalists will not forgive this. The next US presidential race is expected to be even tenser than the previous one. Trump could be described as a controversial person. But in this very case, he seems to be an island of sanity and a clear vision surrounded by oligarchic clans advocating globalism and the New World Order.

In America, we believe in energy security for ourselves and for our allies. We have become the largest energy producer anywhere on the face of the Earth. The United States stands ready to export our abundant, affordable supply of oil, clean coal, and natural gas. OPEC and OPEC nations are, as usual, ripping off the rest of the world, and I don’t like it. Nobody should like it. We defend many of these nations for nothing, and then they take advantage of us by giving us high oil prices. Not good. We want them to stop raising prices; we want them to start lowering prices. They must contribute substantially to military protection from now on. We are not going to put up with it, these horrible prices, much longer. Reliance on a single foreign supplier can leave a nation vulnerable to extortion and intimidation. That is why we congratulate European states such as Poland for leading the construction of a Baltic pipeline so that nations are not dependent on Russia to meet their energy needs. Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course.

Here in the Western Hemisphere, we are committed to maintaining our independence from the encroachment of expansionist foreign powers. It has been the formal policy of our country since President Monroe that we reject the interference of foreign nations in this hemisphere and in our own affairs. The United States has recently strengthened our laws to better screen foreign investments in our country for national-security threats. We welcome cooperation with countries in this region and around the world that wish to do the same. You need to do it for your own protection.

The United States is also working with partners in Latin America to confront threats to sovereignty from uncontrolled migration. Tolerance for human struggling and human smuggling and trafficking is not humane. It is a horrible thing that is going on, at levels that nobody has ever seen before. It is very, very cruel. Illegal immigration funds criminal networks, ruthless gangs, and the flow of deadly drugs. Illegal immigration exploits vulnerable populations and hurts hardworking citizens and has produced a vicious cycle of crime, violence, and poverty. Only by upholding national borders, destroying criminal gangs can we break the cycle and establish a real foundation for prosperity.

We recognize the right of every nation in this room to set its own immigration policy in accordance with its national interests, just as we ask other countries to respect our own right to do the same, which we are doing. That is one reason the United States will not participate in the new Global Compact on Migration. Migration should not be governed by an international body, unaccountable to our own citizens. Ultimately, the only long-term solution to the migration crisis is to help people build more hopeful futures in their home countries. Make their countries great again.

Comment: Trump’s United States would continue demonstrate the rationale protectionism and isolationism and defend the right of the nation to decide what kind of future it wants for itself.

Currently, we are witnessing a human tragedy as an example in Venezuela. More than 2 million people have fled the anguish inflicted by the socialist Maduro regime and its Cuban sponsors. Not long ago, Venezuela was one of the richest countries on earth. Today, socialism has bankrupted the oil-rich nation and driven its people into abject poverty. Virtually everywhere, socialism or communism has been tried. It has produced suffering, corruption, and decay. Socialism’s thirst for power leads to expansion, incursion, and oppression. All nations of the world should resist socialism and the misery that it brings to everyone. In that spirit, we ask the nations gathered here to join us in calling for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela. Today, we are announcing additional sanctions against the repressive regime, targeting Maduro’s inner circle and close advisers.

We are grateful for all of the work the United Nations does around the world to help people build better lives for themselves and their families. The United States is the world’s largest giver in the world by far of foreign aid. But few give anything to us. That is why we are taking a hard look at U.S. foreign assistance. That will be headed up by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. We will examine what is working, what is not working, and whether the countries who receive our dollars and our protection also have our interests at heart. Moving forward, we are only going to give foreign aid to those who respect us and, frankly, are our friends. We expect other countries to pay their fair share for the cost of their defense.

The United States is committed to making the United Nations more effective and accountable. I have said many times that the United Nations has unlimited potential. As part of our reform effort, I have told our negotiators that the United States will not pay more than 25 percent of the UN peacekeeping budget.

Comment: The US president just mocked international bodies in his unique style. He declared support to their actions, but said that he would not give them money.

This will encourage other countries to step up, get involved, and also share in this very large burden. We are working to shift more of our funding from assessed contributions to voluntary so that we can target American resources to the programs with the best record of success. Only when we each of us does our part and contributes our share can we realize the United Nations’ highest aspirations. We must pursue peace without fear, hope without despair, and security without apology.

Looking around this hall, where so much history has transpired, we think of the many before us who have come here to address the challenges of their nations and of their times. Our thoughts turn to the same question that ran through all of their speeches and resolutions, through every word and every hope. It is the question of, what kind of world will we leave for our children and what kind of nations they will inherit. The dreams that fill this hall today are as diverse as the people who have stood at this podium, and as varied as the countries represented right here, in this body, are. It really is something. It really is great, great history.

There is India, a free society over a billion people, successfully lifting countless millions out of poverty and into the middle class. There is Saudi Arabia, where King Salman and the crown prince are pursuing bold new reforms. There is Israel, proudly celebrating its 70th anniversary as a thriving democracy in the Holy Land. In Poland, the great people are standing up for their independence, their security, and their sovereignty.

Comment: The list of ‘successful and democratic’ nations named by Mr. Trump is especially interesting and funny. He said that India is “a free society over a billion people, successfully lifting countless millions out of poverty and into the middle class”. But he somehow forgot to mention that India is the state with one of the highest levels of social inequality. In fact, India is in the list because it’s the main regional competitor of China, the US is draining brains from the Indian nation, and India is a prospective market for the US industry, mainly the military industrial complex.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are the united Middle Eastern family of the traditional US allies. Their economies are incorporated into the US economy.

As to Poland, this state is currently one of the main political and economic competitors of Germany within the EU and thus the US ally. At the same time, Washington sees Poland as a deterrent force against Russia. Besides this, Poland has been acting as an agent working in interests of the Anglo-Saxon world in Europe.

Many countries are pursuing their own unique visions, building their own hopeful futures, and chasing their own wonderful dreams of destiny, of legacy, and of a home. The whole world is richer. Humanity is better because of this beautiful constellation of nations, each very special, each very unique, each shining brightly in its part of the world. In each one, we see also promise of a people bound together by a shared past and working toward a common future.

As for Americans, we know what kind of future we want for ourselves. We know what kind of a nation America must always be. In America, we believe in the majesty of freedom and the dignity of the individual. We believe in self-government and the rule of law. We prize the culture that sustains our liberty, a culture built on strong families, deep faith, and fierce independence. We celebrate our heroes, we treasure our traditions, and, above all, we love our country. Inside everyone in this great chamber today, and everyone listening all around the globe, there is the heart of a patriot that feels the same powerful love for your nation, the same intense loyalty to your homeland, the passion that burns in the hearts of patriots and the souls of nations has inspired reform and revolution, sacrifice and selflessness, scientific breakthroughs and magnificent works of art.

Our task is not to erase it, but to embrace it—to build with it, to draw on its ancient wisdom, and to find within it the will to make our nations greater, our regions safer, and the world better. To unleash this incredible potential in our people, we must defend the foundations that make it all possible. Sovereign and independent nations are the only vehicle where freedom has ever survived, democracy has ever endured, or peace has ever prospered. And so we must protect our sovereignty and our cherished independence above all. When we do, we will find new avenues for cooperation unfolding before us. We will find new passion for peacemaking rising within us. We will find new purpose, new resolve, and new spirit flourishing all around us, and making this a more beautiful world in which to live.

Together, let us choose a future of patriotism, prosperity, and pride. Let us choose peace and freedom over domination and defeat. Let us come here to this place to stand for our people and their nations.

Comment: These are great words. Nonetheless, we kindly ask Mr. Trump to reveal the list of nations that would have a right able to achieve this “future of patriotism, prosperity, and pride”, according to his vision.

Forever strong, forever sovereign, forever just. Forever thankful for the grace and the goodness and the glory of God. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the nations of the world. Thank you very much.


Comment: In the end, it is also interesting to note that Mr. Trump has almost fully ignored the so-called ‘Russian threat’ in his address. He mentioned Russia once when talked about the US interests in the European energy market and the German-Russian relations. However, there was no criticism aimed against Russia in general. Furthermore, the US President fully ignored the Ukraine question demonstrating his real stance towards the conflict.

Over the past days, the Trump administration has sent signals that it is not going to fund Ukraine just because it’s allegedly engaged in the “war with Russia”. Furthermore, Washington demonstrates that it is not interested in the further escalation of the situation in the region.

Donald Trump at the United Nations General Assembly 2019 (full transcript):

Thank you very much.  Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, distinguished delegates, ambassadors, and world leaders:

Seven decades of history have passed through this hall, in all of their richness and drama.  Where I stand, the world has heard from presidents and premiers at the height of the Cold War.  We have seen the foundation of nations.  We have seen the ringleaders of revolution.  We have beheld saints who inspired us with hope, rebels who stirred us with passion, and heroes who emboldened us with courage — all here to share plans, proposals, visions, and ideas on the world’s biggest stage.

Like those who met us before, our time is one of great contests, high stakes, and clear choices.  The essential divide that runs all around the world and throughout history is once again thrown into stark relief.  It is the divide between those whose thirst for control deludes them into thinking they are destined to rule over others and those people and nations who want only to rule themselves.

I have the immense privilege of addressing you today as the elected leader of a nation that prizes liberty, independence, and self-government above all.  The United States, after having spent over two and a half trillion dollars since my election to completely rebuild our great military, is also, by far, the world’s most powerful nation.  Hopefully, it will never have to use this power.

Americans know that in a world where others seek conquest and domination, our nation must be strong in wealth, in might, and in spirit.  That is why the United States vigorously defends the traditions and customs that have made us who we are.

Like my beloved country, each nation represented in this hall has a cherished history, culture, and heritage that is worth defending and celebrating, and which gives us our singular potential and strength.

The free world must embrace its national foundations.  It must not attempt to erase them or replace them.

Looking around and all over this large, magnificent planet, the truth is plain to see: If you want freedom, take pride in your country.  If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty.  And if you want peace, love your nation.  Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.

THE FUTURE DOES NOT BELONG TO GLOBALISTS.  The future belongs to patriots.  The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique.

Comment: These remarks are in the framework of Trump’s public position and de-facto continue the 2018 address:



It is why we in the United States have embarked on an exciting program of national renewal.  In everything we do, we are focused on empowering the dreams and aspirations of our citizens.

Thanks to our pro-growth economic policies, our domestic unemployment rate reached its lowest level in over half a century.  Fueled by massive tax cuts and regulations cuts, jobs are being produced at a historic rate.  Six million Americans have been added to the employment rolls in under three years.

Last month, African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American unemployment reached their lowest rates ever recorded. We are marshaling our nation’s vast energy abundance, and the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world.  Wages are rising, incomes are soaring, and 2.5 million Americans have been lifted out of poverty in less than three years.

As we rebuild the unrivaled might of the American military, we are also revitalizing our alliances by making it very clear that all of our partners are expected to pay their fair share of the tremendous defense burden, which the United States has borne in the past.

At the center of our vision for national renewal is an ambitious campaign to reform international trade.  For decades, the international trading system has been easily exploited by nations acting in very bad faith.  As jobs were outsourced, a small handful grew wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

Comment: One again, Trump shows that his administration has own economic policy. The US President explained  his position in details in the 2018 address:

“Many nations in this hall will agree that the world trading system is in dire need of change. For example, countries were admitted to the World Trade Organization that violate every single principle on which the organization is based.”

Since then, Trump’s position has not changed.

In America, the result was 4.2 million lost manufacturing jobs and $15 trillion in trade deficits over the last quarter century.  The United States is now taking that decisive action to end this grave economic injustice.  Our goal is simple: We want balanced trade that is both fair and reciprocal.

We have worked closely with our partners in Mexico and Canada to replace NAFTA with the brand new and hopefully bipartisan U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

Tomorrow, I will join Prime Minister Abe of Japan to continue our progress in finalizing a terrific new trade deal.

As the United Kingdom makes preparations to exit the European Union, I have made clear that we stand ready to complete an exceptional new trade agreement with the UK that will bring tremendous benefits to both of our countries.  We are working closely with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a magnificent new trade deal.

Comment: This part includes nothing new. Trump repeats his position towards Brexit that he has repeatedly demonstrated since 2019. Amid multiple issues and the increasing competition in the global economy, the Trump administration seeks to build a new form of the Anglo-Saxon trade, economic and investment partnership that would be a strong competitor of the EU and China.

The most important difference in America’s new approach on trade concerns our relationship with China.  In 2001, China was admitted to the World Trade Organization.  Our leaders then argued that this decision would compel China to liberalize its economy and strengthen protections to provide things that were unacceptable to us, and for private property and for the rule of law.  Two decades later, this theory has been tested and proven completely wrong.

Not only has China declined to adopt promised reforms, it has embraced an economic model dependent on massive market barriers, heavy state subsidies, currency manipulation, product dumping, forced technology transfers, and the theft of intellectual property and also trade secrets on a grand scale.

As just one example, I recently met the CEO of a terrific American company, Micron Technology, at the White House.  Micron produces memory chips used in countless electronics.  To advance the Chinese government’s five-year economic plan, a company owned by the Chinese state allegedly stole Micron’s designs, valued at up to $8.7 billion.  Soon, the Chinese company obtains patents for nearly an identical product, and Micron was banned from selling its own goods in China.  But we are seeking justice.

The United States lost 60,000 factories after China entered the WTO.  This is happening to other countries all over the globe.

The World Trade Organization needs drastic change.  The second-largest economy in the world should not be permitted to declare itself a “developing country” in order to game the system at others’ expense.

For years, these abuses were tolerated, ignored, or even encouraged.  Globalism exerted a religious pull over past leaders, causing them to ignore their own national interests.

Comment: Trump explained his position in details in the 2018 UN address:

“Many nations in this hall will agree that the world trading system is in dire need of change. For example, countries were admitted to the World Trade Organization that violate every single principle on which the organization is based.”

But as far as America is concerned, those days are over.  To confront these unfair practices, I placed massive tariffs on more than $500 billion worth of Chinese-made goods.  Already, as a result of these tariffs, supply chains are relocating back to America and to other nations, and billions of dollars are being paid to our Treasury.

The American people are absolutely committed to restoring balance to our relationship with China.  Hopefully, we can reach an agreement that would be beneficial for both countries.  But as I have made very clear, I will not accept a bad deal for the American people.

As we endeavor to stabilize our relationship, we’re also carefully monitoring the situation in Hong Kong.  The world fully expects that the Chinese government will honor its binding treaty, made with the British and registered with the United Nations, in which China commits to protect Hong Kong’s freedom, legal system, and democratic ways of life.  How China chooses to handle the situation will say a great deal about its role in the world in the future.  We are all counting on President Xi as a great leader.

Comment: In the 2018 address to the UN, Trump admitted that China is the main US competitor. In 2019, the anti-Chinese rhetoric was strengthened through the Hong Kong question. Additionally, Trump is no more describing President Xi as a “friend”.

The United States does not seek conflict with any other nation.  We desire peace, cooperation, and mutual gain with all.  But I will never fail to defend America’s interests.

One of the greatest security threats facing peace-loving nations today is the repressive regime in Iran.  The regime’s record of death and destruction is well known to us all.  Not only is Iran the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism, but Iran’s leaders are fueling the tragic wars in both Syria and Yemen.

Comment: Trump’s rhetoric towards Iran remains similar to those of 2018.

At the same time, the regime is squandering the nation’s wealth and future in a fanatical quest for nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.  We must never allow this to happen.

To stop Iran’s path to nuclear weapons and missiles, I withdrew the United States from the terrible Iran nuclear deal, which has very little time remaining, did not allow inspection of important sites, and did not cover ballistic missiles.
Following our withdrawal, we have implemented severe economic sanctions on the country.  Hoping to free itself from sanctions, the regime has escalated its violent and unprovoked aggression.  In response to Iran’s recent attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, we just imposed the highest level of sanctions on Iran’s central bank and sovereign wealth fund.

Comment: The US President confirmed that the US is working to create a new myth claiming that Iran attacked Saudi oil facilities.

All nations have a duty to act.  No responsible government should subsidize Iran’s bloodlust.  As long as Iran’s menacing behavior continues, sanctions will not be lifted; they will be tightened.  Iran’s leaders will have turned a proud nation into just another cautionary tale of what happens when a ruling class abandons its people and embarks on a crusade for personal power and riches.

For 40 years, the world has listened to Iran’s rulers as they lash out at everyone else for the problems they alone have created.  They conduct ritual chants of “Death to America” and traffic in monstrous anti-Semitism.  Last year the country’s Supreme Leader stated, “Israel is a malignant cancerous tumor…that has to be removed and eradicated: it is possible and it will happen.”  America will never tolerate such anti-Semitic hate.

Fanatics have long used hatred of Israel to distract from their own failures.  Thankfully, there is a growing recognition in the wider Middle East that the countries of the region share common interests in battling extremism and unleashing economic opportunity.  That is why it is so important to have full, normalized relations between Israel and its neighbors.  Only a relationship built on common interests, mutual respect, and religious tolerance can forge a better future.

Comment: Commenting on the situation in the Greater Middle East, Trump says that there is “a growing recognition” of Israel in the region. As to the mentioned “common interests”, it’s apparent that these are the interests of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US.

Iran’s citizens deserve a government that cares about reducing poverty, ending corruption, and increasing jobs — not stealing their money to fund a massacre abroad and at home.

After four decades of failure, it is time for Iran’s leaders to step forward and to stop threatening other countries, and focus on building up their own country.  It is time for Iran’s leaders to finally put the Iranian people first.

America is ready to embrace friendship with all who genuinely seek peace and respect.

Many of America’s closest friends today were once our gravest foes.  The United States has never believed in permanent enemies.  We want partners, not adversaries.  America knows that while anyone can make war, only the most courageous can choose peace.

For this same reason, we have pursued bold diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula. I have told Kim Jong Un what I truly believe: that, like Iran, his country is full of tremendous untapped potential, but that to realize that promise, North Korea must denuclearize.

Around the world, our message is clear: America’s goal is lasting, America’s goal is harmony, and America’s goal is not to go with these endless wars — wars that never end.

Comment: These are great words. Nonetheless, we kindly ask Mr. Trump to reveal the list of nations that would have a right able to achieve this “future of patriotism, prosperity, and pride”, according to his vision.

With that goal in mind, my administration is also pursuing the hope of a brighter future in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, the Taliban has chosen to continue their savage attacks.  And we will continue to work with our coalition of Afghan partners to stamp out terrorism, and we will never stop working to make peace a reality.

Here in the Western Hemisphere, we are joining with our partners to ensure stability and opportunity all across the region.  In that mission, one of our most critical challenges is illegal immigration, which undermines prosperity, rips apart societies, and empowers ruthless criminal cartels.

Mass illegal migration is unfair, unsafe, and unsustainable for everyone involved: the sending countries and the depleted countries.  And they become depleted very fast, but their youth is not taken care of and human capital goes to waste.

The receiving countries are overburdened with more migrants than they can responsibly accept.  And the migrants themselves are exploited, assaulted, and abused by vicious coyotes.  Nearly one third of women who make the journey north to our border are sexually assaulted along the way.  Yet, here in the United States and around the world, there is a growing cottage industry of radical activists and non-governmental organizations that promote human smuggling.  These groups encourage illegal migration and demand erasure of national borders.

Comment: Trump repeats his commitment to the US national sovereignty, control of the nation borders and rejects the globalism ideology.

Today, I have a message for those open border activists who cloak themselves in the rhetoric of social justice: Your policies are not just.  Your policies are cruel and evil.  You are empowering criminal organizations that prey on innocent men, women, and children.  You put your own false sense of virtue before the lives, wellbeing, and [of] countless innocent people.  When you undermine border security, you are undermining human rights and human dignity.

Many of the countries here today are coping with the challenges of uncontrolled migration.  Each of you has the absolute right to protect your borders, and so, of course, does our country.  Today, we must resolve to work together to end human smuggling, end human trafficking, and put these criminal networks out of business for good.

To our country, I can tell you sincerely: We are working closely with our friends in the region — including Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama — to uphold the integrity of borders and ensure safety and prosperity for our people.  I would like to thank President López Obrador of Mexico for the great cooperation we are receiving and for right now putting 27,000 troops on our southern border.  Mexico is showing us great respect, and I respect them in return.

The U.S., we have taken very unprecedented action to stop the flow of illegal immigration.  To anyone considering crossings of our border illegally, please hear these words: Do not pay the smugglers.  Do not pay the coyotes.  Do not put yourself in danger.  Do not put your children in danger.  Because if you make it here, you will not be allowed in; you will be promptly returned home.  You will not be released into our country.  As long as I am President of the United States, we will enforce our laws and protect our borders.

For all of the countries of the Western Hemisphere, our goal is to help people invest in the bright futures of their own nation.  Our region is full of such incredible promise: dreams waiting to be built and national destinies for all.  And they are waiting also to be pursued.

Throughout the hemisphere, there are millions of hardworking, patriotic young people eager to build, innovate, and achieve.  But these nations cannot reach their potential if a generation of youth abandon their homes in search of a life elsewhere.  We want every nation in our region to flourish and its people to thrive in freedom and peace.

In that mission, we are also committed to supporting those people in the Western Hemisphere who live under brutal oppression, such as those in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

According to a recent report from the U.N. Human Rights Council, women in Venezuela stand in line for 10 hours a day waiting for food.  Over 15,000 people have been detained as political prisoners.  Modern-day death squads are carrying out thousands of extrajudicial killings.

The dictator Maduro is a Cuban puppet, protected by Cuban bodyguards, hiding from his own people while Cuba plunders Venezuela’s oil wealth to sustain its own corrupt communist rule.

Since I last spoke in this hall, the United States and our partners have built a historic coalition of 55 countries that recognize the legitimate government of Venezuela.

To the Venezuelans trapped in this nightmare: Please know that all of America is united behind you.  The United States has vast quantities of humanitarian aid ready and waiting to be delivered.  We are watching the Venezuela situation very closely.  We await the day when democracy will be restored, when Venezuela will be free, and when liberty will prevail throughout this hemisphere.

One of the most serious challenges our countries face is the specter of socialism.  It’s the wrecker of nations and destroyer of societies.

Events in Venezuela remind us all that socialism and communism are not about justice, they are not about equality, they are not about lifting up the poor, and they are certainly not about the good of the nation.  Socialism and communism are about one thing only: power for the ruling class.

Today, I repeat a message for the world that I have delivered at home: America will never be a socialist country.

In the last century, socialism and communism killed 100 million people.  Sadly, as we see in Venezuela, the death toll continues in this country.  These totalitarian ideologies, combined with modern technology, have the power to excise [exercise] new and disturbing forms of suppression and domination.

For this reason, the United States is taking steps to better screen foreign technology and investments and to protect our data and our security.  We urge every nation present to do the same.

Freedom and democracy must be constantly guarded and protected, both abroad and from within.  We must always be skeptical of those who want conformity and control.  Even in free nations, we see alarming signs and new challenges to liberty.

A small number of social media platforms are acquiring immense power over what we can see and over what we are allowed to say.  A PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS IS OPENLY DISDAINFUL, DISMISSIVE, AND DEFIANT OF THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.  A FACELESS BUREAUCRACY OPERATES IN SECRET AND WEAKENS DEMOCRATIC RULE.  Media and academic institutions push flat-out assaults on our histories, traditions, and values.

In the United States, my administration has made clear to social media companies that we will uphold the right of free speech.  A free society cannot allow social media giants to silence the voices of the people, and a free people must never, ever be enlisted in the cause of silencing, coercing, canceling, or blacklisting their own neighbors.

Comment: These remarks are the cornerstone of Trump’s position. SouthFront fully supports this anti-globalist rhetoric. Furthermore, it strengthened since the 2018 address. In 2018, Trump described the global bureaucracy as “unelected” and “unaccountable”. In 2019, the global bureaucracy became “disdainful”, “dismissive”, “defiant” and “faceless”.

As we defend American values, we affirm the right of all people to live in dignity.  For this reason, my administration is working with other nations to stop criminalizing of homosexuality, and we stand in solidarity with LGBTQ people who live in countries that punish, jail, or execute individuals based upon sexual orientation.

We are also championing the role of women in our societies.  Nations that empower women are much wealthier, safer, and much more politically stable.  It is therefore vital not only to a nation’s prosperity, but also is vital to its national security, to pursue women’s economic development.

Guided by these principles, my administration launched the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiatives.  The W-GDP is first-ever government-wide approach to women’s economic empowerment, working to ensure that women all over the planet have the legal right to own and inherit property, work in the same industries as men, travel freely, and access credit and institutions.

Yesterday, I was also pleased to host leaders for a discussion about an ironclad American commitment: protecting religious leaders and also protecting religious freedom.  This fundamental right is under growing threat around the world.  Hard to believe, but 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where religious liberty is in significant danger or even completely outlawed.  Americans will never fire or tire in our effort to defend and promote freedom of worship and religion.  We want and support religious liberty for all.

Americans will also never tire of defending innocent life.  We are aware that many United Nations projects have attempted to assert a global right to taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, right up until the moment of delivery.  Global bureaucrats have absolutely no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that wish to protect innocent life.  Like many nations here today, we in America believe that every child — born and unborn — is a sacred gift from God.

There is no circumstance under which the United States will allow international entries [entities] to trample on the rights of our citizens, including the right to self-defense.  That is why, this year, I announced that we will never ratify the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which would threaten the liberties of law-abiding American citizens.  The United States will always uphold our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  We will always uphold our Second Amendment.

The core rights and values America defends today were inscribed in America’s founding documents.  Our nation’s Founders understood that there will always be those who believe they are entitled to wield power and control over others. Tyranny advances under many names and many theories, but it always comes down to the desire for domination.  It protects not the interests of many, but the privilege of few.

Our Founders gave us a system designed to restrain this dangerous impulse.  They chose to entrust American power to those most invested in the fate of our nation: a proud and fiercely independent people.

The true good of a nation can only be pursued by those who love it: by citizens who are rooted in its history, who are nourished by its culture, committed to its values, attached to its people, and who know that its future is theirs to build or theirs to lose.  Patriots see a nation and its destiny in ways no one else can.

Liberty is only preserved, sovereignty is only secured, democracy is only sustained, greatness is only realized, by the will and devotion of patriots.  In their spirit is found the strength to resist oppression, the inspiration to forge legacy, the goodwill to seek friendship, and the bravery to reach for peace.  Love of our nations makes the world better for all nations.

So to all the leaders here today, join us in the most fulfilling mission a person could have, the most profound contribution anyone can make: Lift up your nations.  Cherish your culture.  Honor your histories.  Treasure your citizens. Make your countries strong, and prosperous, and righteous.  Honor the dignity of your people, and nothing will be outside of your reach.

When our nations are greater, the future will be brighter, our people will be happier, and our partnerships will be stronger.

With God’s help, together we will cast off the enemies of liberty and overcome the oppressors of dignity.  We will set new standards of living and reach new heights of human achievement. We will rediscover old truths, unravel old mysteries, and make thrilling new breakthroughs.  And we will find more beautiful friendship and more harmony among nations than ever before.

My fellow leaders, the path to peace and progress, and freedom and justice, and a better world for all humanity, begins at home.

Thank you.  God bless you.  God bless the nations of the world.  And God bless America.  Thank you very much.  (Applause.)


Comment: The last part of Trump’s address about American values, religious liberty, LGBTQ, women’ rights and child  issues are first of all related to the US internal policy and related to the 2020 presidential election.

However, it should be noted that Trump ends his address repeating that he’s going to strengthen the US as a national state and further. He repeats that he is not going  to limit the US freedom of actions by any international deals or obligations that may damage the US economy or interests of its citizens.

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Stupid and idiotic comments, the best president for the American imbecile population.

Feudalism Victory

It was great!!!

Damien C

Hope it wasn’t the Patriot missile system he was referring to, because it’s a pile of junk

Pave Way IV

He meant Israeli patriots, not American ones.

Tommy Jensen

He meant Russian patriots. After Putins hypersonic kalibr show, Washington read the writing in the sky. Everybody knows Americans are globalists.

AM Hants

As Saudi found out.

Tommy Jensen

Not bad at all. The best part of it is the anger and foam of the mouth from the green leftish LGBT group.

In two years Trump made up, what the Obama wimp destroyed in 8 years. Hopefully the American sheeple wont forget the jobs created when the 2020 election arrive.


But what about Greta


Have you seen her handler? The brown headed female? She works for a Soros foundation! Greta is a Soros puppet! She has handlers!


But I thought Tommy was a stalwort Greta supporter


he is being sarcastic! u didnt see that? wow!

Tony B.

Yes, and his “sarcasm” is so stilted and unfunny that it does the opposite of what he supposedly intends, making one wonder just which “side” he’s on. It’s way past time for him to grow up and quit this juvenile stupidity.


Trump is good though! Tulsi is good! And the Greta comment above was hilarious!

Tommy Jensen

Im always on the wrong side because wrong side is the right side………LOL. That one was fokking funny man.

Feudalism Victory

An unlikable and pitiable figure.

Tommy Jensen

Five years in psychological treatment maybe would do Greta good. I do however fear she will never be human again, destroyed and molested for life by her disgusting parents and exploiters.


You seem to be thinking exactly the same as the good old Czechs (a very sensible country)…see Lubos on this subject here (entitled, Greta has united Czechs, urgently needs psychiatric care):


Tommy Jensen

Thanks a lot for the link. Surprise surprise. Im in a scandinavian country for the moment, just yesterday someone told me I am completely alone in the country with my opinion…………………LOL. Im so happy to see the good Czechs havent giving up their ability to logo. An island of reason. Russia are with us a long way. Trump gave it the f… finger, and China refuses to teach their children anything about the Nobel Prize. Sorry but Trump is better than msm describe him, and between these pervert supporters to Greta, Trump looks like an angel from heaven……………..LOL.


i agree!


I don’t. He can’t even pay the interest on the debt, let alone the principal.

Maybe you should look at Shadow Stats and decide if maybe the economic picture being painted by the administration is in accurate and that’s why Trump can’t even pay the interest let alone the principal


i know what u are saying but u forgot something! The next World trading exchange are SDR’s! If u dont know what they are google it! Basically when the worlds financial markets collapse, 6 different currencies will be used as an SDR (like a pie)! As of 2016, China and the US would have an equal share in the SDR! NOT ANYMORE! Since China is going down and the US rising (although temporarily) the USA get a much MUCH bigger stake on the SDR! in 2016 China had a 41% stake and the USA about 43%! But now that China is collapsing (revolutions / coups coming) US shifting its manufacturing away from China and back to the USA or into Central America and India for Cheap labour! China is devaluing its currency yet oil prices WILL GO UP. Iran Sanctioned (soon to be embargoed) Venezuela Sanctioned and embargoed! China wont be able to get oil (except from Russia which makes Russia happy) Oil will be double (maybe triple) the price, China loses manufacturing (due to IP theft) loses their ACE card (rare earth minerals) as now Australia becomes the supplier!

So the collapse is inevitable you are right! But its about crushing China and propping up the USA (Trump is brining investment in) Therefore after the collapse and the new SDR system, the world will recover faster via the USA!

China cant be trusted and would have emerged the new global power! Not anymore! They will barely emerge a regional power! They fucked up! They are going back to peasant farming! im not kidding! Stealing Tech and implanting spy chips into western systems after being INVITED into the WTO is disgusting!

They were warned long ago!

China will lose its manufacturing for the world! Vietnam, central america, India etc etc are taking those over now! So America is blocking China’s access to oil via Iran, Venezuela and saudi just lost half export capacity! Russia will hugely benefit from high oil prices and larger market share! So too the USA!

This was all planned!

USA emerges the super power (along with Russia) after the economic collapse!

So u are right but wrong!

Yes there will be a debt collapse but the management and positioning of the economic status before the collapse is what makes Trump so GREAT!

This collapse will occur after Trump leaves office! Time will be given to Trump to bring in as much money and investment as possible into the USA and out of China! Then when he leaves office they will allow some political hack to become President and the collapse of the worlds financial markets will occur! Recovery will occur via the USA (not China) THANK GOD FOR THAT!


That wouldn’t be my view of how things play out. But we’re not there yet. So you may be right about some of it.

People like myself who voted for Trump did so on the end the wars balance the budget build the wall protect gun rights etc. basis. Almost all of which with the possible exception IF Trump gets reelected the wall. He’s done a complete about face on.

My view of the future is that I don’t know. There are to many variables for your or others projections to play out with certainty.

What I do know is the Trump caved on America First to become one more Zionist traitor when he ran into resistance. By the end of his first term there’s a high probability that he will have added 3.5 trillion to the debt with nothing to show for it except same o same o. And none of the endless forever wars will be stopped.

He’s not going to be able to get reelected on America First again. Nobody will buy it. Either the dems screw up, or Trump gets enough of the wall built to brag about it. But this election will be much different than the last.

He’s fully transformed himself into a swamp traitor like all the rest. He can’t ditch 3.5 trillion more in debt and claim great economic success. Which is what he’s going to try to do.

He also has the Zionist thing going against him. America is becoming increasingly anti Israel, and with good reason.


– Young adults less likely than older people to have a favorable view of the Israeli government –



trump didnt do an about face on the wall! u been watching to much fake news! a new 250 miles has been funded by the military! (national security)

Mate you really dont know whats going on do u! OK u seem to be someone who reads certain news stories and doesnt actually understand what is really happening! I feel sorry for u because a lot of people do know!

ive explained it on this site many times (in regards to israel) and im not going through it again!

Im sorry u will just have to find out for urself! Trump is NOT helping Israel, he is HURTING israel! Your natural response will be “Jerusalem, Golan Heights etc”!

Thats when i am supposed to explain everything to you. But to do that i have to write sooooooo much! U will likely counter me with laughs and further questions and i will feel the need to explain even more!

Im not doing this again! Im done with people on this site who dont find information for themselves! im not saying youre stupid, im just saying its obvious that u do not seek information from the best sources!

i will finish my rant with this one last comment and u can take it from there! “Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”!

Im right on Trump! You are wrong! i know whats going on (as hundreds of millions do) unfortunately u are one of those stragglers still lingering in the woods!

if u dont believe me wait until the IG report comes out! The next 12 months will be amazing! Get your popcorn ready! be patient!


I have a problem with your sources. Q and an AshkeNAZI Jew shrink aren’t credible. Sure there is some truth mixed in to fool gullible people like you who swallow their bulls— hook, line and sinker. I’m not that stupid. But I’ll revisit the subject in 12 months and make an assessment.

Judging from Trump doing an about face on just about everything. You misread my wall comment. I could have stated it clearer. Trump simply isn’t credible. If Trump gets reelected the wall might be built. That will be about the only thing that he campaigned on that he didn’t circular file.


You need to STOP being lazy and start reading the Q board! Read all the links! What pain does it cause to just read it, even if u see it as fiction what does it hurt?

Also tell me how everything is predicted with accuracy down to the same minute! i wish people like u would just read!

you know i was just like u! believed the same as u! Now i am enemies with the people who were my allies on this site! Because something has changed! And its obvious it has! Since when does the MSM attack a President so much?

That man is not an Ashkenazi from Georgia (the country)! His family was from Poland!

You will see! You will see!


I’ll wait till the election and see what happens. Which will probably be that your sources were wrong. They’ve been wrong before and you’ve dismissed that as preplanned Orwellian double speak. Aka bulls—. Which is what your sources are feeding you. That’s my Intel assessment at this time. It’s all bulls— with a little truth mixed in to string the gullible along.


your intel assessment is you sitting on your computer and coming to SouthFront to cheer lead!

Yet now millions of people are coming together to sift through social media accounts of various celebrities, politicians, who they are connected too etc etc! Also weeding out the illegal funds transfers and setting Judicial Watch and the FOIA upon them! There is now a civilian intelligence agency thanks to this movement! And in the end, THEY ARE ON THE SAME SIDE AS U!

They do find isreal, Mossad and mainly jewish globalists guilty! Have u seen the resignations of big banks and insurance companies etc?

They have found that the US was funding terrorists in Syria! They have photographic proof! This is all in your interests yet u sit here bickering about it! Have u not ever wanted a civilian movement that holds people accountable and wakes people up? Have u ever not wanted the people to wake up and join together to stop these endless wars and corrupt CEO’s and ministers? ITS HAPPENING NOW!

But u just sit there whinning and moaning and never fully realising what is happening! u havent been to the forums or threads where people (lawyers, policeman, accountants, students, doctors, normies, house wives) come together and collaborate and share interest into knew findings! People are very curious now! People now understand how Govt works and the basic corruption and how that works! All via ports of entry etc! They now understand how certain elites become Rich (truly rich) and its not from production of goods! Now they understand that these rich people and politicians have families that date back long a go who are still involved in this shit! People now understand why Intelligence agents marry lawyers! Why politicians marry CEO’s and why Wealth Marries wealth! Its one big circle of protection and control, the ability to leak information and create a closed network!

We understand how they communicate (even in plain site (double meanings) we have learned decoding (spy craft)!

Then the discoveries from such!

How is it helpfull that people who knew nothing about govt now understand the role of the senate, congress, executive branch, their roles and powers? Huh?? how does that help if its all just a RUSE!

People are now informed, focussed, interested, communicating, collaborating and sharing! Its fucking amazing and we are all doing it on our own!

And people like u are sitting their making judgements when in reality u dont know whats going on do u! Be honest! u havent read fuck all! u read a few posts and decided its all bullshit!

u cant believe that something good might be coming out of the USA!

You are so closed minded! And its yourself who is the worst enemy! its the way u have trained your brain, to doubt everything, be skeptical of everything, join the revolution only after the true revolutionaries have done the hard work! You are the TIMID just as Mark twain said! It will cost u nothing to join the revolution THAT IS HAPPENING UNDER YOUR VERY NOSE WITH so many Proofs that are made beyond a doubt! beyond any doubt! Tell me how can someone tweet that same words within 7 seconds and post the same shit on 8ch at the exact same time?

Why does the Presidents convoy beep its horns for Q signs that say “Beep for Q”!

how does someone request the President to say a random made up word and yet the next day he says it!

have u seen those who tried to say they were Q yet were proven lied? Do you know who William Binney is? NSA Whistle blower Director of NSA tech dept

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d7fadc86736e3d031ba7dd99a4b909fc6ecbe0099578ee6b5e135dcbcb45c7c8.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d50326d48213ffd2e5ecb9918fa8f44972d56aba1b37a7809c9d5c80a8a4e002.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a6e8e9220293b4daa2de47e2b0fc34be2411cc94cf0cdcbc3cfabf1878f35e8.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d7b0accaefb951a30e351bb8a0cbc273f7b63c012025daabd14429be258c8511.jpg

NSA Top mathematician and Cryptologist, 8Chan owner, Military intel guys, whistle blowers, and Spies spying on Mossad Director at Epstein’s NY mansion who so happened to be Israel’s former President! Why would they Spy on Mossad in America? Why would they work against Israeli intelligence and bust its control key (the pedo honey trap that controls US politicians and therefore its foreign policy)


did u know the Edward Snowden was a bad guy? Assange is a good guy!

u probably live in a world where u refuse to believe that! But think about it, Why would they produce a movie for Snowden and claim him to be a hero! Why did he go to China first? Why didnt they just cancel his passport so he couldnt go anywhere?

You cant answer these questions because u refuse to believe Snowden is bad! Snowden was a CIA spy planted into the NSA!

The CIA was AIDING China and transferring tech because the CIA and Mossad are Globalist intel agencies propping up, transferring industry and tech to china and doing their best to collapse the USA!

Use the USA for israeli goals in the middle east, destroy middle east but also collapse the USA while doing so and then rule from China the new super power who was GIVEN its industry and tech on a silver plate!

What is China? President for life, communist, digital spy grid, Social credit system! This country would be the leader of the world!

All business would be a monopoly with no manufacturing or building regulations polluting what they want while we in the west pay a global carbon tax!

Wake the fuck up! Good guys got control and u are bitching about it!


I call it as I see it. Trump went back on almost everything that he ran on. He’s added 3.5 trillion in debt his first term with trillion dollar plus deficits as far as the eye can see if he stays in office. He’s continuing the forever wars and vetoed the stop the Yemen war bill. He’s a Saudi lap dog who’s done more for Israel than any recent president.

These are the FACTS. When I see credible evidence of something different I’ll look at it. You haven’t provided it. Trump is a Zionist Israel firster anti American traitor continuing the forever wars, supporting Israel to the hilt, and running the debt up to the stratosphere.


OK so youre someone who believes what he see’s or hears! FINE!

I suppose someone releasing tons of information and pictures of Epstein, Prince Andrew, Clinton etc about 18 months before he was busted isnt something that u would consider “SEEING”!

I suppose telling everyone 18 months before that the Army of Engineers will build the wall is not Hearing FACT!

i suppose the NXIUM Cult being exposed 6 months before its leader was busted isnt FACT!

i suppose the Brofmans being indicted isnt fact!

i suppose the Rothschilds being directly involved in the McCain institute (they are in photos on the site) and the Clinton foundation is something you already knew about?

i suppose Ghislane Maxwell being talked about for 18 months before Epstein’s arrest was just a fluke yeah?? just a fluke??

Her father was Robert Maxwell, the Top Mossad spy!

I suppose this is helping Israel yes?? YES?? it helps?? YESS???? Does it help?? yes or no?? What about the Israeli President at Epsteins mansion?? that helps Israel?? Does Prince Andrew’s implication help England? Americas ally!! does it help??

Or does naming jerusalem the capital (just words) make a difference! U know the US only spent 400k on that! Golan heights also! UN doesnt agree! So it means NOTHING! What it does is gain Israeli DEM voter support for Trump and shields Trump from attacks by Israeli politicians!

This is chess u moron!

If Trump came out and attacked israel, how does that help him get re-elected?

Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer!

Many FACTS have come true but mainly FORETOLD! FACTS!!

Exposing Human Trafficking Instagram accounts…. i suppose thats nothing for u huh??

What HURTS Israel MORE?? Taking out MOSSAD’s Honey Trap which enables them to control US foreign policy OR naming Jerusalem and Golan (UNOFFICIALLY) to be a part of Israel?

the naming does FUCK ALL other than gaining Trump support from his Christian voters! But killing the pedo rings and Israeli control of the USA is what matters most!

i mean we got the MOSSAD and EX President by the fucking balls! And the Royal family!

I mean what do u think can be done with this information?? DEALS? If the UK people were shown videos of Andrew dicking kids, the monarchy would be finished! The monacrhs will always protect themselves!

Look what happened to the Saudi’s, they changed their Crown Prince As soon as Trump arrived! Trump was the first visit there! And then all the princes were held in a hotel prison!

Did u see the Rothschilds sell their land in Germany? Who the fuck sells land they held for 200 years? You know how much they sold it for?? 130 million!!! This was the Black Forrest in Germany…. we are talking about a huge amount of land here! Sold for just 130 million!


head of google Eric Schmidt resigning the day after the Ex Order on Human trafficking was signed?

Dude, they are bringing them down for their crimes! Human Trafficking and Pedo rings! Either done under the table deals or prison!

have u noticed everyone starting to pump money into the US economy? Japan just handed over 50 billion!

you have no idea about facts dude! u have blinkers over your eyes!

i can tell you FACTS and prove them! And u will just have nothing to say because youre a backwards moron!


That’s a complete dodge. Those are minor issues compared to Trump the Yinon plan toady, the forever wars and crippling debt which you are completely ignoring. It is immaterial to what I wrote:

“I call it as I see it. Trump went back on almost everything that he ran on. He’s added 3.5 trillion in debt his first term in office with trillion dollar plus deficits for as far as the eye can see if he stays in office. He’s continuing the forever wars and vetoed the stop the Yemen war bill. He’s a Saudi lap dog who’s done more for Israel than any recent president.

These are the FACTS. When I see credible evidence of something different I’ll look at it. You haven’t provided it. Trump is a Zionist Israel firster anti American traitor continuing the forever wars, supporting Israel to the hilt, and running the debt up to the stratosphere.”

Read my words, “When I see credible evidence of something different I’ll look at it.” None of your long spiel changes a single thing that I’ve written.


I know what you’re looking at. This is what I’m looking at.


– List of countries by foreign-exchange reserves –



“Russia’s federal budget in January-June was executed with a surplus of 1.561 trillion rubles (24.6 billion U.S. dollars), or 3.1 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP), the Russian Finance Ministry said Wednesday in a report of preliminary estimates.”

– Russia budget surplus totals 3.1 pct of GDP in first half of 2019 –


The real Trumponomics.

“Deficits. In CBO’s projections, the federal budget deficit is $960 billion in 2019 and averages $1.2 trillion between 2020 and 2029.”

– An Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2019 to 2029August 21, 2019 –

https://www.cbo.gov/publication/55551 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7e3089971870945a975cc8822a12926386c15b1b2d88eb503fcd0992f01f4a6.png

The Trump “economic miracles”:



you NEED to watch these first 2 interviews! China’s economy is fake! Hong Kong is KEY!!! Watch and learn! (you sent me wikipedia and MSNBC links) Now watch mine!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH5QzuzD01A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cwXifDaCjE


The US needs to get rid of it’s Jews and Zionists like China did. Stop the forever wars, balance the budget, and concentrate on expanding the economy rather than trying to conquer the world.


in regards to the USA! You are correct! they will crash! However, this is so inevitable that (i have read and heard) that whilst the USA is still alive and kicking, that they are now (with Trump) kicking the can down the road for as long as possible! WHY? Because they need to position themselves for the inevitable fall! The powers that be (globalists) used and raped the USA! Transferred its industry (to China) and used the US military for not only conquering oil rich lands and pushing israeli geopolitical (even religious) ambitions but also to collapse the US economy and nation as a whole! Only to setup shop in China! no guns, no constitution, right to bare arms of freedom of speech! At least the USA had it as a law! Even if it was a fasade! But the gun owners ensured this! No matter what they did (school shootings etc) the American people just bought more guns! China was the ideal resolution! so for 30 years, whilst they USED the USA and its war machine in the middle east, they also transferred its industry and tech to China! Then used China to expediate the US decline! China stayed out of wars whilst the US increased its position and decreased its popularity! China is the perfect place! Push a one world religion (environment) and blame it on people and population! Push a carbon tax and regulations of existing western industries where only a certain amount of emissions could be exhausted globally! China buys them all and pollutes to its hearts content! Western industries paying extremely high carbon taxes and limited to producing small amounts because of emission limits!

MONOPOLY! Protection! China has no regulations! Cheap slave labour! Dissent is dealt with digitally or if need be, people disappear!

So the USA using its position and its reserve currency status, its oil reserves, its leverage over the EU and ability through the benefit of geography is sanctioning and enforcing an embargo upon Venezuela (because of China)!

Israeli control is gone! But keeping them close is a benefit in this moment! Rare earth minerals play a big game now and so the US has made a very tight deal and relationship with Australia!

so while the ability to print its own wealth is still viable, they are fixing their border (a weak point china is using against the USA), building up the military, dropping income taxes and regulations to spur spending and create a temporary fix! Doing what is neccessary before the inevidible! But they are taking out Globalist puppets!

NK free’d! China being dealt with! Israel being dealt with (behind the scenes) Saudi being dealt with, Europe being dealt with (this includes Brexit), Monarchy’s being dealt with (Prince Andrew) and Danish Royals!

Prince andrew and danish royals (crimes against humanity / trafficking / pedo shit) equates to Greenland And Australia! Greenland becoming a cheap purchase (like alaska) and Australia becoming and very close ally and a republic!

u can bet ur balls Venez will be under US control just as Saudi arabia is!

Land and Resources! The old game that has never changed! The US (while it can) is positioning itself for the coming collapse! These mineral rich and oil rich nations will keep the wheel turning or will help the US recover after the new monetary trade system is put in place! China will be dealt with! i believe Russia is on board with this too! There are reasons i believe this because of research which as u know is alternative! i already KNOW your common knowledge!

So the spending is like someone having a 100,000 credit card and knowing for sure that the worlds economy is going to collapse! use that card to buy your guns and build your defences and buy your food rations before the whole thing collapses!

And when the US collapses, so too will china (even harder)! So too the world! But the first to recover will be the USA! Through allies and trade! China will be left to its own economy but not after revolutions and govt corruption is exposed!

We are now in the big game! The USA under trump is weeding out its corruption and exposing it! china will be left in ruin when it happens there!

i know im right! i think u know 10% of whats really happening!


If everything that I’ve written is so inaccurate, then disprove it. So far you haven’t disproven any of it.


Find out FIRST who this guy is on this youtube video! Not what Wikipedia tells u (which is still impressive)! ok ill give u some details! 1. Former head of Black Ops 2. Operated for the US intel services for 50 years 3. Head Psychiatrist for US intel services (for purposes of intel warfare) 4. Co-Wrote all Tom Clancey’s books (expert on special ops_ 5. The movie character “Jack Ryan” is based on this man in the video much much more!

Listen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6-gUqNPi4I&list=FL5a7exFGzl7wd0XBpwu7t_Q&index=65&t=0s

Trump has worked with the NSA for most his life! didnt drink, didnt smoke! Attended all parties and involved in both parties! Trump brought in the same way Putin was brought in (by intel services)

Hints for u to understand whats really going on! What is the name of Trumps famous book? “The Art of The Deal”! Who does Trump constantly quote? “The Art of War”! What has Trump tweeted over many years? Who predicted the wall would be built by the US Army of Engineers 2 years before they began? Funding for the wall was put into the US DEFENCE budget! u didnt know that did u? If u didnt, then u dont truly know whats going on! Supreme court granted wall can be built due to Human Trafficking (national security overwrites states rights)!

Im sorry, but you have a lot to learn! if u feel offended OR feel the need to laugh at my comments go ahead! But honestly, youre in the dark! If you want to learn more, swallow your pride (assuming you know) and ask me questions OR go find it yourself!

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/708d38841bdfe4e4f2fb989538e4966ad3cae3aa57a6f1d4a5fb2147d303122e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac72d724b4a38912e077f5930661c537a34bf15d979a5deac08b90d4ff2e843f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7920a8fb1abb1972d9c260dd22c4806bc3181d5e6107c59abe6b8986300ca870.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d4d5cfb0d80070bb158795848ee7540f61474066eae43313ddc322774b87f9e0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7b365ec214eb19d00f05cf5e229bd2cea938fe72f7f2a9f5431f8aa72dcaad6b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7eb7d7471e3d1bb9ef7adbddcffb01c07ab8fa30b6b337bf1ce5ec2eb59f5bb9.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e4cd22cbc6141ce8e9eb4586d1bf8a5c876a7ca1c48e40afd2efbe7e7323cb5.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b6f20100a9a7fad9d7224a772788f3b7e6479cb28c852aa413a3edbd406a983.png


if i was to tell you that Erik Prince (Founder and former head of Black Water) was working With BUT AGAINST the CIA as a double agent for the NSA and the DIA and is going to expose to the world what Hillary and Obama did in Benghazi and what McCain did in Syria (arming terrorists) you would think im crazy!

How would u like to see the ORIGINAL photos from the phone that took the photos of McCain in Turkey meeting with Terrorist counter parts! Black water was protecting him (Prince was a double agent against McCain).

i can show u the photos to prove! and Erik Prince testimony (will come out within the next 12 months in congress or senate hearings). Im right on this! Because we (hundreds of millions of people) know where this information is! Why dont you?


I am surprised that Trump could speak so many words, as opposed to Twitter. This must be part of the the 2020 reelection campaign.

Feudalism Victory

You’ve obviously never watched a rally…do it! They’re on YouTube and they’re great!


Trump is a robot – and there is tape running under his orange hair.

Feudalism Victory

Right on. TRUMP 2020!


Hitler 2020!

Tommy Jensen

Sorry, but Trump is the best America can offer. The other champions especially the women are trash. (allright Tulsi is a darling but too god to be true).


Don’t forget Americans are not only low educated imbeciles – there is also a lack of empathy! American Nazi scum likes to murder abroad!

cechas vodobenikov

this has been verified by amerikan narcissism researchers. Reuters (2016): only 15% of amerikan adults believe torture is never justified; 2/3 support the use of torture, only exceeded in 1 African nation in the midst of a civil war

Tommy Jensen

The sheeple are worse than any of our leaders. Otherwise our leaders wouldn’t be leaders.

Tony B.

Bull shit. Most Americans never even think about torture. Reuters is another Jew propaganda organ.

cechas vodobenikov

u merely confirm that u r a stupid racist barbarian next


For someone who has multiple business interests all over the world, from golf courses in Scotland to hotels in the far east, and he’s not a “globalist”, yeah, sure, whatever.


Lulz Ikr..


I stopped reading the address after the first couple of paragraphs and comment. Trump is running up the debt as fast as his predecessors. Because he can’t even pay the interest, which is at historic lows rate wise. Let alone the principal.


Trump is an Israel Firster.


Yep – Trump the military globalist therefore will recall all US Nazi soldiers?


Shit in, shit out, its a idiots aproatch to everything, Trump is an conman, period. And of course, claims that UssA isnt run by globalists is the eqvivalance of saying Santa is real, just go to Rovaniemi. The Imperial banana repubic will implode, this idiot and the rat pack behind him, will make it happen and dont for an second think this economic downfal is an acsident, its an willed policy, why, others have said it for years, so I dont bother to deal with it further but say that Trump is just babbeling nonsense. And isnt even trustwurthy what so ever.

AGW, again, what is it you dont get, AGW aka CC is 100% bollocks, period. One thing is Climate change, another thing is what have been thrown into the bucket of that narrative, where they have managed to say biodiversity, yeah, bio what, when the same people states Windmills is an briliant way of going greeen, build upon regions where the biodiversity is vital, like high mountain regions with roads, etc to take out large areas to build windmills and whines about forest fires in Brazil. Biodiversity isnt about CC at all, biodiversity is failing due to other factores like monoculture, where polenatores needs the biodiversity to have an living beside the short flowering seson they have with large farms like aple trees, etc, and when that glossoming is over the polenatores have little or nothing to live by the rest of the year, and take an look at fields, there is an presure to get as much you can out of the field and that alone have cut down everything, redusing the wilde diversity polenatores needs to survive, there are scientistic materials that confirms that, etc. Another way to say it, is marchlands/moors, they whine about snowbikes destroying the marclands, but thats not an fact, you only need one quad bike in the summer time to destroy an mire for at least two generations if it ever comes back, because of drainages of the mires, and that alone destroys the mire and its inherent biodiversity, and that again cascades into birds, etc. Then another area witch is overlooked and not even debated apart from some sniveling drivel about acidification of our oceans to somehow explain the lack of biodiversitys aka fish and so on to the one of the most important issue we have and thats the Kelp forests, pulverised by bottom trawling. Just to give you One ex. I know of an fjord, up to the 70s you could just row out lets say 50m and fish for an hour and you have what you needed for the rest of the week regarding fish as food, then in the 70s everything changed, why, 3 trawlers came, trawled the entire fjord and just now, 50 years later is it somehow returning back to what was, not fully but much better, they destroyed it completelly, industial scale fishery should be banned, this is also to the insane use of Sonars etc, kills eggs to muchro orgs. Dumpin of chemicals, etc, the same problem crushed what was the main living of people in Africa, eastern costs is an shithole, not because of Africans but the westen ind. scale and fisherys, incl Chines etc, they all have been there and so Norwegians, and now there is nothing left. But all we hear is CO2, huh. I could go on for hours, but ends this little rant here, if humanity is to move further we need to be honest, and go for what have created the problems, like the releasing of Kamtjatka crabs in the North atlantic oceans, an ecological mega f…. up, and this creatures is destroying out fishing grounds as we speak, all for some f…. fists of silver coins, and the consequencess is completely ignored because of some few people benefits and they are rich as f…. and the polticians sees them as untuchable. Pestecides and GMOs, is ruining countrys after countrys, with destorying the Rise to make em to monocultures witch is depending on nutrcians and sees deliviered by the ones making this GMO rises, and that have created an ecoligical chatastophe, and then we have the finacial downfal because of this circkle jerk, again I am cutting this short because of lack of space but I hope some of you understands that the trick the AGW scums are using is trowing all this in under the umberella called AGW, most of their claims have nothing to do with Co2 or whatever nonsense they drool about, but is an result of insustrial imperialism, look at Africa, how is it possible to starve to death in an region that have the potential for everything, yeah, I havent read anything sane about that for years. Monoculture and ind. scale production. And so on, making countrys depending on few items, where they simply are salves for other nations like growing banana or cakao,etc, etc.

I hate this apologistas of the present scam called AGW, because they deprive the world of what is the problem and stears it onto idiocy where we end up with total bullshtting about my f…. diesel. Never have I read so much lame shit as to this days. WE willl never go anywhere before we do something about what really causes the downfal of biodiversity, and remeber I gave you an shot list, some other alarming issues isnt in this, and what and how much they indeed have faked is another issue, this was just to explain some few fields, like the problems of biodiversity. And again, whom is behind our Missias, huh, ONE, yeah, and IPCC is not about science, its about poltics, and where the bloody hell have the sea level risien, in Norway, nothing is happening, nada, and in this summer two expiditions got stuck in the summer ice in Svalbard, yeah, to eh…. prove that there was no ice, of course they dont want to talk about that either, like the sowing in Sahara.

And why dont we read about scientists stating what I do, AGW is an idiotic cult, period, where their claims is just bullshit, nothing else but pure manure, wrapped in poltical rethric but it stil reaks of manure, in an world of idiots, everything goes, dont it.

And I told you, morons, bring it on, and I know what I talk about, they dont.



Exactly Sir, the sketchiest analysis I have ever seen from SF….

Sketch Sketch Sketchyyy…


This Trump UN speech transcript is last years 2018 not the one he just gave – come on SF post the recent one.


You’re right, here’s the 2019 transcript:


Thank you for the feedback. You are right. We were planning to make a comparison of the 2018 and 2019 speeches. Now, it’s done.


The comments highlighted per section are laughable – at best. Probably the Worst SF analysis I’ve ever seen.

Either the person ‘assessing’ things is a cia blowhard or completely new or Truly unaccustomed w/geopolitics and real world events and meaning. No offense SF – as much as I personally love and appreciate all your various works.

As if the commenter takes each statement highlighted or segment in total – AND ASSUMES – as if or SUGGESTS – each putrid word trump says is in fact Truth. When in fact there should be Way more skepticism conveyed as per. Way way – More.

Now, if I was a world leader I most certainly would Never use this analysis which has been procured here as a benchmark of assessment for the well being of the People I would be responsible for.


Case in point – the very first assessment/comment: Referring – trump says: “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. America is so thrilled. [Laughter] I did not expect that reaction, but that’s okay. [Applause] America’s economy is booming like never before. Since my election, we have added $10 trillion in wealth. The stock market is at an all-time high in history, and jobless claims are at a 50-year low.

African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American unemployment have all achieved their lowest levels ever recorded. We have added more than 4 million new jobs, including half a million manufacturing jobs. We have passed the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history. We have started the construction of a major border wall, and we have greatly strengthened border security. We have secured record funding for our military, $700 billion this year and $716 billion next year. Our military will soon be more powerful than it has ever been before. In other words, the United States is stronger, safer, and a richer country than it was when I assumed office less than two years ago. We are standing up for America and the American people.”

Comment: Mr. Trump is right and his ill-wishers cannot deny this. It is important to note that the successes of the US economy took place amid the decline of the global economy. The economic strategy of the Trump administration was designed to support the US national industry and demonstrated own effectiveness. The US nation is lucky that in the current condition the US leader is patriot Trump rather than some creature of the global capital. -Okay, end.

Now SF tell all your erstwhile bullshit (as I believe it to be that) to these folks, yeah? http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/unemployment-charts

So…. To us readers what’s the catch bro.?

lulz..it’s this and many more that makes me take the conclusions w/a grain of salt. Worst SF analysis yet – 1.5/10 at best.

And no that’s not 15, that’s 1.5, as in One point Five – caprice. Just to make sure that’s crystal clear for your triangulation ‘datasets’ of assessment.



That’s the 2018 speach in the article, this is the transcript for the 2019 speach:

– Remarks by President Trump to the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly Issued on: September 25, 2019 –



SF is giving Trump a lot of credit for a lot of things that his actions show that he doesn’t deserve. He hasn’t stopped a single war. Not starting new wars has more to do with US economic weakness and military technology obsolescence than Trump’s supposed antiwar tendencies.The man attacked Syria twice.

SF puts a lot of weight on Trump’s speach writer’s rhetoric. When a lot of it is obviously false and Trump did an about face on almost everything that he ran on. If Trump was the anti globalist champion that SF makes him out to be. He would of stopped the wars and balanced the budget. He’s pursuing his predecessor’s globalist policies of the Zionist Israel first forever wars. The deficit is climbing steadily into the trillion dollar range. 3.5 trillion in his first term alone.

Tony B.

Obviously, the writer of this load does not live in the U.S.

Trump’s “great economy” is great only for the few members of his tribe who own practically every monopoly corporation on the planet. The average American citizen continues to struggle as any hope for a livable future goes down the drain as illegal aliens take what jobs are left at peon wages, more profit for the tribe, already drowning in illicit profits. No mention is ever hyped in the media of the thousands upon thousands who are losing jobs as more and more factories close.

AM Hants

Western dominance is on the wane, ‘we’re liberals so everything’s allowed’ just isn’t working anymore – Lavrov at UNGA… https://www.rt.com/news/469791-lavrov-western-dominance-diminished-unga/


how many real war did Trump started compare to Obama Bush Clinton Reagan?

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