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Domestic Situation Deteriorates in Saudi Arabia


Domestic Situation Deteriorates in Saudi Arabia


SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence has recieved expert conclusions claiming the domestic situation is deteriorating in Saudi Arabia.

According to the experts, the main reason of the ongoing crisis is a result of the next:

  • The Saudi citizens’ standard of living has decreased dramatically as result of the low oil prices and high military spendings;
  • The Yemeni war has become a major economic, political and military failure which drains the soruces of Saudi Arabia;
  • A possibility of further confrontanion of the Saudi authorities with the oppressed Shia minority in the country.

Furthermore, the complicated domestic situation and failed military campaign in Yemen created a split-off in the House of Saud which includes thousands of members. According to reports, a part of the Saudi family is ready to overthrow the king.

In this situation, a Saudi Arabian King, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, could be ready to do anything to keep the power and avoid domestic confrontation. A possible step is to involve Saudi Arabia into a Syrian war in order to unite the nation in the face of a new enemy. The recent military developments and official statements about possible open military involvement into the Syrian crisis could mark that Salman has chosen this way.



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  • Ole Johansen

    So whatever this “king” does he seems to be dead not matter what…

    Do nothing and die and do Syria and die anyway…

    • Any Mouse

      No, if he does Syria he aims to unite against a foreign enemy.

      …the people get grandeour ideas about their nation and all that, you know á la USA.

  • A Revolution is ripe now! Time for the persecuted Shia minorities to declare independents. Millions upon millions of Europeans and Americans stand behind this! Arm up and save Shia from genocide!