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JULY 2020

Dodon Annulled Parliament Dissolution Degree Signed By Prime Minister


Dodon Annulled Parliament Dissolution Degree Signed By Prime Minister

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On June 11th, the elected president of Moldova Igor Dodon annulled the decree on the dissolution of parliament signed by former Prime Minister and current Supreme Court-announced Interim President Pavel Filip.

Dodon announced the decision at the end of a meeting of the Supreme Security Council. He convened the Supreme Security Council with a decree signed on June 10th.

Am semnat Decretul privind constituirea Consiliului Suprem de Securitate al Republicii Moldova.În componența…

Posted by Igor Dodon on Monday, June 10, 2019

“I want to inform you that I have consulted with political parties as president, and we concluded that the decree signed by Pavel Filip and the announcement of early parliamentary elections do not comply with constitutional norms. Today I signed a decree abolishing these decisions,” said Dodon.

On the previous day, Dodon said that he would cooperate with the newly chosen Prime Minister of the government Maia Sandu and hoped that the political crisis in Moldova could be overcome.

“They talked about the risks and prospects for the development of the situation. I highly appreciated the fact that the new parliament and government were recognized by our external partners, including the EU, the USA and the Russian Federation,” Dodon wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, there were 3 possible scenarios the situation in Moldova could unravel.

  1. The beginning of the legitimate activities of all state institutions and the peaceful transfer of power from those who are still trying to control it to the new Government headed by Maia Sandu. The likelihood of such a scenario is very high;
  2. The usurper’s scenario is the Democratic Party (under oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk), which is trying to ignore everything that happens in Parliament;
  3. Complete destabilization by the forces of the Democratic Party of Moldova, which will try to remain in power.

He noted that international organizations and national governments recognized the new legitimate Government, and internal and external pressure on the Democratic Party will increase.

Prime Minister Maia Sandu thanked all civil servants who supported the new Government. By means of a message published on social networks today, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers has guaranteed that the Executive will release the local public administration from political pressure so that all mayors and all rayon councils can work.

Dragi primari, consilieri locali, angajați ai primăriilor și consiliilor locale din toată țara,Ați fost supuși unui…

Posted by Maia Sandu on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Meanwhile, there were reports that those surrounding Vladimir Plakhotnyuk are burning documents and taking their families out of the country.

“I do not think that Vlad Georgievich (Plakhotnyuk) will come out dry from this situation. It will be complicated for him personally and for the Democratic Party. For the first time, both the West and the East are united in their position on Moldova,” Dodon said.

“They were burning documents in the security forces during the day. Related to the theft of a billion, according to wiretaps that they had been conducting all these years. But traces remain. I want to say to those who are doing this now: do not be nonsense. Placing in the plane Plakhotnyuk is not enough for everyone. And he himself may not be in time,” the president said.

Separately, in Ukraine the Interim President Pavel Filip and Serghei Iaralov, deputy chairman of the Democratic Party are to be charged in Ukraine for a $4 million extortion from businessman Nicolae Samborjuk, “for Democratic Party needs.”

The Council of Europe (CoE), criticized Moldova’s Constitutional Court and said it was “extremely concerned” about the situation.

“Recent decisions of the Constitutional Court are difficult to understand and seem to be arbitrary in the light of the text of the Constitution and of international rule of law standards,” said CoE Secretary General Thorbjoern Jagland on June 9th.

The EU, on the same day, expressed support of the elected government, which Filip is trying to dissolve.

“The European Union takes good note of the decisions taken yesterday by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, including on the formation of the government coalition.

The European Union stands ready to work with the democratically legitimate government, on the basis of a mutual commitment to reforms and to the core principles enshrined in our Association Agreement. The respect for the rule of law and democracy should remain the pillars of our relations. This is also foremost what the citizens of the Republic of Moldova expect and deserve.

In light of the developments following the decisions taken yesterday by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, the European Union strongly reiterates its call for calm and restraint. Dialogue between democratically elected representatives must remain the key to finding a solution to the current political crisis.”

In the meantime, Ukraine’s National Security Council convened over the situation in Moldova, in worries that the crisis may spill over.

Member of the Moldavian Parliament Oazu Nantoi said that there was no chance of that happening.

“If we look at the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, we can see that Ukraine will not tolerate federalization of Moldova on the Russian scenario as Russia can use it as the precedent for Ukraine. As for today, this issue was not even discussed during the talk with Dmitry Kozakov [the Russian Vice Prime Minister and Special Representative of the Russian president on Trade and Economic Development with Moldova]. More precisely, we identified our position that we stand against federalization; we stand for the withdrawal of the Russian troops,” Nantoi said.

“So, Ukraine as the sovereign state may assume all security measures, which it finds to be considerable. But, in my opinion, the events in Moldova do pose any short-time particular threats. The issue remains open, what will happen with the web of relationships, mostly non-transparent, which Mr. Plahotniuc has with particular circles in Ukraine. Because this night, in Chisinau, a private plane landed and later it aimed to Kyiv as the journalists say,” Nantoi said.




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  • occupybacon

    Good to see old enemies uniting against corruption

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