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Documentary About Life In ‘Opposition-Held Province Of Idlib’ Shows That Area Is Dominated By Terrorists


Jenan Moussa‘s documentary about the ‘opposition-held’ province of Idlib shows that the area is dominated by al-Qaeda-style terrorists.



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  • paolo duchateau

    whoa !

  • Virgil Cane

    Only 2 FSA checkpoints in all of Idlib? (jihadists hold the other 38?!?!)
    That can’t be, MSNBC and CNN tell me this is a civil war!

  • Douglas Houck

    Fascinating report. Excellent proof that the original opposition was hijacked by outside paid for jihadist fighters (Al-Qaeda). I found the reporting on the Uighur fighters from China most interesting.

  • Tudor Miron

    Brave woman, Bravo! I don’t hold my breath to see any of it on MSM. Also little chance that she will be nominated to Oscar like those white helmets isis/nusra (Isiswood) thingy.