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Do Progressives Really Find “White Trash” More Threatening Than Nuclear War?

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Do Progressives Really Find "White Trash" More Threatening Than Nuclear War?

Soros-Sponsored Groups among Organizers of Anti-Trump Protests (Video)

Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared at Paulcraigroberts.org

The American electorate’s preference for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders has established two facts. One is that the majority of the American people do not believe the media presstitutes. The other is that only the “progressives” and “liberals” who inhabit the Atlantic Northeast and Pacific West coasts believe the presstitutes.

Trump’s election to the presidency has confirmed these holier-than-thou souls in their strongly held belief that America is a white trash racist country. They have told us this all day long today.

From these people and from the presstitutes we hear that white supremacy elected Trump. This is their propaganda, the intention of which is to discredit a Trump administration before it is inaugurated. Funny how white supremacy elected black Obama twice previously.

Truthout has lost it completely. John Knefel declares “The David Dukes of the World Prevail.”

Kelly Hayes declares “White Supremacy Elected Donald Trump.”

William Rivers Pitt declares “We have elected a fascist that Mussolini would have recognized on sight.”

Hillary carried only a handful of states, the states that comprise the One Percent’s stomping grounds. Yet Amy Goodman of Democracy Now sees meaning in political writer John Nichols claim that as Hillary carried New York and California, she won the popular vote and should be in the White House. I remember a few days ago George Soros saying that Trump would win the popular vote, but that the electoral vote would go to Hillary, thus ridding the oligarchs of Trump.

Earth Justice promises to hold Trump accountable. Trump who promises to end the threat of nuclear war with Russia and China, thereby doing more to save animal and human life than the entirety of the Democratic Party and environmental organizations, is going to be held accountable by an organization that allegedly is beyond politics and is dedicated to preserving animals from destruction.

The ACLU, of which I am a member, has also put “on notice” the president-elect who has said he will save us from nuclear war. Faced with this idiocy from the ACLU, I will not renew my membership.

Feminists tell us that we are “grieving, scared, and in shock,” and that “it is critical that we stand together and support each other.”

Jeremy Ben-Ami of the J Street Jewish Community tells us that it is “an incredibly sad and difficult day. For tens of millions of Americans who share a core belief in tolerance, decency and social justice, the election results are a severe shock. In this challenging moment, we turn to one another for comfort and community. During this election, J Street made unequivocally clear our conviction that Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States.”

Van Jones, a CNN commentator, said that Trump’s election is a nightmare, “a deeply painful moment,” a “whitelash” against minorities. While he bemoaned the pain inflicted upon poor little presstitute Van Jones, he didn’t mind insulting the American electorate and the President-elect of the United States. After all, Van Jones sees that as his racist prerogative.

And so, the holier-than-thou crowd prefers Hillary, despite her unambiguous position that she would maximize conflict with Russia and China, provoke direct military conflict between the US and Russia by imposing a no-fly zone in Syria, attack Iran and other of Israel’s targets, further enrich her Wall Street handlers by privatizing Social Security, and prevent any dissent from the lowly people class of her high-handed ways. If William Rivers Pitt sees Trump as a Mussolini fascist, Trump is too mild for Pitt. He prefers Hillary, a Hitler to the third power.

The progressives have totally discredited themselves just as the presstitutes have done. Their need for a bogyman to nourish their hysteria indicates serious psychological disturbance. They actually prefer the risk of Armageddon to peace among nuclear powers. As their 501(c)3s live off corporate contributions, they prefer globalist corporate profits to jobs for ordinary Americans.

These are the people who think of themselves as our instructors and our betters.

If only Trump could exile the lot of them. They are anti-American to the core.

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The three rules of SJW behavior seem to be on graphic display here. It
looks patently obvious that SJW always lie, always double down and
always project. To be honest these people frighten me. They act like
a fanatical cult steeped as they are in zealotry and arrogance. They
are so closeted in their own madness that at best all they are is an
hysterical mob beyond the reach of any sort of reason or common

The irony is that Trump will in all probability not differ too much from
other presidents. I for one only expect minor changes in direction. I
could be wrong and if so I will both admit it and be pleased. Those
who hope for more dramatic change may yet have to wait for the much
predicted ( yet so far not obvious ) economic collapse .

Jaime char spenser

The SJWs progressive trash started messing with the entertainment (proud example ghostbusters) that was sorta of also a wake up call to many people figured out what they were doing screwing the entertainment up just to be “diversified” and hiring hack actors just to have diversity. It might of caused a few to vote for trump to prevent more crap movies like that as well.


Well it started Waaaaaaayyyy before ghost busters. Try Pocahontas and much of the old Disney.

john mason

Probably never occurred to them that the polls are a fake, manufactured to display the results in Clinton’s favour. Doctored to show that she was the peoples choice?

Valhalla rising

Thats Ukraine 2.0 in the US and i like it.It will force Trump to iron his grip !


Fatally, the DNC (Hillary and friends) mistook trashed whites for ‘white trash’… trashed by neo-liberal economics to be specific – which are colour blind to be sure – an equal opportunity despoiler for 99% of the citizens more or less.


That they have lapped up millions of dollars of DNC propaganda against Trump , and have come to believe it , shows , repeat a lie often enough , and it becomes “true” , regardless of the facts.

In a way this is a good emotional release ; for many of these are extreme poor, and the build up to the election was an emotional roller coaster designed and navigated by media masters . If we just let them tantrum , they will tire of it , but if the police try to control it , it will explode into more !

If Soros is funding these street dramas , he should be quickly brought to court.


They have lost or never had the ability to think critically. Anyone with half a brain reading about Clinton would be appalled how inappropriate she would be as president.


Learn to define ‘Pogressives’ correctly before tossing that term around. Whoever wrote this is either an unobservant idiot or provocateur working for the likes of Soros. Progressives don’t have a fear or beef with Trump supporters, they have very much had a beef with Clinton. Stop trying to pit the wrong people against one another.


The best part of the upset is that Democrats and Establishment Republicans believed so much that the globalist would win that they had no problem empowering the office beyond what it should be. Fast track trade, all the power to the executive branch, no fillabuster in the House , no way to stop the passage of legislation, the passing of the patriot act 2, and worst of all the National defense authorization act.
Trump could truly go Erdogan style on their ass and they would feel that pain.Sadly even with a Trump win the United States died a long time ago. Until the constitution is held up as the supreme law of the land and its authority is positioned to exceed that of any party or cult of personality the USA is and will be at the controls of private interest.

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