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Dmitry Medvedev: Proposals on Flights Resumption to Turkey Should Be Presented in One Week

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Dmitry Medvedev: Proposals on Flights Resumption to Turkey Should Be Presented in One Week

Photo: TASS / Ekaterina Shtukina

The Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev tasked ministries of transport, culture and foreign affairs to submit agreed proposals on recommencement of charter flights between Turkey and Russia within a week, press service of the Government said on July 8.

“The premier instructed ministries of transport, culture and foreign affairs to present agreed proposals on resumption of charter flights between Russia and Turkey to the Russian Government within the term of one week in cooperation with other interested authorities,” the press service said.

Turkey is not the safest place for holidays now. Since the start of 2016, forty terrorist attacks have been perpetrated there. Taking into account this fact, Dmitry Medvedev emphasized that the authorities should pay a special attention “to the need of taking extra measures of ensuring transport securities and excluding flights to areas with high terrorist threat.”

The ban on sales of travel packages to Turkey was lifted by Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 30. At the same day, Putin asked the Government to provide for cancellation of the ban on charter flights to Turkey. However, Russian government say nothing about the cancellation of the grocery embargo against Turkey.

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This brings two points forward for me:
1) Russians are not clearly as poor as many in the west and liberal media Russia like to portray as being. If they were so poor, they wouldn’t be able to afford vacations to other countries. As is known, majority of Russians who used to go to Turkey didn’t go to Crimea or Sochi, but either stayed at home or went to Greece, Cyprus etc. So I bring into question this whole “we are so much poorer now, poor us” mentality that people like Navalny and the like push.

2) Russians who do go to Turkey so soon after the fact they helped murder one of their own people. The ground is barely dry and Russians show that they have no pride or even respect for their own people and country? Not saying that all of a sudden millions will go back to Turkey on vacation so soon. But the ones that do quite sicken me to be honest. No pride, no respect for their own. Hence why so many in the west despise Russians as they view them as simple “sell outs”. Which, sad to say, is quite true.

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