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Divisions and Chaos Within the Ottawa Police. Violence and Brute Force Ordered by Trudeau Government

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Divisions and Chaos Within the Ottawa Police. Violence and Brute Force Ordered by Trudeau Government

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky. Originally published on Global Research.

At the time of writing, the Trudeau government is carrying out a major and ongoing police operation directed against the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

The decision to take action against the Freedom Convoy was implemented prior to the vote on the National Emergency which was scheduled for Monday.

The leaders of the movement Tamara Lich and Chris Barber were arrested and are in police custody. Former RCMP bodyguard of Justin Trudeau Daniel Bulford was arrested on February 18th.


Declaration of the Freedom Convoy.

Issued on Saturday, 19th of February:

“The Freedom Convoy 2022 is shocked at the abuses of power by the law enforcement in Ottawa. The police have horse-trampled on demonstrators and deployed riot control agents. They have also beaten peaceful protestors with batons and with the stock of their guns. We have therefore asked our truckers to move from Parliament Hill to avoid further brutality. To move the trucks it will require time. This has been communicated with Ottawa Police, and we hope that they will show judicious restraint. The truckers are moving, and the use of more force will only be used to punish people, and not to preserve or establish order.” (emphasis added)


Violent Actions and Brute Force by Police: See Videos below.






.Chaos and Divisions Within the Police Forces.

There is currently a state of chaos and a lack of leadership within Ottawa’s Police Services (OPS). The operation against the Freedom Convoy is conducted by the Ottawa Police, the RCMP and the Ontario Provincial Police. The Sureté du Québec is also involved.

There are divisions both within the Ottawa Police force and the Ottawa City Council. It’s a situation of utter chaos.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly “resigned” on Tuesday February 15 following Trudeau’s announced intent to apply the Emergencies Act. Visibly he was pressured to resign. Press reports intimate that “he was fired”.

Peter Sloly was accused of “mishandling”.

While police forces are currently involved in acts of violence and brutal repression, large sectors of the Ottawa Police and the RCMP had from the outset expressed their solidarity with the Freedom Convoy. See below.



.Chaos at the Ottawa City Council.

Was the firing of police chief Peter Sloly ordered by the Trudeau government?

“Ottawa Councillor. Diane Deans went to the [Ottawa police services] board to fire previous police chief Peter Slolysources said.”

“After that, she and the board tried to hire a new interim police chief from southern Ontario without a competition

Members of the Ottawa City Council were not consulted.

Former Waterloo police chief Matthew Torigian  was contacted and hastily offered the job:

“A former Waterloo police chief who was hired for Ottawa’s top job, only to have the person who hired him turfed from her position, has withdrawn from the job.”

A contract was offered to Matthew Torigian on February 15, as interim Ottawa Police chief to lead Trudeau’s police operation against the Freedom Convoy. He never came to Ottawa. Two days later he resigned and requested for his two day contract to be rescinded.


A Major Police Operation against the Freedom Convoy Without a Duly Appointed OPS Police Chief.

Following the firing of Peter Sloly and Matthew Torigan’s refusal, OPS Deputy Chief Steve Bell was put in charge “as interim chief until further notice”. By whom? He was not duly approved by the Ottawa City Council. (Read CTV report).


The Biggest Mess in Ottawa Municipal Politics.

Following the removal of Councillor Diane Deans (as chair of the OPS board) who screwed up on the appointment of Matthew Torrigan, a new police board chair was hastily appointed, who immediately confirmed his unbending support for Steve Bell as the de facto interim police chief:

“El-Chantiry’s first act as chair of the police oversight board was to confirm [that] Interim Chief Steve Bell will remain in his current position as police deal with the ongoing occupation of downtown streets.

…  “You are the interim chief and that’s going to be until another time when we have this discussion. For the time being we need you to focus on the operation, we need the membership to know there’s the stability here.”

(quoted by CTV)


WOW. This Is the Chronology.

  • “Diane Deans went to the board to fire previous police chief Peter Sloly” (quoted in CTV report, emphasis addedand then proceeded to hire a new interim Police Chief without consultations with the OCC, and “without a competition” (Tuesday, February 15)
  • Matthew Torigian was contacted by Deans and was hastily offered the job of interim police chief (Wednesday)
  • Councillor Diane Deans is removed from the Ottawa Police Services Board (heated OCC debate on Wednesday Evening)
  • Torigian resigns following the scandal with Councillor Diane Deans (Thursday, February 17)
  • Councillor Eli El-Chantiry is appointed chair of the OPS Board  (Thursday)
  • Upon Torgian’s resignation, Steve Bell is then hastily “approved” (without consultations with the OCC) by Councillor El Chantiry as “interim Police Chief” (Thursday)
  • Steve Bell’s designated mandate is to coordinate by far the largest Ottawa police operation in Canadian History, against The Freedom Convoy Movement (Thursday Evening, February 17)


Ad hoc de facto “Interim Police Chief” Steve Bell.

Following  Trudeau’s announcement to apply the Emergencies Act, Ottawa Deputy Police Chief Steve Bell called a Press Conference confirming his commitment to “ending the protest movement”.

Below is the statement of the ad hoc de facto “interim police chief” Steve Bell pointing to “lawful techniques” against an “unlawful” protest movement in defiance of the Ottawa City Council. (Thursday, February 17, 2022)




Who Are the Criminals?

The ongoing Police Operation in Ottawa is an illegal and criminal act against Canadians ordered by a corrupt Prime Minister who is acting on behalf of prominent members of the financial establishment. 

Ironically, the intrusion of Big Money interests in the conduct of Canadian politics was raised during the House of Commons Question Period (19 February, 2022).


.The Criminalization of Justice

On February 15, following the statements of Trudeau and Freeland, An Ottawa judge frozen the bank accounts and digital “wallets” of convoy leaders”.


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anglos are freedom hating fascists….submissive well trained like Jens

Michel LeBlanc

Its 2 fascists groups fighting each other.

I say fuck em. Its obvious the ottawa bunch is run by global capitalists. The truckers are backed by some other faction. They are not heroes and only seek “freedom” for their white nazi asses.

Canada is a clarifier tank, the scum is floating to the top by itself.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

They are backed by Conservative and People’s party. For politics. However, Trudeau is much worse.

concrete mike

They both back the orcs from western ukraine.

To all french people of canada, look at what our leaders did in ukraine, do you honestly think the same wont be done here so bezos and his chums can make a few billions more?

It sickens me.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

Yes because Canadians and Ukrainians are close together. Let me tell you that those from Ukraine are disliked by every nation surrounding them.

1.3 million Ukrainian-Canadians Including nazi sympathizer Chrystia freeland

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

Unfortunately yes, but the Chinese are the same.


Now even Canadians know that their so called “freedoms” are worth nothing when the people in power don’t approve with others expressing their highly valued rights for peaceful protest. A glowing example how democracies really work. Their tactics never changed. Today they just call it “democracy” and they even teach you that all the power lies in you hands, while the elected ones only serve in your best interest. Now they know and see. In fact, the whole world can see.

concrete mike

The only freedom these truckers want is to be more nazi, i wouldt touch them with a 100’pole!


Sooner or later, this is going to blow. It’s a financial-techno-corporate dictatorship, that rules Canada, as much of the world. It’s no exaggeration. It’s so obvious.


Everyone of those cops hiding their faces and names as they beat people in the street should be executed in the public square, slowly. Their kids should be orphans in the street and families beaten and spit upon. Signed A law Abiding Citizen.

concrete mike

I think its 2 nazi factions fighting each other.

Think about it, them truckers aint no angels, you know it, i know it.

I say let em fight it out, mistakes will be made and we can wrap em all up once and for all!

Lots of boats where i live. Ropes are plentiful.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

Most of the truckers are libertarians.


It is now obvious that Trudeau never went into hiding. He went to get instructions on how to handle the situation.

Personally I think he is breaking the camel’s back and a national response to his incompetence and autocratic actions will follow.

It is with pleasure I witness his political suicide!

Something to remember for next elections:


Remember, when psychopaths brainwash potential candidates for 5 years, psychopathic actions become the norm for the candidates.

Read up on MK Ultra!


USA and UK still oppress Japan, France, Germany and all mineral resources countries in Africa and Middle East for self enrichment.Under the what’s full eyes of Unsc people rights are taken away by their puppets in Turkey, France, Canada and Australia. Village fools of Kenya support this tyrants who created African borders instead of standing up to their masters who flew reconicence jets to Lughanks, Don ass, Yemen and Syria.


Trudeau the Tyrant

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