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Distraction Tactics: Reports Of Chinese and Iranian Hacking, Russians Behind Protests

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Distraction Tactics: Reports Of Chinese and Iranian Hacking, Russians Behind Protests

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State-backed Chinese hackers allegedly targeted staffers working on the U.S. presidential campaign of Democrat Joe Biden, and Iranian hackers allegedly targeted email accounts belonging to Republican President Donald Trump’s campaign staff.

Both of these claims were made by the head of Threat Analysis Group, Shane Huntley.

Huntley said there was “no sign of compromise” of either campaign. Essentially, both alleged hacking attempts resulted in nothing.

It comes at a very useful time, when the Black Lives Matter protests are sweeping the nation, and Google has generally remained neutral on the matter.

Google declined to provide any details on Huntley’s claims.

“We sent the targeted users our standard government-backed attack warning and we referred this information to federal law enforcement,” a Google representative said.

Attempts by foreign adversaries to break into presidential campaigns are allegedly common.

“We are aware of reports from Google that a foreign actor has made unsuccessful attempts to access the personal email accounts of campaign staff,” a Biden campaign spokesman said. “We have known from the beginning of our campaign that we would be subject to such attacks and we are prepared for them.”

The Trump campaign, the Chinese Embassy in Washington and the Iranian mission to the United Nations in New York provided no comment.

John Hultquist, senior director of intelligence analysis with U.S. cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc, described the two hacking groups as “espionage actors” and said they were likely attempting to collect intelligence rather than steal material to leak online.

The FBI and Office of the Director of National Intelligence also provided no comment on the matter.

Separately, US Attorney General William Barr claimed that “foreign actors” are stoking US protests.

Barr accused Antifa and other “extremist groups” of hijacking the protest to engage in violence and “senseless acts of anarchy.” Barr also alleged that some unspecified “foreign actors” have been “playing all sides to exacerbate the violence.”

In response, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova is an insult to Americans and a dismissal of the US’ actual problems.

“Firstly, it’s yet another attempt to explain internal problems by external factors. Secondly, it’s disrespect for US citizens whose problems are attributed to ‘foreign meddling’ without any evidence.”


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Lone Ranger

Always blame the other side with your own crimes.
CIA/MI6 protocol 101…
This troll looks like he is British, why is the U.S. loaded with “former” MI6 agents, I notice them more and more, one of the “experts” in the Trump trial was also British, and a key figure by that, Windman was an ukropnazi…
Were there any real Americans at all?


why bother when it’s well known that the disjointed states of A’s nsa is hacking every nation in the world and when found out just shrugs and wait for it to be forgotten.


And in the process they are destroying the country their power comes from. It is appalling how western elites are composed of morons. They should learn from Putin, exactly from the lesson he gave the russian oligarchs during the first meeting. He said clearly that (1) oligarchs are nothing without the country, (2) this is why they MUST work to restore it ( referred to Russia ). The western oligarchs are doint the exact opposite. Do they really think the chinks will welcome them?

Assad must stay

blame everybody else thats US govt tactic lmao


Yeah, of course its those pesky people over there, and some further over there and the MSM and I dont even know nor even care whom they are, whatever tanked think tank they drool in/from, its becomed blury, but one thing sticks out, their blatant bullshitting, its simply gone from idiotic to downright pathetic, its so lame I wounder why on earth do this nations whom is accused even care, just let the morons drool, if anything just smile, like talking to an child whom insists Santa is coming down the chimeny, when you cant destroy their emotions since they are children no matter how unrealistic their perseptions are, but you smile over bearing and nods along with the little pod, yeag child I may thing that to, and among us grown ups, this is somehow I dont even know what have snapped, the fuse box between their ears must be popping all day, since what comes out is so detached from reality that I wounder, either they indeed are idiots, drugs is not an good explanation because drugs dont make an idiot briliant nor maked an smart on dumb, its just an drug, but snorting coke fryes the bran, like sniffing glue/solvant do, one of the few ways of drugging your self that is indeed dangerous, or this medicore educated or indoctrinated morons thinks somehow we are equally stupid, yeah, the question of the day, dumb or dumber.
God they are far out, and its not that people belive, most dont, but the various brigades and units are crawilng all over the net/twatter/ugh fecebook, to manitain this moronic issue.

The truth is, the propaganda have declines since ancient Romes haydays, to day, its just hillarious idiocy.
I dont even read them anymore, I just stops from time to time to be uh…. hehe, updated.
Dunka, dunka.
This propaganda is equally credible as when Google is behind the creation of AI, muhahaha.


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